Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘Wrestle Fest’ March 2016

The Ironworks, Inverness

Fans packed The Ironworks in Inverness and they were on hand for another night of Rock N Wrestle action. The crowd was loud and ready to see some of the best wrestlers in Scotland in front of their very eyes.

Lou King Sharp and Lucy Cole defeated Saqib Ali and Donnie T by Pinfall

A really lively opener with Lou King Sharp and Lucy Cole working really well together, the crowd are really taking to Lucy, who has been on pretty much every Rock N Wrestle show so far. She looked really comfortable working with the guys. Sharp had that feisty intensity coupled with the comedy moments to really get the fans involved into the show from the get go. Donnie and Saqib were the bullies, using power to keep their opponents down. Sharp landed a great sunset flip off the top rope onto Donnie for a close two count. Lucy Cole hit Eat Defeat onto Saqib Ali and Sharp followed up with a frog splash for the win. Fun match, great way to kick off the show.

Special Guest Commissioner Chris Masters entered and declared that he would be scouting the show tonight to find an opponent for Liam Thomson. He then said it would be the winner of the following match. Was a little confused as to what he meant, either it was the winner of the next match or it was an opponent of his choosing…anyway, to make sure that “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson wouldn’t get up to his usual tricks, Masters made himself the ringside enforcer for the main event.

TJ Rage defeated Jonathan Richards by Pinfall

When Jonathan Richards entered The Ironworks I didn’t know what to think, with his dancing…so much dancing. He wasn’t happy with the way the ring announcer had announced him and proceeded to announce himself in the oddest yet a most entertaining fashion including the great line “The Man of 1004 Names, The Man With No Name…Jonathan Richards!” which made me laugh. He challenged anyone to a match so that he could go onto face Liam Thomson and bring the Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship back to Glasgow. TJ Rage entered. The look on Richards face told the story as he regretted making the challenge, even saying “I’m going to die aren’t I?” when Rage squared up to him. TJ Rage looked like a beast in this match and absolutely battered Richards from pillar to post. A huge spear ended the contest with an exclamation point as Rage motioned around his waist. A fun match with Rage build as an indestructible monster, my only concern was that I don’t know what TJ Rage is, one show he comes out as the bad guy and scowling, next show he’s bumping fists and smiling. It worked in Dingwall when he came out as the smiley guy but then took an early cheap shot against Joe E Legend then turned the bad guy antics up. I find TJ Rage to be the “Big Show” guy for Rock N Wrestle, a really solid utility guy who can fill any role that is required be it a good guy or the bad guy.

David The Beloved entered for his Holy Talk segment where he introduced “Steven” Robertson. David then moaned about him not getting chances and that he should be getting a title shot and not being there to fill up the numbers in tag team matches. Before Steve could start his response familiar music hit as former Highland Champion Jack Jester made his way to the ring. Jester then apologised to the crowd for not being there for a while and that wanted a chance to get his title back. Steve said that he can’t book him for a title match as they’ve been finalised and Jester wasn’t even supposed to be here. Jester retorted that he’s happy for Thomson to have one more show holding the title and that he wanted his shot at the next event. Robertson agreed and announced that on June 17th at The Ironworks it would Jack Jester getting a shot at the Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship.

It was nice to see Jack Jester as it was a surprise, after him going AWOL on the last couple Rock N Wrestle events it was welcomed. Bit of a spoiler for the main event outcome as Jester had focus on Liam Thomson before announcing, “To Be The Man, You Must Beat The Man”.

As Jester made his exit, Steve wasn’t finished with David The Beloved and announced that he had a match next against an old friend…not really, he hated him…

David The Beloved defeated Tam The Ram by Pinfall

Love this little bit of continuity as Tam The Ram and David The Beloved fought to a double count out at King of the North and have been opposite sides in several tag team matches, so the history is there. A brawl of a match, which I liked as it’s two guys who don’t like each other, they would hardly trade headlocks. Tam The Ram is one that I like the look of, broad shoulder powerhouse, can see him being a big name in Scotland. David The Beloved got the tainted win following a low blow.

Joe Coffey and Aaron Echo defeated Red Lightning and Kid Fite by Pinfall

A change to the scheduled match, which was due to be Coffey versus Fite one on one. Kid Fite and Red Lightning are gold on the microphone and just in interacting with the crowd. I could easily watch them just give out to the crowd for the two hours, so quick witted and so easy to dislike in that atmosphere. Joe Coffey had a nasty spill when he slipped off the top rope while attempting a springboard crossbody, looking like he damaged his knee. Didn’t stop him doing the big swing/airplane spin to Lightning and Fite in the build up to the finish, which was very impressive considering how light the pressure Coffey was putting onto his leg after taking that fall. Echo had some great spinning forearms before Coffey hit the finishing blow with a lariat for the win.

-RNW Highland Championship-
Special Enforcer: “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters
Liam Thomson w/ Carmel defeated TJ Rage by Pinfall to Retain

Chris Masters entered to announce who Liam Thomson would be facing tonight, which was TJ Rage. Which I thought was a given as it was the only match that had either competitor give reference to a title match tonight (bar David The Beloved who only moaned about not getting a title shot)…plus I already thought Rage vs Richards was for a title match that night from Masters’ original speech at the start.

On to the match with Thomson spending a lot of the time being overpowered by Rage who was tossing him around like he was a child, Masters was on the outside trying to keep order and Carmel was shouting, a lot. Thomson attempted several shortcuts including putting his feet on the ropes and bringing out a chair which was thwarted by either the referee or Chris Masters. Thomson almost grabbed the win with a belt shot while the referee was distracted but Rage just kicked out. Thomson snuck in the win to the displeasure of the crowd.

After the match Thomson jaw jacked with Masters who put him into The Masterlock for his troubles, letting go to allow TJ Rage to hit an almighty spear onto the “Bad Boy” to send the crowd home happy.

There was an incident during the match between a “fan” and Carmel. Chris Masters flicked Carmel’s hat from her head and it went into the front row, an adult fan grabbed it and didn’t give it back. Whether he was drunk or just a tool is debatable. He then attempted to leave before security and Carmel stopped him and got the hat back which he had put into his jacket. Though a small incident and it was all about a hat, it’s a case of a wrestling fan maybe believing a little too much. If a wrestlers property goes into the crowd (whether heel or face), just give it back. If it’s a t-shirt that they have purposely thrown in, or a pair of glasses that the wrestler gave to you then great, what a souvenir but if it’s not yours generally, don’t hold it hostage. A lot of respect goes to Carmel for keeping her cool and to Liam Thomson to who came over during it, hardly surprising considering how professional they are.

Overall: Another fun show from Rock N Wrestle. Some confusing parts and inconstancies but the action in the ring was great plus the crowd were loud and up for it the whole night. “Expect The Unexpected” should be the tag line for Rock N Wrestle with surprises plenty with only one, of the three, scheduled matches taking place with the title match being out with RNW Management’s control. I wasn’t a fan of the “Rock” section with the music but that’s just personal preference so not a negative point. It’s a good idea and it is executed well, just not for me.

Their next show is on June 17th at The Ironworks with the Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship on the line as Liam Thomson defends against the former Champion, Jack Jester.

Matches Announced:
Scotland’s Sharpest Tag Team (Lou King Sharp and Lucy Cole) vs SSP Mafia (Donnie T and Saqib Ali)
Kid Fite vs Joe Coffey
-Highland Championship-
Liam Thomson © vs ???

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