Billy’s Top 10…Favourite Wrestlers

So in my first week filling in for Adam’s Top 10, I’m going to start with the same one Adam started with, Top 10 Favourite Wrestlers…in Scotland. A very difficult one to whittle down to just 10 and I know I have missed loads and loads. My Top 10 changes on an almost hourly basis so if I’m asked this again I’ll probably have 10 different names. But for this moment in time, here are my Top 10!

10. Mr P

I’m starting my Top 10 with the Head of Chaos, WrestleZone’s very own Dave ‘Mr P’ Paterson. You can’t help but get swept up with excitement when Mr P enters. Smacking his head, the intense Mr P is a dab hand in the ring.

9. Ian Ambrose

The #Scumbag makes the list, Ian Ambrose was one of the first wrestlers I took to when attending my first SWE event and his character grew from ‘All Night’ to the #Scumbag in glorious fashion and turning him into a master of using his words.

8. Jack Jester

There isn’t a wrestler I fear more than Jack Jester. His slow, methodical, way of just punishing an opponent is amazing. A presence that very few can duplicate.

7. Sammii Jayne

Sammii is working her way up the ladder and is putting on great matches along the way against the very best in wrestling whether it’s Viper, Nikki Storm or Kay Lee Ray, anyone for that matter you’re going to get a great match.

6. Scotty Swift

‘The Red Haired Warrior’ is the heart and soul of WrestleZone. Which is proven when he enters, it’s almost impossible to dislike Swift as he fires the crowd up. Often cited as the ‘John Cena’ of WrestleZone and it’s for good reasons, kids love him and he puts on a show every time he enters the ring.

5. BT Gunn

One of the best wrestlers in Europe, he’s a risk taking, chop making, son of a Gunn (tried something there…it didn’t work, moving on…). Often called one of the most underrated in the country, BT Gunn puts so much into his matches, lets his actions talk more than words and is a born physical entertainer.

4. Joe Hendry

mmmmmJoe Hendry…Local Hero. Hendry is the complete package between physical prowess, oozing charisma and can hold a crowd like very few. He seems to be a man of many talents with his musical exploits being something that is catching a lot of people’s attention.

3. Viper

Where to start with Viper, an absolute beast in the ring. Decapitating opponents, throwing them about like nothing. She isn’t a ‘Diva’ she is a WRESTLER.

2. Lou King Sharp

My Mother’s Favourite Wrestler proves that size doesn’t matter when you have a loud voice and a swagger like no other. He isn’t the ‘Scrappy Doo’ that he oftenΒ portrays and has a big bite.

1. Aspen Faith

There was only going to be one number and that is ‘The King of Catch’ Aspen Faith. As you can see from my list, I’m a big fan of charismatic wrestlers that engage an audience and tell a story simply and effectively. Aspen Faith, to me, is one of the best.

Well that was painless, next week I’ll have a think and come back with another Top 10. If you want to suggest a Top 10 topic or want to do a Top 10 yourself (please) then contact us on!

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