BREAKING NEWS: Pride Wrestling has Closed

Pride Wrestling posted on their Facebook page the following, confirming the closure if the company:

“Since Pride began it’s been riddled with problems. Some we’ve been happy to speak openly about. Some were kept quiet to keep the peace (well, sometimes).

For all the problems that we face, the worst problem we have is people. Most are absolutely lovely. In fact, there are people who have been there for us not just in wrestling, but in personal circumstances where there was no where left to turn.

However some people rip down posters, tell vendors we’re cancelled, phone up venues to try and have us shut down, issue personal threats, steal and generally thrive on a strange pettiness to the point that it had become habitual to fight fire with fire – the person who stoked it the most won.

After a time that fight becomes too much and people push further and harder. It got to the point where it became second nature to fight. After four years of Pride (excluding all the shenanigans before that) the situation has escalated to a point where we have to yeild.

When Pride wins, we put the profits back into it. When Pride loses, we take the loss and lick our wounds. To us, Pride is the difference between food on the table and smartprice noodles for a month. Each time someone rips down the posters, or meddles with bookings, or intentionally causes damage to our promotional efforts it doesn’t put Pride at risk – it puts us at risk.

Recently due to health problems which are becoming too vast to ignore, I decided to step down from Pride and hand it over to someone else. However I am unwilling to place someone else into the same situation to face the same problems only to leave them damaged from it all.

For this reason – and so much more – Pride is now closed for business.

Over the next few days and weeks we will be disassembling all Pride assets. The first step will be issuing refunds to all Pride fans and recommend that claims are placed with PayPal to speed up the process. Following that phase all deposits and financial agreements for this weekends event will be fulfilled (fans come first – always, no need to tweet about it πŸ˜‰ ).

Assets for Pride wild be sold off to recoup those losses. If you are interested in any of our assets, please message this page for any further information.

We’d like to thank absolutely everyone who has supported us through the years. We’ve strived to bring a friendly, happy atmosphere and try and take risks to do something different – and for a lot of it, it worked! Not because we’re a bunch of clever people – but because you are! Not just clever, but passionate, supportive, incredible people. For all the nonsense we’ve had to deal with over the years it’s you guys that have kept us pushing through it all this time.

We’d also like to thank every single person who’s been a part of Pride; from the people coming to lift boards and put in the hard work that a lot of people shy away from, to those who volunteered time they didn’t have to to help make sure the show happened, and of course to the guys who have been the backbone of Pride and evolved tremendously throughout the evolution.

Outside all the lovely people who’ve been a strong and supportive part of Pride, we’d like to take a moment to be petty and say a massive piss off to those venomous few who have brought us to this point (hey! It’ll be my last post here, I get to stick a finger up!).

Please continue to support the people who have made Pride what it is. Our roster and crew are the single most hard working and dedicated bunch I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. They carried on with a passion and dedication like no other and deserve the very best in their futures.

It has taken a lot to close the doors, but all things must end. Sadly, our time is up.

Thank you all.”

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