Wrestler Spotlight: Ryback

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today’s focus is on former WWE star Ryback, who debuts for SWA and RNW this weekend.

Photo credit World Wrestling Entertainment

Alias – Ryback, The Big Guy, Skip Sheffield, Ryan Reeves
Nicknames – “The Big Guy”, “Big Hungry”, “The Cornfed Meathead”, “The Human Wrecking Ball”, “Silverback”
Companies Wrestled For  – Deep South Wrestling, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Florida Pro Wrestling Association, Florida Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, WrestlePro, Preston City Wrestling, 4 Front Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Northeast Wrestling, WrestleCade Entertainment, MCW Pro Wrestling, Heroes and Legends Wrestling, Big Time Wrestling, Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling, Create a Pro Wrestling Academy, Destiny World Wrestling, Bigger Better Wrestling Federation, International Wrestling Cartel, Rock and Roll Wrestling, Chaotic Wrestling, Fighting Evolution Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Empire
Titles & Accomplishments – 
1x OVW Heavyweight Champion
1x WWE Intercontinental Champion
1x WrestlePro Tag Team Champion w/Pat Buck
1x RRW Champion
1x HLW Heavyweight Champion
Signature Moves – Shell Shocked (Fisherman’s Buster transitioned into a Horizontal Muscle Buster), Silverback Attack (Vertical Suplex Powerslam), Meat Hook (Lariat), Boulder Holder (Backpack Stunner)
Alliances – RybAxel w/Curtis Axel, High Dosage w/Jon Bolen, The Nexus w/Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, Michael Tarver, Darren Young & Daniel Bryan, w/Pat Buck, w/Paul Heyman
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