Preview: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2K20’

We’re still without wrestling eh? Desperate times call for desperate measures and we’ve taken to the infuriating mess that is WWE 2K20 to fill the void. We’ve spent the last couple weeks creating wrestlers, generating matches and doing whatever we can to create a two day line up for Aberdeen Anarchy.

Got to be honest here, WWE 2K20 is just… argh, but we’ve tried our best to get some creations and matches together. The creations may be a bit suspect but their spirit is there…?

We’re still working out the final details, but here are the line ups that we have planned for Friday and Saturday. The matches will be available each respective evening in a playlist and the matches with commentary will be streamed on the Scottish Wrestling Network Facebook page.

Night One


WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Crusher Craib & Connor Inglis vs The Foundation of the Future (Bradley Evans & Ryan Riley)

A collision course was on the cards with The Foundation of the Future setting their sights on Crusher Craib and Conner Inglis at WrestleZone’s recent training academy event. It makes sense for this match to occur at Aberdeen Anarchy with the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships on the line.

Rayhne w/Chris Clark vs Sammii Jayne

Rayhne was due to make her WrestleZone debut at Regal Rumble, but y’know… stuff happened. On the Twitterverse, Chris Clark and his Chris Clark Inc. venture has been courting Rayhne to be part of his new brand. It has been a long time since we’ve seen Sammii Jayne in WrestleZone but she was the self proclaimed Queen of WrestleZone, how about a match up between the two at Aberdeen Anarchy?

Lewis Girvan vs Joe Hendry

JRing of Honor star Joe Hendry made his WrestleZone debut at Summerhill Showdown against Alan Sterling, a match up against former WrestleZone Tag Team Champion Lewis Girvan would just be a really great match that I would like to see in a WrestleZone ring.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships Number One Contendership – Blue Thunder & William Sterling vs The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)

Two former multi-time WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, Blue Thunder and William Sterling have battled The Rejected many times in the past. So here is a chance for both teams to jump back in to the tag team championship picture.

Aspen Faith vs Matt Hardy

As it’s our Aberdeen Anarchy card I’ve chosen the international star to come to Aberdeen for a little anarchy. Welcome former WWE Cruiserweight, WWE United States, WWE European, WWE Hardcore, mutli-time tag team champion in WWE, TNA, ROH, even a reign as WCW Tag Team Champion… former TNA World Heavyweight Champion and ECW Champion, Matt Hardy.

I know, it seems like a choice purely out of my own fantasy but much like PAC last year, Matt Hardy recently left WWE, now with AEW, so in my mind he’s coming to the Granite City!

Put him in with Aspen Faith… because there has to be some tears from myself at Aberdeen Anarchy, ’tis tradition!

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Triple Threat – Damien (c) vs Jason Reed vs Zach Dynamite

I’m going for a Royal Rumble 1994 finish to get us to this main event. Jason Reed and Zach Dynamite ending the Regal Rumble main event with both having claims to winning the match. Put it all together and you have a mouth watering triple threat Undisputed WrestleZone Championship match to round off the first night of Aberdeen Anarchy 2K20!

Night Two


Undisputed WrestleZone Championship Number One Contendership – Five Way Anarchy – Lou King Sharp vs Nathan North vs Aspen Faith vs Grant McIvor vs Alexander Darwin MacAllan

Kicking off night two with a few debuts and returns, and an opportunity to kick off into the new WrestleZone year in a five way elimination match to crown a new Undisputed WrestleZone Championship number one contender. Nathan North returns with a new attitude after a long absence, plying his craft at Source Wrestling. Speaking of Source Wrestling, current Source Champion Grant McIvor, along with the former champion Alexander Darwin MacAllan comes up to Aberdeen with a chance to add more gold to their respective cabinets. After a match with Matt Hardy, Aspen Faith looks to catapult into the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship scene plus there is Lou King Sharp, who has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

Irving Garrett vs Andy Wild

Irving Garrett’s last match was in the pre-show of last years Aberdeen Anarchy. A big return against a former Undisputed and Tri-Counties Champion, who is a very good wrestler in Andy Wild, would be quite a remarkable return.

Andy Wild will be hoping to turn around his Aberdeen Anarchy record.

WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship – Alan Sterling (c) vs Caleb Valhalla

This has been bubbling with it possibly coming to an explosion at Regal Rumble. Alan Sterling had convinced bodyguard Valhalla to team up with him to take on the WrestleZone Tag Team Champions. This was after poaching Valhalla’s Tri-Counties Championship opportunity which lead to Captain Alan winning the title for himself, then Sterling cost Valhalla a chance at the Undisputed WrestleZone Championship due to a lost hat situation in Caleb’s hometown of Montrose. It is inevitable that these two would implode… it is just a matter of time.

Scotty Swift & Matt Hardy vs The Outfit (Ted O’Keefe & Dino Del Monte)

In Matt Hardy’s second appearance of the weekend, he teams with Scotty Swift to take on a team that have taken joy at the expense of the former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion, Dino Del Monte and Ted O’Keefe of The Outfit. Now that Johnny Lions has retired, Swift is without a tag team partner so why not enlist one of the greatest tag team wrestlers active today to sort out these ruffians.

Grado vs Jack Jester

In our penultimate contest of the weekend, an old rivalry renewed. Grado and Jack Jester have tussled for a long time around the country but a showdown at Aberdeen Anarchy is one that can be ticked off the list.

Steel Cage Match – Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker

The final match of the weekend sees a grudge match come to a head again at Aberdeen Anarchy with Shawn Johnson getting his hands on Bryan Tucker inside of a steel cage. These two have had a long and storied journey from tag team partners in The Granite City Hotshots, to betrayal, to reconciliation then another betrayal to lead us to this steel cage showdown.

The matches will be available on YouTube on Friday and Saturday, subscribe on YouTube here.

Follow WrestleZone on social media [Facebook, Twitter, YouTube] to keep up to date on the rescheduling of the actual 2020 edition of Aberdeen Anarchy.

We’re going to discuss the event more and answer your questions on SWN Live! planned for Sunday.

Keep an eye on our Twitter @ScotWresNet for more information when we have it!

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