Source Wrestling ‘Origins 2K20’ – Coming May 31st 2020

After the fun we had for WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2K20 (night one and night two)’, we’re going to venture back to the headache that is WWE 2K20 to being you another show that has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Source Wrestling were due to host their Origins 7 event from the Source Wrestling School on May 31st but matters arose that meant it couldn’t happen. Instead we at Scottish Wrestling Network have spent the last week creating Source Wrestling regulars and will put up a match card on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Be warned, there are some sunburns due to the creation suite on WWE 2K20 and my own patience but I like to think they are a fairly accurate reflection of the wrestlers they are supposed to be…

When it was first revealed that we would be doing this WWE 2K20 adventure again, Source Wrestling Champion Grant McIvor declared he would only face DLC. Although we don’t have the DLC content, I’m sure that he is happy with his opponent. Drew Gulak was recently released by WWE due to his contract expiring so we have nabbed him for Source Wrestling Origins 2K20, a perfect fit for Source Wrestling.

Keep an eye on our Twitter @ScotWresNet for updates, sneak peaks and more goodness.

Subscribe to the SWN Playlist YouTube channel to see it first as the matches premiere here.

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