Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs this website?

Well hello there, it’s me, Billy Strachan. I run everything from updating and adding content to the website along with handling Twitter and Facebook. The team though consists of many writers, podcasters and anyone that loves wrestling that send me their writing and I put it up. I am the sole user of the SWN Twitter (@ScotWresNet).

So, do you make any money?

Simple answer… kinda(?). There’s an Anchor ad at the start of the audio version of the podcast for a couple pennies. Otherwise, no. SWN is a passion project to give back to Scottish pro wrestling in any way we can.

Hey you used to be called OSWtv, why the change?

OSWtv started as a YouTube show and then it went web based the โ€˜tvโ€™ section is obsolete. Also, OSWtv was getting mixed up with OSW Review. Although we werenโ€™t getting the traffic that OSW Review are getting (I wish!), it was hampering the growth of the site. Plus explaining what OSWtv stood for was met with more confused looks than youโ€™d think!

Who is behind SWN?

Other than myself, we have Adam Morrison who is our head writer providing previews for loads of companies and Wrestler Spotlight plus other pieces. Our admin team on Facebook includes Kyle Watt, who provides the odd article, and Courtney Smallridge, the SWN mascot.

If an elephant was to wear a nose strip because he snores, where on his trunk would he place this?