Mega Tournament of Doom: The Sequel

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This may be the final tournament before the world opens up (aka when I have to return to an actual office and not my spare bedroom and actually do work 9-5 Monday to Friday).

Managers return! After the madness of MTOD last year we’re still restricting this to two managers each per round.

Matches will last 1 hour until the semi finals and final where they will be longer.

First and second round matches will be drawn on SWN Live! on Facebook and on SWN Live! The Podcast if you don’t want to see my face.

Round One

First Round Draw

Day One – April 5th

  • Big Bennie defeated Danny Edwards
  • Manlon defeated Caleb
  • Glen Dunbar defeated Johnny Reaves
  • Sean Martin defeated Dawn Devlin

Day Two – April 6th

  • Daihlan Hendry defeated Ian Skinner
  • Mikkey Vago defeated Crusher Craib
  • Umar Mohammed defeated Brent Carter
  • Caleb Valhalla defeated Scott McManus

Day Three – April 7th

  • Aspen Faith vs Lucas Craig ended in a draw – Aspen Faith withdrew from the competition
  • Colton Davis defeated Stone Malone
  • Brodie Adler defeated Bobby Roberts
  • Toni Shivers defeated Savio Vega

Day Four – April 8th

  • Fletch Cassidy defeated Craig Berry
  • Bradley Evans defeated Craig Forsyth
  • Major Matt Wolfe defeated Jason Hyde
  • Grant McIvor defeated Alastor Adams

Round Two

Day One – April 12th

  • Umar Mohammed defeated Colton Davis
  • Daihlan Hendry defeated Toni Shivers
  • Brodie Adler defeated Bradley Evans
  • Glen Dunbar defeated Big Bennie

Day Two – April 13th

  • Fletch Cassidy defeated Lucas Craig
  • Major Matt Wolfe defeated Grant McIvor
  • Caleb Valhalla defeated Manlon
  • Mikkey Vago defeated Sean Martin

Quarter Finals

April 14th

  • Daihlan Hendry defeated Umar Mohammed
  • Brodie Adler defeated Glen Dunbar
  • Fletch Cassidy defeated Major Matt Wolfe
  • Caleb Valhalla defeated Mikkey Vago

Semi Finals

April 15th

  • Brodie Adler defeated Daihlan Hendry
  • Fletch Cassidy defeated Caleb Valhalla


April 16th

Fletch Cassidy defeated Brodie Adler


Fletch Cassidy