OSWtv Meets… Davin Molloy

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

According to my Mam she said I’d been watching it pre-1990 but my first real Wrestling memory is of the Ultimate Challenge at WrestleMania VI. The sight of these two huge brutes beating seven shades out of each other in front of a huge crowd just fascinated me. From that moment on i was hooked and save for a year between August 93-August 94 I’ve been a fan ever since.

You started Old School Wrestling on bebo, what made you decide to start it?

I had a car accident in 2002 followed by an operation on my spine in 2005 which completely put an to end to me playing sports which I had done since i was a kid, plus the fact it put me out of work so I had a lot free time make itself available. I wanted to start something to do with wrestling for years now so this presented me with the perfect opportunity to do so and the rest is history.

From bebo, it went to Facebook and now it’s lent it’s name to other projects like OSW Review and, of course, OSWtv. Did you ever thing it would become this big?

To be honest, no I never thought it would get anywhere near the level of fame it has. In the first few weeks of OSW Bebo we had maybe two or three regulars who would interact on the site every few days so there was very little activity but once we brought yourself on board and began our interactive Hall of Fame it just exploded. It’s great to see the OSW name on so many things although I’m an admin on OSW Review I have nothing to do with their show bar check the odd fact here in there I’m delighted that Jay and the boys have made a huge success out of their show, Jay’s a real good guy. OSWtv is really coming along which makes me very happy as well to be fair you were too talented to play No. 2 to me on OSW you deserved your own site and now you have it plus you take part in your local fed an actual part of the show so I couldn’t be happier to see you achieve so much already.

OSW Chat V is still growing with it also having a section on the Piledriver website that was launched recently. Is it hard work to keep on top of everything?

Yes it can be very frustrating sometimes when your trying to come up with new ideas for each platform of our community, add to that my partner just gave birth two years ago to our first child and there are times when i want to pack it in. I wanted to pack it in for a few months when my son was born but i just couldn’t. I do have a great team on OSW in Barry, Shiz, Poe & yourself of course so the strain has been lifted a little so that’s good. It makes all worth while when i see the kind of work the Shiz puts into his RAW & Impact reviews, he takes a lot of criticism sometimes and still continues to push himself so that’s great to see. Barry is another smart guy myself and him will be doing some new segments on OSW in the next couple of months likewise with Poe. I’m also part of a great team in Piledriver with Luke (Who is like this one man Wrestling Think Tank) Jay and Rory. If you haven’t checked out the Piledriver website you really should.

What do want to achieve with OSW Chat V in the future?

My next step to produce a podcast, it’s happening sometime this year,its still in the blue print stage but I’m hoping to come up with something that keeps in line with the OSW theme of Wrestling/Comedy but is still informative. I’ve also started a new segment under the (Tri-Mark Roundtable) banner its basically myself, Shiz & Barry discussing who we thought was the MVP in wrestling each year. It’s still pretty rough but were hoping it catches on.


You can check out OSW Chat V on Facebook HERE

The Piledriver website provides all the latest news in professional wrestling and also has some of the best podcasts around. Check it HERE


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