SWN Year End Awards Results

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Fan Voted Year End Awards

Wrestler of the Year (Male)

2015Damian O’Connor
2016Lewis Girvan
2017Stevie Boy Xavier
2018Mikey Whiplash
2019Stevie Boy Xavier
2021Andy Wild
2022Aspen Faith

Wrestler of the Year (Female)

2015Nikki Storm
2017Sammii Jayne
2019Kay Lee Ray
2020Emily Hayden
2021Angel Hayze
2022Emersyn Jayne

Tag Team of the Year

2015Polo Promotions
Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey
2016Polo Promotions
Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey
2017Kings of Catch
Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan
2018Kings of Catch
Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan
2019Kings of Catch
Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan
2020Krieger & Lou King Sharp
2021The Nine9
Jack Morris & Dickie Divers
2022The Foundation of the Future
Zach Dynamite, Ryan Riley, & Bruiser Brad Evans

Import/International Talent of the Year

2015Mick Foley
2016Kurt Angle
2017Matt Riddle
2018Sugar Dunkerton
2021Big Damo
2022Scott Garland

Move of the Year

2018Apter Burner
Kings of Catch
Sammii Jayne
Caleb Valhalla
2022The Darkest Lariat
Aspen Faith

Match of the Year

2015Grado vs Drew Galloway
ICW Fear & Loathing VIII
2016Lewis Girvan vs Ricochet
ICW Fear & Loathing IX
2017Chris Renfrew vs Mikey Whiplash vs Stevie Boy vs Jimmy Havoc
ICW Fear & Loathing X
2018Jackie Polo vs Lionheart
ICW Fear & Loathing XI
2019The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar) vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
ICW Fear & Loathing XII
2021Stevie Boy vs BT Gunn
ICW Fear & Loathing XIII
2022Aspen Faith vs Damien vs Zach Dynamite
WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy’

Feud of the Year

2015New Age Kliq vs Legion
Insane Championship Wrestling
2016Aspen Faith vs Lewis Girvan
WrestleZone/Discovery Wrestling
2017Mikey Whiplash vs Stevie Boy
Insane Championship Wrestling
2018Lionheart vs Jackie Polo
Insane Championship Wrestling
2019Theo Doros vs Christopher Saynt
Discovery Wrestling
2021Kez Evans vs Craig Anthony
Insane Championship Wrestling
2022Zach Dynamite vs Damien vs Aspen Faith

Show of the Year

2015Insane Championship Wrestling
Fear & Loathing VIII
2016Insane Championship Wrestling
Fear & Loathing IX
2017Discovery Wrestling
vs Bullet Club
2018Insane Championship Wrestling
Fear & Loathing XI
2019Discovery Wrestling
Camp Discovery
2021Discovery Wrestling
Disco Is Back!
Aberdeen Anarchy

Promotion of the Year

2015Insane Championship Wrestling
2016Insane Championship Wrestling
2017Discovery Wrestling
2018Discovery Wrestling
2019Discovery Wrestling
2020Insane Championship Wrestling
2021Discovery Wrestling
2022WrestleZone Scotland

One To Watch (Male)

2015Aspen Faith
2016Aspen Faith
2017Zach Dynamite
2018Spike Tierney
2019Ryan Riley
2020Leyton Buzzard
2021Ian Skinner
2022Ronan King

One To Watch (Female)

2015Sammii Jayne
2016Sammii Jayne
2017Sammii Jayne
2018Ashley Vega
2019Ashley Vega
2020Emily Hayden
2021Brodie Adler
2022Moxie Malone

One To Watch (Tag Team)

2017Kings of Catch
Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan
Kai Williams-King & King Killa
2019Foundation of the Future
Zach Dynamite, Ryan Riley, & Bradley Evans
Kai Williams-King & King Killa
2021Thatcher’s Cabinet
Thatcher Wright, Mr Ian Skinner, & Charles Vyce
2022The Fair City Saints
Alex Webb & Air Myles

One To Watch (Promotion)

2016Reckless Intent Wrestling
2017WrestleZone Scotland
2018Source Wrestling
2019WrestleZone Scotland
2020Fierce Females
2021Fair City Wrestling
2022Iron Girders Pro Wrestling

SWN Podcast of the Year

2020with Ian Skinner
Audio | Video
2021with Ian Ambrose
Audio | Video
2022Alex Webb II: Into The Webb-verse
Audio | Video

Ring Announcer of the Year

2019Simon Cassidy

Monthly Poll Year End Awards

Wrestler of the Year

2016Joe Coffey
2017Joe Coffey & Damien
2018Aspen Faith
2019Andy Wild
2022Aspen Faith

Tag Team of the Year

2018The Kings of Catch
Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan

Promotion of the Year

2016Discovery Wrestling
2017Insane Championship Wrestling
2018 Insane Championship Wrestling
2019 Insane Championship Wrestling
2022WrestleZone Scotland

Adam’s Wrestler of the Year

2018Joe Hendry
2019Andy Wild

Administration Awards

2015Photography/Graphic Designer of the YearWarrior Fight Photography
2015Accomplishment in Content and Event MarketingWrestle Ropes
2015Services to Media ProductionAdam Carrel
2015Outstanding Contribution to Scottish WrestlingDavid J Wilson
2016 Outstanding Recognition Award for Training and DevelopmentDamian O’Connor
2016Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceCarmel Jacob
2017Outstanding Recognition Award for Graphic Design and Media ProductionBearhug Design
2017 Outstanding Recognition Award for Regeneration and DevelopmentAndy Wild
2017Outstanding Recognition Award for Braw Moments CapturedDavid J Wilson
2017Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceWolfgang
2018Outstanding Recognition Award for Contribution to Video MediaKings Road
2018Outstanding Recognition Award for Versatility in SportJoe Hendry
2018 Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceDrew Galloway
2019 Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceLionheart
2020 Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceJohnny Lions
2021Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceNikki Storm
2022Outstanding Recognition Award for Extraordinary ServiceGrado

SWN Hall of Fame

2016 – Carmel Jacob
2017 – Wolfgang
2018 – Drew Galloway
2019 – Lionheart
2020 – Johnny Lions
2021 – Nikki Storm
2022 – Grado