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  2. SWN Podcast | Aberdeen Anarchy
  3. All About The Disco | Episode 1 | June 3rd 2023 Preview
  4. SWN Podcast | with Kasey
  5. Pilot: All About The Disco | Episode 0 | The Story So Far
  6. Pilot: Fair City Wrestling Podcast | Episode 0 | May 26th Preview
  7. SWN Podcast | Ian Skinner IV: You know, Ian Skinner, I used to think you were crazy. But now I can see you're nuts.
  8. The WrestleZone Podcast | Episode 3 | 'Aberdeen Anarchy' (13 May 2023) Recap
  9. SWN Podcast | with Gaz Williams
  10. The WrestleZone Podcast | Episode 2 | 'Aberdeen Anarchy' (13 May 2023) Preview
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Joe Hendry
Billy Kirkwood
Big Damo
Rory McAllister
Mike Mondo

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Hard work makes the scene better

Making content re a niche area of interest like wrestling, never mind more niche of Scottish wrestling isn’t easy, so to get into it during a pandemic is a task in itself. Billy brings an enthusiasm and a selflessness that lets his guests shine and would recommend anyone tunes in and learns from the pods.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

LMW Podcast

Your gateway to Scottish indies & more

Highly recommend this one! Billy, the host, is as passionate as it gets and through him I had the chance to know a hell of a lot more of the Scottish independent scene, from the biggest stars to the new prospects.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Gill (Crime Divers)

Great pod!

If u like Scottish wrestling then look no further, this is the pod for u. Billy has a lovely Scottish accent and sounds really friendly! Really good pod!!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


So Interesting!

I’m probably not the right demographic for this podcast, I’m not really into wrestling and I came across it purely by chance, but actually found myself listening to the end of the episode! Billy is a great host and the guest stories are so interesting! If you’re at all into wrestling, you need to subscribe to this pod.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Must listen for all wrestling fans

Brilliant podcast hosted by Billy. Excellent knowledge of not only the Scottish wrestling scene but in general. Highly recommend

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stephanie Tyre

Great podcast!

If you are a fan of the Scottish wrestling scene this is the podcast for you. Billy is so easy to listen to and really pulls you in with his chilled demeanour and friendly voice. An absolute must if you are a wrestling fan!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Great Interviews

Week in and Week out great interviews with indie wrestlers, always a #GoodCopMoment

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Really Enjoyable!

Used to enjoy wrestling when I was younger, but it was mainly American wrestling, so it’s really interesting to learn more about Scottish wrestling and wrestlers. Billy is such a great and personable host, and I’m really enjoying this podcast.

Rating: 5 out of 5.



As someone who used to have a vague knowledge about the Scottish wrestling scene, it’s fascinating to listen to this. A really great look into the topic with a great host, any wrestling fans would be daft to miss this one!

Rating: 5 out of 5.



Not really a wrestling fan but enjoyed this.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


A Piledriver of a Podcast

As a wrestling fan it’s so great to hear a wonderful podcast about Scottish wrestling. Billy is so easy to listen to and really pulls you in with his relaxed manner and friendly voice. An absolute must if you are a Scottish wrestling fan!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What is…?

great insights

Scottish Wrestling Network is very informative and Billy provides lots of great updates and insight into the Scottish wrestling world

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Great Fun

For fans of Scottish wrestling, this is 100% a must listen.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Fee :))


Great content. Keep it up! – Abi and Fee, Everything Coincidental

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Great Host!

Great niche subject, and Billy is a great host!

1“The Asian Sensation” Umar MohammedAudioVideo
2“The Man of Glam” Zack LeonAudioVideo
3“Your Super Wrestling Entertainment System” Kevin WilliamsAudioVideo
4“The Shooter” Ian SkinnerAudioVideo
5“The Granite Bruiser” RayhneAudioVideo
6“The Fair City Hooligan” Brent CarterAudioVideo
7“The Dynamite” Brodie AdlerAudioVideo
8“The Crimson Cobra” Craig BerryAudioVideo
9“The Devil’s Advocate” Johnny ReavesAudioVideo
10FPWA’s Ross Hunter & Nate StevenssonAudioVideo
11“The Scrandalorian” BIG BennieAudioVideo
12“The Original Siren” Sara Marie-TaylorAudioVideo
13“The Very Good” Mr Euan G MackieAudioVideo
14Fair City Wrestling’s John YoungAudioVideo
15“The Winged Emperor” Tallon JrAudioVideo
16“The Mighty” Caleb ValhallaAudioVideo
17“The Hellhound” Jason HydeAudioVideo
18“Grapzilla” Bradley PooleAudioVideo
19“The Merchandise” Mike MussoAudioVideo
20FPWA’s Harmony SkyeAudioVideo
21“Big Strong Man” Ewan O’RawAudioVideo
22“The Red Haired Warrior” Scotty SwiftAudioVideo
23“The Inevitable” Stone MaloneAudioVideo
24The Shambles Episode with Fletch Cassidy, Major Matt Wolfe, & Mister ManovalAudioVideo
25“Europe’s Largest Athlete” KUMAAudioVideo
26“The Heavy Metal Hooligan” Mikkey VagoAudioVideo
27Scotty Swift II: And This Time, It’s No Marshmallow RoastAudioVideo
28“The High Flying, Death Defying Luchador” Lucha DSAudioVideo
29Jetstream JackAudioVideo
30Umar Mohammed II: Electric BoogalooAudioVideo
31“The Prizefighter” Dean FordAudioVideo
32“The Gazelle” Grant McIvorAudioVideo
33“The Franchise Player” Shady NattrassAudioVideo
34“The Phoenix” Colton DavisAudioVideo
35“The Clyde River Killer” Alexander Darwin MacAllanAudioVideo
36“The King of the Streets” ManlonAudioVideo
37“The Grapple Geek” Dailhan HendryAudioVideo
38Ken KaidenAudioVideo
39“Pure Evil” Alastor AdamsAudioVideo
40“Wrestlebeech” Emily HaydenAudioVideo
41“The Blood Tourist” Lou King SharpAudioVideo
42Fair City Saints’ Alex WebbAudioVideo
43“The North Star” Nathan NorthAudioVideo
44“Scudmaster Sexy” KriegerAudioVideo
45“The Modern Day Diva” Ashley VegaAudioVideo
46Pro2 Wrestling’s Logan StormAudioVideo
47The Ian Skinner Show [Explicit]AudioVideo
48“The Basic Bitch Slayer” Rubi RobertsAudioVideo
49”Tier Zero” Taylor BrydenAudioVideo
5050th Episode Special: Socialising with Jason Hyde [Explicit]AudioVideo
51”The Prestigious One” Joe HendryAudioVideo
52“The Mad Dog” Bradley EvansAudioVideo
53On the #ContiniousRoad with Rosie NyteAudioVideo
54“The Beautiful Bruiser” Molly SpartanAudioVideo
55“The Headline Maker” Kirk CooperAudioVideo
56“The Young Lioness” Angel HayzeAudioVideo
57#ForTheCraft with Paul DawsonAudioVideo
58“The Plant Based Powerhouse” Ellie ArmstrongAudioVideo
59“Your Mother’s Least Favourite Wrestler” Jay RobinAudioVideo
60“100% Pure Scottish Beef” Bobby RobertsAudioVideo
61“The Upstart” Logan SmithAudioVideo
62No Holds Barred’s Sean MartinAudioVideo
63“The Creator of Carnage” Crusher CraibAudioVideo
64“The Orbit Breaker” Daz BlackAudioVideo
65“The Beauty from the Borders” AnastasiaAudioVideo
66Discovery Wrestling co-owner Alan SmithAudioVideo
67“The Dog of War” Luke MatthewsAudioVideo
68“The Tyrant” TJ RageAudioVideo
69Big Bennie II: Billy & Bennie’s Excellent Adventure [Explicit]AudioVideo
70One Year Celebration Special: The Wrestle Ropes Reunion [Explicit]AudioVideo
71“The Rad Lad” Gash WilliamsAudioVideo
72“The Lost Boy” Aspen Faith [Explicit]AudioVideo
73Billy’s Day of Birth Bonanza [Explicit]AudioVideo
74“The Lowland Superstar” Glen DunbarAudioVideo
75“The Foundation of the Future” Zach DynamiteAudioVideo
76“The Staunch Superstar” Jason ReedAudioVideo
77Moxie MaloneAudioVideo
78The Working Men’s Club’s Matt Daly & Scott McManusAudioVideo
79“The Tactician” Taylor ViteAudioVideo
80The Nine9’s Jack MorrisAudioVideo
81“The Best You’ve Ever Seen” Robbie WishartAudioVideo
82“The Bone Collector” Irving GarrettAudioVideo
83“The Bouncer” Eli BulwarkAudioVideo
84“That Damn Dirty Dog” Gene MunnyAudioVideo
86Brodie Adler II: Brodie Strikes Back [Explicit]AudioVideo
87“The Bulldozer” Hal RaynerAudioVideo
88Griffin & AthenaAudioVideo
89Dylan ThornAudioVideo
90Scotty Swift III: Answer The Call [Explicit]AudioVideo
91Behind the Mask with The Super ExecutionerAudioVideo
92WrestleZone Head Referee Dennis LawAudioVideo
93“The Pride and Joy” Austin BrookesAudioVideo
94“The Inspirational” Ryan RileyAudioVideo
95Ring Announcer Kwaku AdjeiAudioVideo
96WrestleZone MC Martyn ClunesAudioVideo
97“Big Fem Vader” Ayesha RaymondAudioVideo
98“Tenacious” Johnny Lions [Explicit]AudioVideo
99“The Starlet Harlot” Che MonetAudioVideo
100Episode 100: The Podcaster ArtistAudioVideo
101Deacon MatthewsAudioVideo
102Martin MacAlistairAudioVideo
103Eddie CastleAudioVideo
104Luke RossAudioVideo
105Frank X. CrossAudioVideo
106Carl ConroyAudioVideo
107Regina RosendahlAudioVideo
108Chris QuinnAudioVideo
110Harmony Skye II: The Skye’s The LimitAudioVideo
111Connor MolloyAudioVideo
112Thatcher WrightAudioVideo
113Evan YoungAudioVideo
114Ian AmbroseAudioVideo
115Jarek NowakAudioVideo
116Mikey DevineAudioVideo
117Rabu RomeroAudioVideo
118Air MylesAudioVideo
119Big Ross HauserAudioVideo
120Robbie BalfourAudioVideo
121Billy Kirkwood [Explicit]AudioVideo
122Lord Murphy CostiganAudioVideo
123Caleb Valhalla II: The Dark World [Explicit]AudioVideo
124Christmas Special Moviemania: Ryan Riley vs Connor MolloyAudioVideo
BONUSSWN Year End Awards 2021 PreviewAudioVideo
125The Struthers SistersAudioVideo
126Craig Berry II: Rise of the Crimson CobraAudioVideo
127Alex Webb II: Into the Webb-verseAudioVideo
128Ashley Vega II: Viva La VegaAudioVideo
129Theo DorosAudioVideo
130Mauler MurphyAudioVideo
131Big DamoAudioVideo
133Solomon GrumAudioVideo
134The Sam Barbour ExperienceAudioVideo
136Ronan KingAudioVideo
137Kirk Cooper II: Extra! Extra!AudioVideo
138Brent Carter II: Episode 138 As RequestedAudioVideo
139Iona SkyAudioVideo
140Duke CannonAudioVideo
141Connor RoseAudioVideo
142Lad ChapmanAudioVideo
143Kirsty LoveAudioVideo
144Chris ArcherAudioVideo
145Leo McLeanAudioVideo
146Mister ManovalAudioVideo
147London LovelustAudioVideo
148Johnny Reaves II: The Book of ReavesAudioVideo
149Robbie CardwellAudioVideo
150Episode 150: Billy’s Aberdeen Anarchy Road TripAudioVideo
151Tom AtlasAudioVideo
152KJ MackAudioVideo
153Luke KyroAudioVideo
154Daisy JenkinsAudioVideo
155Sharky FossilAudioVideo
156Grant McIvor 2: Know Your RoleAudioVideo
157Zach Dynamite II: The Future Is NowAudioVideo
158Ian Skinner III: Skinner? I Hardly Know Her! P-AH!AudioVideo
159Scotty Swift IV: AfterlifeAudioVideo
160Major Matt Wolfe AudioVideo
161Judas GreyAudioVideo
162Nicole JasminAudioVideo
163Rhys DawkinsAudioVideo
164Brodie Adler III: Boom Goes The DynamiteAudioVideo
165‘Awesome’ Robb StowAudioVideo
166Paul HubrisAudioVideo
167Aspen Faith II: Well, I Guess It Would Be NiceAudioVideo
168Billy’s Day of Birth Bonanza 2AudioVideo
169Rory McAllisterAudioVideo
BONUSWrestleZone Special (Dennis Law, Mr P, Kaden Garrick, & Scotty Swift)Audio
BONUSAlan Smith (Discovery Wrestling)Audio
BONUSMikkey VagoAudio
BONUSCaleb ValhallaAudio
BONUSJohnny LionsAudio
BONUSBilly KirkwoodAudio
BONUSAlex WebbAudio
BONUSThe Super ExecutionerAudio
BONUSCrusher CraibAudio
170Billy’s Inverurie InvasionAudioVideo
BONUSThe Rise + Fall of ITV’s Celebrity WrestlingAudioVideo
171Billy’s Trinity ThrillerAudioVideo
172Lou King Sharp II: DanespottingAudioVideo
173Harmony Skye III: This Is (Finally) Halloween!AudioVideo
174Billy’s Holy Hijinks!AudioVideo
175Fulton KingAudioVideo
176Randy ValentineAudioVideo
177Sharp Dojo Series: Colton DavisAudioVideo
178Billy’s Christmas CarnageAudioVideo
179The Alex Webb Holiday SpecialAudioVideo
180SWN Year End Awards 2022 PreviewAudioVideo
181Taylor Bryden 1.5AudioVideo
182Billy’s Blast From The PastAudioVideo
183Mike MondoAudioVideo
184SWN Year Ends Awards 2022AudioVideo
186Station Hotel ShowdownAudioVideo
188Owen Ozzy MichaelsAudioVideo
189Andy RobertsAudioVideo
190TV’s Umar MohammedAudioVideo
191Tommy KartelAudioVideo
192Mike Musso II: The “Bitter” TruthAudioVideo
193Ravie DavieAudioVideo
194Regal RumbleAudioVideo
195Meyhem BrooksAudioVideo
196The WandererAudioVideo
197Taylor Bryden II: The Next LevelAudioVideo
198Sami SparxAudioVideo
199Scotty Swift V: The Real Scotty SwiftAudioVideo
200Caleb V AspenAudioVideo
201Gaz WilliamsAudioVideo
202Ian Skinner IV: You know, Ian Skinner, I used to think you were crazy, but now I can see you’re nuts.AudioVideo
204Aberdeen AnarchyAudioVideo
205David DevlinAudioVideo
206Darren T GossAudioVideo
1Live From Training Academy (22 Apr 2023) PreviewAudioVideo
2Aberdeen Anarchy PreviewAudioVideo
3Aberdeen Anarchy RecapAudioVideo
0The Story So FarAudio
1June 3rd 2023 PreviewAudioVideo
1May 26th PreviewAudio
1Target Wrestling July 2021 Weekender Preview with Shady NattrassAudioVideo
2WrestleZone ‘Halloween Hijinks 2021’ Preview with Kyle WattAudioVideo
3WrestleZone ‘Halloween Hijinks 2021’ Review with Kelly StrachanAudio
4Fair City Wrestling ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’ Preview with Kevin WilliamsAudioVideo
5Behind The Match Special with Scotty Swift (Scotty Swift vs The Super Executioner – WrestleZone, Keith 2015)AudioVideo
6WrestleZone ‘Summerhill Showdown 2022’ Preview with Kyle WattAudioVideo
7WrestleZone ‘Summerhill Showdown 2022’ Review with Kelly StrachanAudio
8Fair City Wrestling January 2022 Double Header Preview with Kevin WilliamsAudioVideo
11Source Wrestling ‘Resurgence’ Preview with Robert WishartAudioVideo
12WrestleZone ‘Live In Ellon 2022’ Preview with Adam MorrisonAudioVideo
13Respect Pro Wrestling ‘A Wild Night Out’ Preview with Rubi RobertsAudioVideo
14Copenhagen Championship Wrestling ‘Grunge’ (12 Mar 2022) Preview with Lou King SharpAudioVideo
15Clyde Valley Wrestling ‘Live In Strathaven’ (12 Mar 2022) Preview with Craig ForsythAudioVideo
16Fair City Wrestling March Madness Tour 2022 Preview with Kevin WilliamsAudioVideo
17WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2022’ Preview with Kyle WattAudioVideo
18WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2022’ Review with Kelly StrachanAudio
19WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2022’ Preview with Kyle WattAudioVideo
1Hunyadi TamásAudioVideo
2Stone MaloneAudioVideo
3Tom HumphreysAudioVideo
4Nitro GreenAudioVideo
5Sebastian DayAudioVideo
6Sean MoranAudioVideo
7Lexi LuxxAudioVideo
8Ewan O’RawAudioVideo
1Daniel TremlettAudioVideo
2James Stewart (WrestleKind)AudioVideo
3Stephen LouchAudioVideo
4The Christmas Party with Brent Carter & Stone MaloneAudioVideo
5Euan ConwayAudioVideo
6Frank MandoliniAudioVideo
7Ella JayAudioVideo
8Dawn DevlinAudioVideo
9Callum BruceAudioVideo
10Kurt JohanssonAudioVideo
1August 16th 2020AudioVideo
2November 29th 2020AudioVideo
3December 5th 2020AudioVideo
4December 29th 2020AudioVideo
5January 10th 2021AudioVideo
6February 21st 2021AudioVideo
7April 1st 2021AudioVideo
8May 4th 2021AudioVideo
9May 30th 2021AudioVideo
10June 26th 2021AudioVideo
11August 13th 2021AudioVideo
12September 11th 2021AudioVideo
13October 17th 2021AudioVideo
14November 14th 2021AudioVideo
15SWN Live Special: SWN Year End Awards 2021 ResultsAudioVideo
16February 27th 2022AudioVideo
17July 9th 2022AudioVideo
18September 24th 2022AudioVideo
19April 29th 2023AudioVideo

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