Preview: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2014’


Wrestlezone Aberdeen Anarchy
Beach Ballroom
May 10th 2014

Scotty Swift, Mr Paterson & X-Pac vs โ€œTenaciousโ€ Johnny Lions, Damien & Chris Archer

A lot of bodies in this one. The Lions, Damien and Archer team looks too thrown together for me to take seriously and they’ll just be fed to Swift, Paterson and X-Pac. Shame for Johnny Lions as he was in the main event last year and now it looks like he’s just making up the numbers.
Winner: Scotty Swift, Mr Paterson & X-Pac

Bingo Ballance vs Noam Dar

Show stealer? Bingo Ballance and Noam Dar are both phenomenal. No storyline building to this just two great wrestlers out to entertain. Like last years match with Bingo Ballance and Stevie Xavier I can see this kicking off the show and setting the tempo for the rest of the night
Winner: Noam Dar

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Grado

Comedy match here with Scotty and Grado both playing to the crowd. Another tough match to call but you know how it’ll end with both guys dancing in the ring and everyone will be happy.
Winner: Grado

Submission Match:
Alan Sterling w/ Mr Malice vs Ross McTavish w/ Zach Dynamite

Mixed Martial Alan finally gets a fair crack at Ross McTavish. He learned MMA in two weeks so he will have an advantage over McTavish. Last year Ross made Sterling tap out, unfortunately, I can see it happening again.
Winner: Ross McTavish

World of Sport Rules:
Aspen Faith w/ James Midas & KT Kane vs Len Ironside w/ Marty Jones

Faith will have plenty of back up with James Midas and the devious KT Kane. Ironside will have Marty Jones in his corner. Faith is the younger and his conditioning will be better suited to the rounds system in a World of Sports rules match. Ironside has the more experience so may have to rely on his brains to get through this match but I don’t think it will be enough.
Winner: Aspen Faith

Ladder Match โ€“ Wrestlezone Tag Team Championships
Thunder Buddies (c) vs The Granite City Hotshots

I love the Thunder Buddies team, so really don’t want them to lose. However, the ladder match will favour the quicker Hotshots. Both teams are very familiar with each other but the Hotshots have teamed together a lot longer. With those odds I’m going to have to go with the Hotshots on this one.
Winner: The Granite City Hotshots (New Champions)

Wrestlezone Undisputed Championshipย 
Crusher Craib (c) vs Jack Jester

This will be a brawling affair, wouldn’t be surprised to see these two fight into the crowd. There will be big bumps and tough shots. This won’t be a technical masterpiece by any stretch. Crusher’s reign is close to a year and Jester is the only person to hand Crusher a defeat in one on one competition (by DQ) in over a year. Another tough one to call. I’m going with Jester but I can’t see the match ending clean.
Winner: Jack Jester (New Champion)

What are your predictions?

General Admissions tickets are available NOW, in-person at the Music Hall Box Office on Union Street or over the phone on 01224 641122.

Doors for General Admission ticket-holders open at 6pm with the first bout getting underway at 7pm.

Those with ringside tickets, already sold out, will secure entry to the Beach Ballroom from 5pm.

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