Review: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2014’


On Saturday, May 10th, I attended WrestleZone’s Aberdeen Anarchy event at a sold out Beach Ballroom, I’ve heard numbers of 1200 people packed into the venue to watch WrestleZone’s biggest show of the year and, with those numbers, in history.

I was lucky enough to have a front row ticket so got to enter early and see a pre-show match but before that I’ll talk about the Meet & Greet that took place beforehand.

So I got to the Beach Balroom at about half past 12, this year I drove there and it was far easier than taking the train and messing about with that gubbings. I was quite near the front of the queue, the doors opened a little after 1pm and we were taken in to meet X-Pac and Scotty 2 Hotty.

First up was X-Pac and he was a gent, got a pic with him and a signed photo, the problem I always have at these is picking a photo for them to sign (string up the violin) so I chose a Syxx photo. Pac (we’re friends now) wasn’t a fan of the Syxx photo and chucked in the Wolfpac photo also signed. Good guy X-Pac! After that I went over to Scotty 2 Hotty, now I’ve been a fan of this guy for a long time, Too Cool were one of my favourite teams and I really enjoyed watching him. This guy was brilliant, I had tweeted him that morning wearing the Too Cool shirt I had and he said he saw it so that was cool (too cool you could say). I let him choose the picture for him to sign and was on my way. The signings went off without a hitch, the staff ushered people through quickly but not in a way that meant you didn’t have time to speak to Scotty or X-Pac.

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So I spoke to a couple fans before nipping off to dive into my packed lunch and wait till 5pm for doors to open.

Around half 4 I went to queue up for the show, once again the staff move people quickly and smoothly, the staff at the event were great and keeping things ticking over without any problems. Before the show begun you could speak to a few of the WrestleZone guys plus Grado and Bingo Ballance were about, big queue for Grado so I just wandered about and bumped into Ross McTavish and had a wee laugh about Mixed Martial Alan learning MMA in two weeks. Β Got a quick word with Bingo Ballance and The Hotshots before finding a gap to speak to Grado, this guy is so down to Earth and fame has not gotten to his head which is a delight. Was surprised when he remembered me from SWE back in August (I’d seen him since at PBW) and he asked if I was one of the guys with OSWtv (I had my OSWtv shirt on and replied that I’m the ONLY guy that does OSWtv), quick selfie and handshake and I went on my way. Great chat with Mr Paterson and Scotty Swift before taking my seat front row ringside.


Pre-show Match:
Zack Dynamite def. James Midas w/ KT Kane by Pinfall

I don’t know what it is about Zack Dynamite but I just can’t get behind him as face, he’s too smug. Looked liked that there was some miscommunication at times but a very solid match overall. James Midas is very good, an underrated talent. KT Kane got a heap of abuse from fans in my section before one piped up “she’d get it” so she has a fan with that guy.

Main Show

Bingo Ballance def. Andy Wild by Pinfall

Andy Wild filled in for the injured Noam Dar in this match. Clash of styles here with the bigger Wild and the high flying Ballance. I enjoyed this match, there was a moment near the end when, I think, Andy forgot to kick out as he didn’t seem to move but the referee only counted to 2. A splash later and Bingo took the win.

Ross McTavish w/ Zack Dynamite def. Mixed Martial Alan w/ Mr Malice by Submission

I really wanted Alan to win but Ross and his gangly body kept locking him in triangle chokes and arm bars. Wee Alan didn’t stand a chance, even Mr Malice was caught in a submission by McTavish. Sterling tried to work the ankle to wear Ross down for an Ankle Lock that he’d perfected but McTavish locked in, what looked like, a Lebell Lock for the win. Afterwards, Dynamite splashed Sterling from the top rope to add insult to injury. Not a match but considering Ross not being a wrestler it was fine.

The Granite City Hotshots def. Thunder Buddies

After this match I thought this was as far as a family friendly show could go in terms of violence, there was a lot of ladder spots and some brutal moments with Shawn Johnson being thrown around like nobodies business. All four men took some hard spills and words won’t do it justice. Hopefully WrestleZone post this match online. The Hotshots took the win, after the match William Sterling and Blue Thunder shook their hands as a sign of respect. Great showing from all involved.

Grado def. Scotty 2 Hotty by Pinfall

This was the first half main event. Oh my. Both of these guys played the crowd like a fiddle. Scotty entered second and went into the crowd and threw children about. Even had one up for the Razor’s Edge. Really fun to watch, his music stopped for a moment before starting again as Scotty wasn’t done. It would take a team of surgeons to remove the smile off Grado’s face. Usual Grado shenanigans to start off, a little push up contest and just a lot of fun. This wasn’t going to be technical masterpiece by any stretch. I praised him on Twitter also, but Mikey Innes deserves as mention as he was in the moment and every near fall from a Wee Boot or Rock Bottom he was just as shocked as us in the crowd. Great refereeing on his part making the whole match believable. The match ended when Grado countered a sunset flip for the pin and win. Afterwards we got the Too Cool dance with Scotty, Grado and a kid who was dressed up as Scotty. The kid had no fear and was dancing like a boss! All three toasted an Irn Bru before interval.

Β£2.80 FOR A WEE CAN OF RED BULL! Had to break a ten pound note. Don’t think the guys at the bar were prepared for the enormity of the event as they ran out of Irn Bru and Coke (cans) quickly. I wasn’t too fussed other than the bank loan I had to take out for a Red Bull.

Back to the show.

X-Pac, Scotty Swift & Mr Paterson def. Revolution (Johnny Lions, Chris Archer & Damien) by Pinfall

Before I get into this, I would think that everyone involved in this match was aware of X-Pac having Hep C so would’ve agreed to the match knowing this. WrestleZone would be stupid to not to take that into account so they would take extra care.

Back onto the match, Martyn Clunes mic cut out before Revolution entered, brilliant. Really puts over Revolution. I put in my preview that I thought these guys would just get steamrolled and I’m happy to say I was wrong, all three got some good offence in with Chris Archer really shining in this. X-Pac was throwing out kicks like they were going out of fashion. Big ending with finishers being traded between all of them, like playing WWE 2K14 with infinite finishers. X-Pac won out with an X-Factor for the pin and win. Enjoyable match, X-Pac thanked the crowd afterwards.

Aspen Faith w/ James Midas & KT Kane def. Len Ironside w/ Marty Jones
2 Falls to 1

World of Sport rules here, I noticed Ironside was quick for his age. Marty was on good form ringside. Team SMASH entered through the crowd and the heat was immense. It would be hard to find anyone that was behind Faith in this one. Both men received public warnings for using closed fists during the match. Both traded holds and I quite enjoyed it. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea though. I liked the little things like Len drinking water in the corner and Aspen chugging an energy drink. Faith stole the win by pinning Len with his feet on the ropes to make it 2 falls to 1.

Post match, Marty got in the ring. Couldn’t quite hear what he said on the mic but it ended with Jones and Ironside knocking down Team SMASH. This looks to be far from over.

Main Event time!

Jack Jester def. Crusher Craib

This was something else, brawling everywhere. I got a very close up view of both men when they battered each other on the barrier ringside. Mikey Innes didn’t have a good night in this one with two ref bumps, he was flattened. Jester brought in a chair and used it on Craib but couldn’t get the pin. Then, in the shock of the night, Jester grabbed one of the girls that were taking photographs ringside and held her hostage. Craib, Clunes, security and referees tried to stop Jester. Jester dragged her into the ring and threatened to go to town on her with his corkscrew if Craib didn’t lie down. The crowd was stunned, it was uncomfortable to watch. Jester threw the girl to Craib and Craib got her out of the ring. The match ended with Jester throwing a chair at Craib while Crusher was sitting on the top rope, one tombstone later and we had a new champion. After the match Jester wasn’t done and battered Craib with a chair until X-Pac and Scotty 2 Hotty rushed to the ring and chased off Jester.

I loved the culmination of this chapter of Craib vs Jester. Craib has become human, after 11 months of beating everyone that came into contact with him, Jester got into the monsters head and Craib showed emotion, he showed sympathy when the camera girl was grabbed. This wasn’t the Craib we’d seen in the past who arrived, booted some poor sod, then left. Both parties did a great job of putting that across.

So after I said this would be my last wrestling event for a couple months, I can’t help but go to WrestleZone’s show in Fraserburgh on the 24th to see the fallout of this event.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show. The signings were well organised, the crowd was great, the in ring action was fantastic. Well done WrestleZone, see you guys again in two weeks!

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