Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Fraserburgh 2014’

WrestleZone Live In Fraserburgh

“The Hippie Horror” Aspen Faith def. “WrestleZone’s John Cena or “Don Cena” (Breaking Baws fans)” Scotty Swift

Great opener with both playing to the crowd and getting them into the action. Faith entered with no James Midas or KT Kane and both were hot off winning their respective matches two weeks ago at the Beach Ballroom. One mistimed spot which they reworked into the match. Fast paced before Faith slowed it down. Good back and forth before Faith drilled Swift with a running knee and that was good for three. Faith looked really good here and I would like to see them go at it again.

Kaden Garrick def. Mr Malice

Not so much a match, just Garrick killing poor Mr Malice. I’m not totally sold on Garrick yet and neither was the crowd but he’s just starting out so just need to give it time. He has a wicked spear though.

William Sterling def. Super Executioner

I hadn’t seen the Super Executioner before and after this I want to see him again and again. From what I gathered, he thinks he’s a ninja slash deviant and he’s the “key master” looking for the “gate keeper”. So funny. He came out thinking he was in Peterhead which drew boos, ring announcer Martin Clunes broke early and was in fits of giggles in the corner. William Sterling entered and also failed to keep a straight face over Executioner’s antics. This had everything I ever wanted in a wrestling match. Including a lightsaber duel (including music) with both guys using brooms as lightsabers. Executioner hid at the merch stand pretending to be one of the masks on sale. Sterling used him as a bowling ball at one point. It was just so much fun to watch. Sterling finally finished Executioner with a chokeslam. Super Executioner parted shouting that he’d rather be in Mintlaw.

At the interval, the kids got to meet William Sterling, Scotty Swift and Kaden Garrick.

Crusher Craib def. Alan Sterling

Right, back to wrestling. Alan Sterling came out first, still insisting that he has never tapped out and cut a promo before the match. Crusher squashed Alan in quick fashion but, to keep up with the fallout of Aberdeen Anarchy, Crusher said that Alan was Jack Jester before booting his face in. After the match referees came out to help Alan but he was knocked out. So they went ahead and carried on with the Battle Royal.

Kaden Garrick won a Battle Royal

Included in this was Kaden Garrick, Scotty Swift, Blue Thunder, Mr Malice, Zack Dynamite, Aspen Faith, Super Executioner and…well…Alan Sterling.

Sterling was tossed out first and the rest started brawling. Too much going on to pick out spots.  Aspen Faith had a great strategy by staying the corner then sneaking out to pound someone or throw them out then retreat back to the corner. The final two were Faith and Garrick. Faith got cocky and ate a huge spear by Garrick. Kaden then picked up Faith and dumped him out. Crowd clapped but I wouldn’t say they went wild for Garrick, but as I said, he’s just starting. Aspen Faith was MVP of the match, he eliminated the majority of the combatants plus it looks like the Swift-Faith rivalry has just begun.

The Hotshots def. Revolution (Damien & Chris Archer) by DQ

Mass brawl to start off with before eventually getting back to the ring. Revolution were in control for the majority before The Hotshots fought back. Just as The Hotshots were building momentum Chris Archer used a hammer and got DQ’d. After the match the two members of Revolution battered The Hotshots before Thunder Buddies made the save. Glad to see these guys will still be teaming and not split…yet. In ring wise it was short, did what it needed to and gave off that Revolution are a major threat but continued the Thunder Buddies-Hotshots rivalry.

Overall, I didn’t go in with any high expectations as it’s a smaller venue, smaller crowd so I did half expect guys to phone in their matches but they really gave it their all and it continued nicely from Aberdeen Anarchy. So a very pleasant surprise. Heard one guy moaning afterwards, “oh I wanted a chair shot”, come on man, it’s a wee village hall with maybe 40 people, 50 max and you’re expecting an ICW show? Settle yourself. WrestleZone insist that I have to tackle stairs at their venues (not against this for a medical reason, I’m just lazy). Gutted that I lost the raffle again. My only real sticking point was the price, for a show like the Regal Rumble or Halloween Hijinks in bigger venues I’d be happy to pay the £12 but in a small village hall, £12 is a bit pricey. That’s just me being really picky though and it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the show. No Johnny Lions, Mr Paterson, James Midas or KT Kane but still a cracking night of wrestling.

It was clear that Aspen Faith will be a big deal for WrestleZone this year and I look forward to seeing him climb the ranks and for him to compete for the Undisputed title. Garrick needs a few more matches to get over with the crowd and flesh out his character, with a bit more content in his matches hopefully, as I don’t want him to be a Goldberg, arrive, spear, leave. In the brief moments that Zack Dynamite was out there I still want to see him as a cocky heel as I personally think he would thrive in the role. Thunder Buddies still together made me happy but I know it’ll end with William Sterling turning on Blue Thunder as Sterling is a natural bad guy so will enjoy it while it lasts. Super Executioner was amazing, I said on the OSWtv Facebook page that I want to see this guy against W3L’s Bulgarian Baker. If it ever happens, you may as well kill me afterwards as I will never be as happy again. I intend on going to more WrestleZone shows this year so look forward to see where the direction goes.

Their next event is Ellon on June 7th so head along for a great night of wrestling.

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