Review: W3L-SWA ‘Clash of the Titans’


On 18/05/12 two companies collided. The World Wide Wrestling League and Scottish Wrestling Alliance fought against each other at the Stirling Albert Halls.

Starts off with a small video package, my only qualm with this was the voice speaking was hardly a big booming voice and the audio kept popping. Didn’t sound great. Anywho, onto the show!

Hang on…is that Bete Noire in a toga?

Our commentary team (if you chose to have that option) is Mark Stevens and Allan Grogan. The Wizard is the referee.

Martin Kirby vs β€œThe Reaver” Taylor Bryden

Kirby is the bad guy here, faking a high five with a child during his entrance, which did make me laugh. Grogan lets us know that β€œReaver” means β€œRabid Beaver”. Grogan is great on commentary, Stevens can’t keep up. Grogan asks if The Wizard is a trained Wizard, this guy.

Stalling tactics, England vs Scotland stuff to get the crowd into it. Bryden gets a Yes chant going while he has Kirby in a headlock. Chain wrestling to start off with Bryden getting the better of Kirby. A baldy chant starts and Grogan is quick to to note that Kirby is β€œbald by choice”.

Match starts to pick up with springboards, The Reaver takes control, little slip on the ropes, until Kirby hits an Alley Oop. Reaver grabs the ropes and Grogan calls it the cowards way out. Reaver quickly hits Kirby with the Paradise Kiss, a double underhook into a codebreaker for the 3.

Slow start then it picked up quickly and ended. Fun start to the show but could’ve done more to build to the finish.

Mike Musso promo with Kenny. Gives us some trivia. Uber babyface promo. Gives Kenny a gladiator helmet to get him into the Clash of the Titans spirit. Awkward silence. We’re back. Musso puts over Whiplash as a huge challenge. Is Musso W3L’s John Cena?

Bryden interview. Talks about people not believing in him. Heel turn. He means besness (spelling intentional.)

Mikey Whiplash vs Mike Musso

SWA’s #1 contender vs W3L’s #1 contender here.

Is that Fiona Fraser as the other woman at the entrance in the toga?

Back to the match, Musso is the big fan favourite here. Hey there’s David J Wilson ringside taking photos.

Back and forth start, Whiplash is getting agitated. Musso takes control, a little miscommunication but it’s quickly sorted. Whiplash takes the upper hand with a big uppercut. Musso is having some wardrobe problems. Grogan isn’t a fan of Musso and takes any chance to take pot shots at Musso. Whiplash hits a big superplex. Whiplash in control, Momentum changes a lot, Whiplash always works great as a heel just with little things, small movements, lifting Musso slowly, calculating. Great stuff. Firemans carry roll onto Musso. Whiplash misses a knee drop from the top rope. Musso with a sweet top rope elbow for two. Reversals galore until Whiplash rolls up Musso and grabs the ropes for the three. Best thing Musso does is get the crowd into the match so when he loses it makes his opponents look like uber heels. Musso grabs the mic and calls Whiplash a cheat, hypes up a possible rematch.

Grogan is great again on commentary, fully supporting Whiplash like a bad guy should. No blurred lines.

Nikki Storm vs Sara in a ladder match is up next. Video package to build up this match. Sara is vicious in her beatdown to Nikki back in Penicuik March 25th. Sara steals the title, Grogan hypes this perfectly. Sara is the former champion who had to relinquish the title, bitter about Nikki Storm being the current champion.

Sara promo, she’s a bit crazy…but I like it. Bit awkward in spots but does the job.

Nikki Storm (c) vs Sara-Marie Taylor

The belt is off centre, that’ll bug me a little. Grogan says he trained Sara. Sara grabs the mic and tells the announcer to declare her as the W3L Womens Champion. Storm is out next.

Scrap to start, Storm is on fire and overwelms the taller Sara. Sara doesn’t look comfortable in this match. Up on the entrance stage and Sara hits a beautiful kick to Nikki’s noggin. Sara gets the ladder into the ring. Storm with a snapmare onto Sara off the ladder, great spot. The crowd are into this. Storm hits a great tornado DDT onto Sara. Some nice little ladder spots. Y’know what the problem with this match is? Sara’s height. She has to stall more to climb the ladder and it interrupts the flow. Sara hits s great pumphandle then punishes Nikki with a Cloverleaf. Sara climbs the ladder and Nikki pushes the ladder over and Sara tumbles out of the ring. Nikki grabs the belt and wins.

A bit stuttering in parts but enjoyable.

Mikey Whiplash promo. Whiplash is gold on the mic as always. Says he’s happy to beat Musso again.

WMD (Nathan Black & John The Bomb) vs A&E (Eric Canyon & Adam Shame)

The SWA Tag Team Champions vs W3L Tag Team Champions. This match is for all the gold. Grogan predicts A&E to win. The Wizard checks his Mega-Evolution Nathan Black before A&E jump the SWA Tag Champions. WMD takes over. Fighting all around the ring. This Nathan Black, huge guy but can do things that a man his size shouldn’t be able to. A&E take control through nefarious means. WMD aren’t typical faces but A&E are so dastardly, it’s very easy for the crowd to get behind WMD. Grogan says his monitor breaks every time Stevens mentions cheating. Brilliant. A&E with some great tandem moves. Christ! Nathan Black with a springboard dropkick! Adam Shame pulls John The Bomb down so Black can’t tag out. Shame bottles a flying headbutt, landing on his knees as Black moves. Is this a 14 x 14 ring? The guys look huge. There’s an ironing board put into the ring. Ref bump. Adam Shame powerbombs Nathan Black through the ironing board…what am I writing? Two count. John The Bomb back in and hits a Michinoku Driver onto Adam Shame, picks up Canyon for a powerbomb and Nathan Black springboards into the ring with a spinning back elbow as John The Bomb hits a sit down powerbomb. Big finish and it’s good for three! Wow, slow build to start, big shmoz in the middle and big finish. Wow.

Johnny Kidd promo, standard affair. 40 year veteran ready to win and to take the belt to England. Onto a Damo promo with HANDSOME JAM! Damo is the cocky champion and the reason Kidd won’t win is because he doesn’t have Jam O’Malley.

Damian O’Connor (c) vs Johnny Kidd

Champion out first. Antagonises the crowd. Kidd out with the toga girls clapping. Grogan gives out about that. Stevens asks if Jam has a managers licence.

Wrestling to start off, as expected. Technical affair. World of Sport style match here, Damo starts using his power to take advantage but Kidd isn’t done and goes back to his technical manoeuvres. Damo throws in his technical prowess and works the arm. Kidd back on top and uses The Wizard to wishbone O’Connors legs. The crowd are still shouting and chanting all the way through this and this is wrestling. No jumping and flips and the crowd are still into it. Just shows how good Kidd and O’Connor are. Jam provides the distraction and Damo is back in the drivers seat. Doesn’t last long and Kidd is in control and starts using stomps and elbow, very much out of his game. He knocks O’Connor’s and O’Malley’s (The O-Zone, The O-Gasm, The Oh No He Di-in’t) heads together. This is such a back and forth encounter. Before I can type someone is in control the momentum changes again and again. Match breaks down to O’Connor using his power to control Kidd. Quick roll up by Kidd and Grogan is beside himself. Jam jumps up and makes The Wizard motorboat him while Damian O’Connor hits Kidd with the W3L Title and wins. Grogan says that Kidd fell into the belt because of his old brittle knees. As they celebrate, a child hits Jam with an inflatable in the face.

Kidd on the mic, says Damo is a disgrace to W3L and the belt. The crowd chants cheat towards O’Connor as he stomps off.

Main event time!

Joe Coffey vs Prince Fergal Devitt

The Wizard looks knackered, he’s been out the whole night. He’s got to referee Coffey vs Devitt now. Both in great shape. I was looking forward to this one. Coffey is a broad guy but is able to do nip ups like there were going out of fashion. Student vs the Teacher is the story of this. Devitt schools Coffey before Joe uses his power, Devitt is back on top with a great camel clutch type move, releasing for an elbow. Devitt works on Coffey’s back. Coffey with a great springboard cross body from the middle rope. Devitt lays in some brutal kicks and stiff punches and Irish whips, working on Joe’s back. The fans get behind Coffey, Grogan gives out that some wrestlers somehow gain strength from fans clapping. Devitt throws some stinging chops before Coffey goes ballistic with forearms, chops, punches, topping it of with a huge suicide dive. Coffey is on fire until Devitt dropkicks him in the face. Big double foot stomp and JOE COFFEY KICKS OUT!. He goes for Bloody Sunday, counter, Discus Lariat, counter, German suplex by Coffey, kick out! Jeez. Coffey hits the diving headbutt and Devitt kicks out! Devitt hits a brainbuster and both men are down. This is great. Trading chops and uppercuts, Coffey sets up a Discus Lariat, Devitt stops it, roudhouse kick and Bloody Sunday for the win. Devitt and Coffey put on a clinic. Devitt shakes Coffey’s hand after the match. This was before Coffey went to Zero1, so I would fancy seeing a rematch.

Great show, some slow spots during matches. Devitt vs Coffey was match of the night.
Extras on the DVD included the trailer for the event, match highlights and the option to watch with or without commentary. It’s a fun watch and I would recommend for Devitt vs Coffey.

Buy the DVD here

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