OSWtv Meets… Kirsty Love

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

The Attitude Era was the time that really got me hooked on wrestling but truth be told it was playing the video games that really got me interested and made me want to become a wrestler.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

As I watched more wrestling I became more certain that it was something that I wanted to, and would be capable of doing, so I went online and searched for reputable schools, I eventually settled on SWA.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

Sting, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Mickie James and Luna Vachon were my main influences for wanting to become a wrestler. Nikki Storm, Jam O’Malley, Mikey Whiplash and Damian O’Connor all influenced me and helped me along the way.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

I really enjoyed working with Jigsaw, it was an honour to be in the ring with such an established worker and he pushed me to my limit. Other favourite opponents have been; Rubix Roach, Nikki Storm, Kay Lee Ray and of course I love teaming up with Pollyanna.

Who would be your dream opponent, past or present and why?

I would have loved the opportunity to step in the ring with Luna Vachon. I would also love to test myself against Manami Toyota, MsChif, Sara Del Ray, Lufisto. As far as male opponents go, I would love to work with Hallowicked, Frightmare, Johnny Kidd and Mike Quackenbush. They would all give me an opportunity to show what I can do.


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