Review: World Wide Wrestling League ‘Live in Elgin 2014’

Oh boy, I was looking forward to this for the last year. The one time a year wrestling comes to Elgin and it didn’t disappoint. All the matches top to bottom produced great moments, so without further ado lets start the review train to awesomeville, passing through 5 star valley and thumbs up boulevard.

Elgin Cup Semi-Final: Dickie Divers def. The Bulgarian Baker.

I will try and be unbiased…THE BAKER WAS ROBBED OF HIS BREAD…that was post match. Stevie The Wizard was on ring announcing duties and announced that this match was in association with OSWtv. So already I was marking out like a boss. Shouting for my boy The Bulgarian Baker, must to the disgust of Kevin who was at the show with me (there, I’ve named you on the site, happy now!). Divers was in charge of this match for the majority, Baker got a couple kicks in but this really showcased Divers who won with a beautiful swanton. After the match Divers threw The Baker’s bread into the crowd. I hope W3L Management fine him for that. Divers moved into the final of the Elgin Cup.

Elgin Cup Semi-Final: Lucian Maynard-Smythe def. El Technico

Lucian cut a pro-England promo, which wasn’t really required. He then had God Save The Queen play before it was cut off and El Technico entered. El Technico controlled the pace of this, really enjoyed his parts of the match. Smythe’s tights said Smith so I had fun cracking jokes at the back. I thought Lucian was sloppy in parts and slow. It was good for what it was and I want to see more of El Technico.

W3L Heavyweight Championship: Nathan Reynolds (c) vs Mike Musso ended in a draw.

Oh my. This was phenomenal. Both guys were evenly matched and this was by far the best match I’ve seen from both. Back and forth, momentum switched constantly. I noticed that Reynolds wasn’t hooking the leg when he pinned and I was shouting out. I got so into this match it made me proud to be a fan. The 30 minute time limit ran out so that match ended in a draw. Musso was having none of it and demanded that we got a winner. Reynolds said that Mike can get another match at another time and he had nothing to prove. He held out his hand and Musso slapped it away and pushed Reynolds, teasing a heel turn. Reynolds demanded the match to be restarted. Awesome.

W3L Heavyweight Championship: Nathan Reynolds (c) def. Mike Musso

This started fast with Musso on the offensive looking to score a quick win. Finisher set up, counter, set up, counter, this was amazing. Reynolds then hit a second rope spear. Reynolds got the win and hooked the leg (for the first time that night that I saw). I was on my feet, both guys worked their asses off. They hugged after the match. Musso always knows how to play the crowd like a boss.

Danny Boy Rogers def. Morado (thanks Christina)

Danny Boy was great in this. Kept shouting Danny Boy to antagonise the crowd. Made it funnier for me taking my brother Danny and he was amused with it. Solid match. Morado had some nice flippy stuff. Rogers held the ropes for the win. Not much more I can say.

Elgin Cup Final: Dickie Divers def. Lucian Maynard-Smythe

I can see why Lucian was slow in his first match, pacing himself as he was far quicker and tighter in this match. Divers hadn’t missed a beat though, both guys put on a fine performance before Divers hit a swanton to win the Elgin Cup.

After the show Stevie hooked us up with getting backstage and met Musso, Reynolds and Divers. The Baker was away baking another loaf that was STOLEN BY DIVERS!

Overall bar some audio hiccups, I preferred the Bishopmill Hall being used instead of the Elgin Town Hall (which is being renovated) mainly because you could get seats all the way round the ring and looked better.

My one criticism was the referee. He wasn’t dressed like a ref, I would expect either stripes or shirt and bow tie. He had a white long sleeved top. As soon as I clocked him I knew that would aggravate me all night. his counting was inconsistent, almost hesitant, so I think I would be safe in saying this was his first night or he was just starting. He looked uninterested in the action and his positioning was woeful in parts. He was looking at Danny Boy holding the ropes, LOOKING AT HIM HOLDING THE ROPES. Argh.

But other than that it was a highly enjoyable show and I have to wait another year but will welcome back W3L with open arms.

I thought that they took Elgin seriously which I don’t think they have in previous years. The last two years had the same formula of two matches, heel beatdown, setting up the main event. So for that I’m glad. I would love to see more wrestling in Elgin.

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