Review: Roddy Piper’s The Tour To Settle The Score

Rowdy Roddy Piper: The Tour To Settle The Score


The first night of Roddy’s tour kicked off in the little Highland city of Inverness, the hidden city. Now before I continue with this review, I wasn’t sure how to review a Q&A event, mainly because it’s Roddy Piper and no two events will be the same. But what I can talk about is the surroundings, I won’t give away any stories and spoil it for you so will just allude to what he discussed.

I arrived in Inverness around half 4 and headed up to The Ironworks for the Meet and Greet at 5pm. Roddy was a little late but it didn’t really matter. I couple minutes isn’t really a big deal. We were queued up and organised, there was no messing about with the organisation of the event and it was all smooth sailing. Chris Brooker ran through “the rules” i.e. they’ll take pictures and upload them to Flickr to save passing about phones and cameras, which is a fantastic idea because my phone camera is crap. We could get one item of our own signed along with any item(s) bought at the merch table, clear and set out rules. The price list was fair, £5 for an 8×10, £10 for a poster and £20 for a t-shirt.

I was forth in the queue to meet Piper and I was sweating, the venue must’ve been hot or something…I took the commerative film cell from WrestleMania 3 that came with the WrestleMania 23 steel case set to get signed. I met Roddy and he put me at ease immediately just being a cool, down to Earth guy, we chatted and I told him that he was a huge reason as to why I fell in love with Scottish wrestling because without him and Ted DiBiase I wouldn’t have went to SWE Hell for Lycra IX and he seemed touched by that. I was wearing my Frats shirt and Piper was impressed as he hadn’t seen one of them in a long time and spoke briefly about how he got them made not long after Owen passed and talked about his book and being on Howard Stern. He spoke fondly of Adrian Adonis as he signed the film cell. I got an 8×10 signed for a friend and Roddy talked about a graphic novel that he’s involved in that’s coming soon. Then we got our picture taken. I told him about OSWtv and the belt and he picked it up and put it over my shoulder for the picture. Handshake later and I was out. He took the time with everyone. Very cool.

I was putting stuff in my bag and the belt was out and a guy asked if I was from OSW and we chatted. I walked away before realising that he thought I was from OSW Review because he kept talking about watching videos…nobody watches my videos.

So I was in and out quickly but Roddy did take the time to chat. I headed to McDonalds for a quick bite to eat and wait for show time at 7pm. I got back to The Ironworks around half 6 and saw Stuart, one of the guys involved with Rock N Wrestle, he was saying that he was still signing and talking to people. There was about 50 meet and greet tickets sold so it really showed that Roddy was giving everyone a bit of time.

I queued up outside The Ironworks again and spotted someone that instantly became my enemy. I just glanced down the queue and spotted that he had folded his 8×10 and I mean folded, not delicately halved but a big ol’ dirty crease down the middle. I was shocked, appalled and disgusted. You’re not getting that crease out mate. Put it under as many books as you want. It’ll forever be tainted because of your reckless actions. It’ll look terrible in a frame…I bet it’s smudged as well. You monster.

7pm rolled around and we got into the venue. It was a small, intimate affair. About 100 seats maybe, not a sell out but a strong crowd. Chris Brooker and Billy Kirkwood started the show and did a little bit of their I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS material with some added jokes, always funny. Kirkwood tore his shirt like Hulk Hogan in an act which made me consider if he’d been on the ‘roids…then I saw his body and if he was then I’d tell him to go get a refund. The format of the show was simple. Roddy told some stories about how he started in the business then an interval before the questions.

Now as a ticket holder I paid £47.50ish in total to come to this event (Ticketmaster rode me in charges), so I came to see Roddy Piper tell some stories and answer some questions…maybe even chew some bubblegum. I did not come to hear some tool in the second row come and shout stuff and try to be centre of attention and get “over”. Lucky me, there were two people who tried to do such a thing. Right when Piper was in the middle of a story there would be a voice interrupting him and stopping the flow of the story. Now, Piper isn’t a stand up, so he wasn’t taking on the hecklers and tried to continue with what he was saying but it was irritating for those who paid to listen to Roddy. It clearly irritated Brooker and Kirkwood when they got to a mic. Brooker destroyed one of them in two sentences after the Q&A was over much to my delight.

The questions themselves ranged from HUH to EH? The last question being, after Chris had asked us to think of a question about Roddy, was…”what do you think of John Cena and the Make A Wish Foundation?” seriously guys. Other questions included “What did you think of BA Baracus?”, although we did hear some fun stuff about Mr T, “What were your thoughts on The Undertaker’s streak ending”. I can’t remember an actual question about Roddy Piper specifically. Roddy told more stories between questions, including taking us through the infamous Piper’s Pit with Jimmy Snuka.

The event ended at about 10pm and I headed back to Elgin. Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and Eros Comedy, Rock N Wrestle and Roddy Piper put together a great show. Shame that some of the crowd spoiled some parts with horrific questions and shouting out rubbish but Roddy took it all in stride and was a delight to listen to. I could’ve listened to him for hours. There’s a Mr Fuji story that has to be heard to be believed.

If you have a ticket for this event then you are in for a treat. Piper was cracking open the Irn Bru’s and letting it all out. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, then get your ass to

I also did a couple videos during the day for up to the minute reactions over on

Finally thanks to Roddy Piper, Chris Brooker, Billy Kirkwood, Steve Robertson, Toby Michaels, Stuart Thain and everyone involved with Eros Comedy, The Ironworks and Rock N Wrestle. I hope to see more events up here in the future.

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