Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Nairn 2014’

WrestleZone Live in Nairn

There were some huge shows this weekend from SWE, ICW, SSW, SWE again and WrestleZone. I chose to travel the whole 30 minutes up the road to Nairn for WrestleZone. Please note that I was knackered when I got to Nairn after spending the majority of the day doing radio stuff in Kinloss and only running on about 4 hours sleep after watching a Cuckoo marathon on BBC3 so my memory may be lacking. But enough about that, lets get on with the review!

This was the first time that WrestleZone held an event in Nairn in two years so it would be a wee treat for the Highlands. Well, for the 50ish that turned up anyway. I drive through Nairn once a week and saw no posters on the lead up to this event. No advertising, so looked like WrestleZone relied on their website and Facebook page to spread the word.

I arrived in Nairn at about half past 6. As always there is some idiot who queues in the rain wearing shorts and t-shirtโ€ฆthat was me. OSWtv shirt on, belt in my stylish man bag, hair a mess but ready to watch the wrasslin’

Damien def. Bryan Tucker

Two former Undisputed Champions to kick off the show. As Jack Jester is the Undisputed Champion, he doesn’t appear at these “smaller” events so the focus is really the Tag Team Titles. So you have Revolution (Damien & Johnny Lions), Team SMASH (James Midas & Aspen Faith) and the Thunder Buddies (William Sterling & Blue Thunder) chasing the titles that The Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson) hold. It creates a lot of good matches with a story behind it.

Damien and Tucker had a fine contest. Damien being the aggressor throughout. Tucker got some good shots in but this was quite one sided. Damien won, which gives Revolution a good claim to get another shot at The Hotshots for the titles.

Kaden Garrick def. Alan Sterling

Alan Sterling, this guy is the total package in WrestleZone (and I don’t refer to his rather tight singlet), he can talk, he plays his role to perfection and can wrestle. He jaw jacked with the crowd, even threatening to hit one with “his kiddie belt”, that kiddie belt was my OSWtv Title and I marked out a little. Garrick entered with his awesome entrance music. This was a far better Kaden Garrick than the one I saw in Fraserburgh in June. Still as intense but his movement was far smoother. Great spot where Garrick tried to hit Sterling with a spear on the apron, Alan moved and Garrick ran into the ring post, just getting into the ring by the count of 9. During the count out, Alan would declare that he was “___ seconds from victory” I find it hard to boo Alan when he is so good at his job of entertaining with his unhinged, deluded character. All the fun came to an end when Garrick killed Sterling with a spear for the three count.

Afterwards Sterling was loopy and thought he had won until he was informed by the crowd that he didn’t, much to his dismay. I can’t wait for the day Alan wins a match, he’ll be more over the top than Kurt Angle, I would expect a proper celebration as well and him holding an awards ceremony and everything because he is “Adorable” Alan Sterling.

Zach Dynamite def. Cysto

I’m not a huge fan of the Cystos, it’s a bit too silly for my taste but nevertheless I did find myself enjoying his antics with the ever cocky Dynamite. This guy is one leather jacket away from being a full blown, show off, heel. There were a lot of fun comedy spots with Cysto toying with Dynamite, including going to the merch stand and picking up the foam head with the Cysto mask. Dynamite grabbed a headlock and Cysto sneakily switched his head with the foam one. That did make me laugh. Dynamite finished the match with an elbow drop, which came to no surprise giving that the Cystos are there for laughs.

Aspen Faith def. Blue Thunder

Now, time for some wrestling. “The King of Catch” Aspen Faith once again is without his entourage but it don’t matter. Faith is after the Undisputed Title and what better way to start than to demolish the competition. I was quite surprised that this was the opening to the 2nd half due to it being a straight up wrestling match and the kiddies, I find, won’t get as involved. I might’ve put this just before the main event, but that’s just my personal view as I am not a booker. Lots of wrestling, Faith is really coming into his own and I can’t wait for a showdown down the road with him and Jester or him and Crusher. Aspen finished Thunder with an impressive and gory looking arm lock, no idea if it has a name, Faith Breaker would be good (not the Michelle McCool version of the Styles Clash).

– During this match the guys at the merch stand started packing up. Settle guys, what if someone wants to buy something after the show?

Cysto 2 def. Super Executioner

Originally advertised as Crusher Craib vs Super Executioner when the first match announcements went up, it was amended to Cysto 2 vs Super Executioner instead. This match ranged from the ridiculous to the amazing. Super Executioner was a race car this time, vrooming his way around the ring. I would love to call this match but I was just mesmerised. Cysto went under the ring at one point and another turned up in the balcony. Executioner was confused. It happened again but this time the other Cysto was thrown into the room but an unknown person. We haven’t found out who threw Cysto. Executioner was in the driving seat(!) to take the win but the Cystos did a bit of twin magic and switched, rolled up Executioner for the win. Super Executioner was robbed!

Scotty Swift def. Mr Malice, Shawn Johnson & William Sterling

And now for something completely different. What I’ve found at the WrestleZone events, the smaller ones anyway, there’s always a match that just goes everywhere around the hall. This was it. It started with Mr Malice laying down for William Sterling, Sterling said that Malice was having a heart attack and he was just giving him mouth to mouth which made me laugh. Malice took the brunt of everything. He was dragged down steps, punched, kicked, thrown, The Malice Miracle was lucky to be walking towards the end. Shawn Johnson and Sterling continued their feud stemming from before Aberdeen Anarchy. At one point they were fighting next to me when William Sterling grabbed my belt from under my seat and hit Johnson with it and tossed it back. I condone this! Sterling and Johnson fought by the merch stand, slapped each other with foam fingers. Hilarious. Ending came out of nowhere, Swift tried to wrap cling film around Malice but it broke so he just rolled him up for three. The match justโ€ฆended. No big finish. Was kind of disappointed. I wasn’t expecting like a huge death defying spot, a finishing move would’ve been nice. I enjoyed the content of the match but the ending was flat.

OVERALL: If you came expecting to see 5 star matches, then you’re in for a bad time. But it’s fun to come to these events and switch off for two hours. This isn’t a slight on WrestleZone at all, I enjoy the presentation and shows they put on and if you get the chance I would recommend going to an event. The ยฃ12 price for the ticket is still a bit of a sticking point for me. For the likes of the Regal Rumble or Halloween Hijinks or something then okay I’ll stump up ยฃ12 but for the small events in Nairn or Fraserburgh which will host a handful of people it’s a bit excessive. I understand that the company needs to make money so I can see both sides of the coin. To end on a positive note, the guys at WrestleZone put there all into the matches which is a delight. Aspen Faith is gaining momentum and I can’t wait for them to push the button and have him hold the Undisputed Title. I can see him being very similar to Ian Ambrose which is a good thing, plus he is at every event unlike their current champion.

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