Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘3’


Rock N Wrestle 3
The Ironworks, Inverness

Good morning…or afternoon…or evening…

Gooooood time of the day grapple fans, this Friday past I went to Rock N Wrestle 3 in The Ironworks and now I am reviewing the experience with words and the like. All was good on Friday…until the snow came and blew it’s white load all over the roads, making conditions difficult for transport and skitey. The joys. For those who have read past Rock N Wrestle reviews (of which there are plenty in the archives), I am lucky enough to help out at the events and this time I got to pick up Rob Terry at Inverness Airport…he is huge. Imagine a 6 foot 5 brick outhouse in a small Renault Clio, imagining it? Funny eh? Anywho, Rob was fun to chat to when I was taking him to the venue from his hotel.

The Meet and Greet with Drew Galloway was running a little late due to the weather delaying folk arriving but those who signed up for the Meet and Greet still got time to chat with Drew and their signed poster. I even got one as I asked nicely after everyone else was finished. Drew was saying he’s never been this far north in Scotland and the furthest he’d been was Aberdeen.

The show kicked off with the musical act Toby Michaels Rolling Damned, the rock portion covered for Rock N Wrestle then it was onto the wrestle!

Grado and Just Uz (BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier) def. Kid Fite and GTA (Lou King Sharp and Donnie T)

A change from the scheduled match due to Noam Dar being injured, Grado stepped into his place and Donnie T replaced Liam Thomson. This was a very fun start to the event, the crowd were firmly Grado fans who was a surprise addition to the event. The antics between him and Lou King Sharp were fantastic, Sharp is just so good at his character and it works with a joker like Grado. Good stuff. Lots of the usual Grado shenanigans and great highflying stuff from Just Uz. The weak link in this one was Donnie T, he needs to be a little more vocal in getting across his character. He’s still very much on a learning curve so it’s things that can and will improve. Grado hit Sharp with an F5, which left him Lou King Dead.

Kasey Owens w/ Leah Owens def. Kay Lee Ray
A British Bootcamp 2 special in The Ironworks with Top 16 competitors The Owens and Top 3 finalist Kay Lee Ray. The Owens came out with match gear but with a subtle difference. Their black arm sleeve covered the opposite arm to cover up their tattoos on their respective arms, so automatically I’m thinking a switcharoo at some point in the evening. I was proved correct when Leah entered the ring while Kasey was recovering, the crowd were having none of it by shouting at the referee Eddie Roberts. This was my first live Owens experience and seeing them as heels was also a little different, a good kind of different. Kay Lee and Kasey worked well together and with the loss caused by interference from Leah it sets up a rematch quite nicely.

Crusher Craib def. Switch w/ Flick

Switch sent out an open challenge to anyone and nobody had answered. He decided to take matters into his own hands. The crowd started chanting for Toby, who had been battered by Jack Jester at the last two events at The Ironworks. Switch chased Toby before ominous music hit and out came the current WrestleZone Undisputed Champion Crusher Craib. Craib slowly made his way to the ring as Switch stared at him. Crusher landed a big boot and pinned Switch to the ground with his foot for a three count. He didn’t even have to take off his jacket. The “match” was very quick but makes Crusher look like a strong, no-nonsense beast, booting folk then leaving.

TJ Rage def. “The Freak” Rob Terry

The first half main event was TJ Rage against TNA star Rob Terry. A heavyweight clash, lots of stalling by Rage to start with. He didn’t want any part of the monstrous Freak. I wasn’t expecting a wrestling classic here but they kept the crowd into this match with Rage being the cowardly heel and Terry interacting with the audience then flinging Rage about. It was better than I expected. Rage lowblowed Terry for a roll up and win.

Wolfgang def. Davey Blaze w/ Charles Boddington

Davey Blaze missed the last Ironworks show due to injury and during that time he was picked up by “Manager of Champions” Charles Boddington. TMRD played Hungry Like A Wolf for Wolfgang to enter too which was a nice touch considering the short history the band has with Blaze. Davey is a great heel, having the ever smarmy Boddington in tow just adds a little extra to it. This match was fine, I’m not a huge fan of two big men colliding as I find the matches can be a little slow, this had a nice pace to it. Boddington got in the way, miscommunication between him and Blaze which lead to Wolfgang taking the win. I’d like to see either take on a smaller opponent next time to show off their strengths, like Wolfgang vs Lou King Sharp or Davey Blaze vs Stevie Xavier, something like that.

EVOLVE Heavyweight Championship
Drew Galloway (c) def. Big Damo

Before the match Damo challenged Drew to put up the EVOLVE Heavyweight Championship, Drew was happy to oblige. That’s quite a bit of history there with it being defended for the first time in Inverness. I loved this match, it had two of my favourite wrestlers beating lumps out of each other. They took it through the fire doors and up the stairs towards the balcony, the referee gave a lot of leeway in this one which I wasn’t complaining about. There was a ref bump and it looked like Damo had the match won but the referee was down. Drew hit a Futureshock DDT for a looooong two count. The finish to this was sublime with both guys jockeying for position with Drew trying to get in another DDT, they tussled over a backslide were Drew rolled over Damo into a double underhook position to hit the Futureshock and retain his title. The end to this was simply flawless.

Highland Championship Final
Jack Jester def. Kenny Williams

The final to crown a Highland Champion refereed by Lionheart who was great in his role, reacting to every move like in a convincing manner, really added to the match. Jester dominated the majority of the match against the smaller Williams. I was expecting maybe a little tension between Jester and Lionheart but didn’t see that materialise. Kenny got in some offense but this was 90% Jester who ended the contest with a Tombstone Piledriver to lift the trophy. The match may’ve been bit too one sided but it also gives the Highland Championship a strong champion to start with. So it was done correctly as Williams is a popular wrestler who will bounce back quite quickly from the loss so it didn’t harm his worth for Rock n Wrestle.

Overall: Another great event from Rock N Wrestle. The crowd was good, a bit quiet in parts but the more events that are up in the area the more familiar they’ll become with the characters and the action. I doubt a 10 year old from the Highlands is too familiar with the likes of Jack Jester so it’s another good stepping stone for Rock N Wrestle, and remember it is only their third event as a separate promotion. Their next Ironworks event will be on March 27th but before that it’s Return of the Jester on February 28th in the Victoria Hotel, Forres. The Highland Champion takes on BT Gunn, it is unknown if the championship is on the line at this time.

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