Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live at the Cloverleaf Hotel 2015’


Preview: WrestleZone Live at the Cloverleaf Hotel
17th January 2015

A look through the history books and according to the WrestleZone website the first WrestleZone event held at the Cloverleaf Hotel was the 5th February 2010. It became a January staple in WrestleZone’s calender hosting big matches and big moments. On the first event Crusher Craib won Β£1000 tournament and now, 5 years later, he is entering as Undisputed Champion and, until last years DQ loss to Jack Jester, Crusher Craib was undefeated at this venue. Bryan Tucker defeated Damien to win the Undiputed Title in 2012 and he will enter as one half of the Tag Team Champions. Undisputed Title changes aren’t out of the ordinary at the Cloverleaf as it happened again in 2013 when Johnny Lions defeated Bingo Ballance to lift the Undisputed Title. With this being the last time that WrestleZone take over the Cloverleaf Hotel, they will be looking to blow the roof off and tear it down bit by bit.
That’s the preamble, let’s look at the card!

Joe Coffey and Crusher Craib vs Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions

The main event of the evening sees the Iron Man return to WrestleZone, Joe Coffey, teaming with the Beast from the North East, Crusher Craib, against The King of Catch, Aspen Faith, and the Tenacious One, Johnny Lions. This match is loaded with big names. I would love to see Faith and Coffey mix it up. Crusher has history with both Faith and Lions with Faith targeting the Undisputed Championship. This match is worth the price of admission. It’s going to be an absolute belter of a match!


Shawn Johnson vs Damien

A grudge match, Damien has been attacking Johnson at every turn. Shawn Johnson will be looking to gain revenge on Damien almost costing him and The Hotshots a tag team championship opportunity. Damien will be as dangerous as ever as his plan failed when Bryan Tucker won the Tag Team Titles on his own and dethroning Revolution. A big grudge match for the final show at the Cloverleaf Hotel.

Shawn Johnson Gets Ready for Saturday


Lord Alan Sterling vs Kaden Garrick vs Bryan Tucker

Β A thrown together match, with Garrick looking to start 2015 with a bang. Bryan Tucker is on a wave of momentum after defeating Revolution and Thunder Buddies on his own to win the Tag Team Titles. Lord Alan has been preoccupied with Mr P and, I would say Alan might not be in the right frame of mind…but he isn’t at the best of times.


Mr P vs Jeeves Winchester

Mr P will be granting Jeeves Winchester’s Christmas wish (though Jeeves may’ve been slightly inebriated). After spending Christmas Day with Lord Alan Sterling and Jeeves Winchester, Mr P will be looking to gain some revenge. I don’t know what to make of this match, I’d be guessing it would be the comedy match as there are no Cystos or Malystos on the card.

Mr P Plans To Make Jeeves Winchester Pay For Christmas Day

Lord Alan Sterling and Jeeves Winchester Has A Surprise For Mr P On Saturday


Scotty Swift vs Lou King Sharp

Your Mothers favourite wrestler makes his debut in WrestleZone and he faces the franchise of WrestleZone, Don Cena, the Red Haired Warrior, Scotty Swift. The crowd would be a firm fan favourite with Lou King Sharp out to make a lasting impression. I think Sharp will thrive with the WrestleZone crowd as they love a good heel and are up for antics. Swift will outmatch Sharp for power but Sharp will have speed on his side.

Scotty Swift Looking to Start 2015 with a Win

Lou King Sharp Talks WrestleZone and Scotty Swift


Β William Sterling vs Chris Archer

Another seemingly random contest but with Sterling one half of Thunder Buddies and Archer teaming with The Alpha Male regularly, it’s a match that could have implications on the tag team picture in WrestleZone. Both are well versed in taking short cuts so I would expect nothing less than both to look for ways to end the match early and outsmart each other.

The Hurricane’s Replacement Announced!

From the WrestleZone Facebook page, “Unfortunately The Hurricane is no longer able to appear at Aberdeen Anarchy due to serious injury. Hurricane has just had major surgery to repair his ACL using part of his hamstring and won’t recover in time to make the show.

Hurricane has asked us to inform you that you will all see him in WrestleZone in the future however, and he looks forward to meeting you all!

WrestleZone management have been working hard to secure a replacement and have already done so! We will be announcing this name, along with our second former WWE Superstar, this Saturday at the Cloverleaf Hotel!”

Tickets for the show are available NOW priced at Β£12 for adults and Β£8 for under 14s. Fans will also be able to pay for any remaining tickets on the door!

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