Preview: Rock N Wrestle ‘Return of the Jester’


Rock N Wrestle Return of the Jester Preview
Victoria Hotel, Forres

The first Rock N Wrestle event of the year takes place on Saturday, it’s also my first event of the year so really looking forward to this one. This begins the road to The Ironworks in March where Rock N Wrestle bring in former champions in TNA from World Champion Mr Anderson to Tag Team Champion Davey Richards and Knockout Champion Angelina Love. In a very short time though, Rock N Wrestle have some history with the Victoria Hotel, holding their second show as a standalone promotion in the venue and their current Highland Champion Jack Jester reeked havoc.

Saqib Ali vs Aaron Echo

I’ve seen Saqib Ali appear in ICW a few times, Aaron Echo is relatively new. Both from the PBW Academy. Not sure what to expect but they’ll be out to put on a good show and show why the PBW Academy is one of the highest rated wrestling schools in the UK.

GTA (Lou King Sharp and Donnie T) w/ Emily Hayden vs Craig Damien and Dave Krycek w/ Ashley

I’m a big fan of Lou King Sharp and he has great chemistry with Donnie T. His opponents, again, are an unknown entity for me. I’ve heard really good things about Emily Hayden so will be interested to see if she mixes it up with Ashley.

Switch w/ Flick vs Taylor Bellando

I hate clowns, the way their faces are hidden gives me the heebie jeebies. Switch is a masterful character in just giving you the creeps. I don’t envy Taylor Bellando for getting into the ring with a crazed madman like Switch. Good luck.

TJ Rage vs Chris Renfrew

Two big dudes leathering each other. You want a technical mat classic? Son, you ain’t getting it hear. I can see this being an utter brawl from start to finish. This will be the first time I’ll see Chris Renfrew live and really look forward to it.

Kid Fite vs Kenny Williams

A familiar match at Rock N Wrestle as Kid Fite and Kenny Williams battled at the debuting Rock N Wrestle event in Strathpeffer, on that night Kenny was successful. The next night in Forres Kenny once again defeated Fite in a triple threat that also included Liam Thomson. Kid Fite suffered an injury at ICW in Edinburgh this past Sunday so if he makes it to the event it will be interesting to see how he preforms and protect himself during the contest. Both Fite and Williams lost at the last Rock N Wrestle event with Kid Fite yet to get a win on the board. Williams was dominated by Jack Jester in the finals of the Highland Championship and will hope to get on the winning path again. I predict that this will be a fun match with shenanigans aplenty unless there’s a major turn in Kid Fite’s character and it makes him more aggressive.

Jack Jester vs BT Gunn

A match brought about by the actions of Jack Jester that took place at the venue last year. Jester terrorised the crowd in the Victoria Hotel after his loss to Timm Wylie, threatening every man, woman and child in attendance. BT Gunn has stepped up to exact some revenge on Jester for the people of Forres. The added caveat is Jack Jester is now Rock N Wrestle Highland Champion. It hasn’t been announced if the title is on the line but BT Gunn could be looking to not only exact some revenge on Jester for his behaviour in October and also take away his prized possession. The match itself will be a great one, both guys know how to play to their strengths with Jester opting for brawling and on his power whereas Gunn will be using his speed to get Jester out of sorts. Both guys are at the top of the Scottish wrestling mountain. This will be something special.

So what are you waiting for?

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