Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘Return of the Jester’


Rock N Wrestle Return of the Jester
Victoria Hotel, Forres

Forres got another taste of Rock N Wrestle as they came back for the Return of the Jester. Some new faces for the crowd and I was looking forward to seeing some of the young wrestlers coming from the PBW Academy in action. Forres was ready to see Jester get his ass kicked, did it happen? Read on!

Saqib Ali def. Aaron Echo

The opening contest saw Saqib Ali and Aaron Echo face off. All I had seen of Ali was his two minutes in ICW but dang he can wrestle. He got the crowd to hate him very quickly but being a foreign heel (he comes out with a Pakistan flag) it was a given. Aaron Echo showed a ton of potential in this one, great back and forth action. Ali took a lot of short cuts but that only made the crowd hate him more so a good job. Saqib Ali hit a curb stomp that looked to maim Echo. Cracking opener to the show.

Lou King Sharp and Donnie T w/ Ashley def. Dave Krycek and Craig Damien w/ Emily Hayden

I really enjoyed this match, I mean REALLY enjoyed this. Krycek and Damien came out with the gorgeous Emily Hayden and they were such pricks, easily establishing themselves as the bad guys. They wore matching gear which I liked as a great addition. Krycek looks like Lance Hoyt…or Vance Archer, whatever he calls himself nowadays. Next out was GTA and Lou King Sharp was in crowd-pleasing form out to have fun while Donnie wasn’t in such a jovial mood. Sharp cut a great promo before the match about how Emily had Facebook messaged him asking him out to the cinema and a McDonalds.

The story of this one was Sharp looking to have a bit of fun while Donnie was getting pissed off at Lou for joking around. They teased dissension throughout the match. Donnie and Krycek had a great exchange, easily the best I’ve seen from Donnie. Sharp got the crowd to rally behind him in great fashion. Sharp got the win with a frog splash. After the match Donnie got into Lou’s face and pushed him and Ashley who was trying to be peacemaker. Lou pushed back and attacked Donnie for laying his hands on a woman. Sharp was a big favourite in the Victoria Hotel.

TJ Rage def. Chris Renfrew

I said in the preview that this would be a brawl and as TJ Rage entered a hooded figure rushed behind and attacked him. He took off his hood to reveal Chris Renfrew. They brawled to the bar and into the crowd. Rage got the upper hand briefly before Renfrew took over again. The crowd were very much behind Rage, who personally I prefer as a face than a heel. Renfrew hit a lovely tornado snap suplex. Renfrew hit a Stoner out of knowhere but couldn’t get the three before Rage countered an irish whip into the ropes with a big spear for the win. A very fun match.

“The Bruiser” Billy Hall w/ Kid Fite def. Kenny Williams

Before the match Kid Fite entered as he was due to face Williams. Fite is gold on the mic by mocking the farmers in Forres and taking potshots at folk in the crowd. He went onto explain that as he was injured he couldn’t wrestle tonight. He then introduced his replacement in the form of “The Bruiser” Billy Hall. Hall and Fite did a great job playing the crowd, Another fun match building up to Fite interfering which allowed Hall to low blow Williams and get the tainted win.

Taylor Bellando def. Switch w/ Flick

Switch was as creepy as ever, scaring children and looking over to Toby Michaels who was working security in a tease to Switch against Crusher Craib in March. Great storytelling on Switch’s part. Taylor Bellando came out, I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get past the fact that Taylor looked about 12. This was a slow match with Taylor getting a beat down for he majority before scoring a roll up while Switch was distracted by teasing Toby about what he’s going to do with him in March. Great story but the action wasn’t the best.

Rock N Wrestle Heavyweight Championship
Jack Jester (c) def. BT Gunn

The advertised main event of the evening. Gunn was a big fan favourite and the Forres fans remembered Jester and gave him hell. Jack entered with his Rock N Wrestle trophy signifying that he is the man to beat in Rock N Wrestle. Stalling tactics to kick off before the action finally began. Both guys were on top form with Gunn pushing Jester to the limit and coming so close to winning the title. Jester finally put Gunn down with a tombstone and retaining the Championship.

Non-Title Match
BT Gunn and Asa def. Jack Jester

After the match Jester got into a fans face who was wearing a BT Gunn t-shirt. Gunn got onto the mic and called Jester a cheat and challenged to face him again. Jester said that he’d face him again as long as the fan was Gunns tag team partner. Jester offered his hand and to start again. They shook hands but Jester rushed at Gunn, Gunn then hit a big superkick on Jester and tagged in the fan to get the pin. The fans went crazy, standing up and clapping. Asa then posed for the crowd and was loving every second.

OVERALL:ย Another good show from Rock N Wrestle. They tied up the Jack Jester-Forres affair by him getting his comeuppance, they teased a future match between Lou King Sharp and Donnie T, established Chris Renfrew as a badass and also put more story into Switch and Toby Michaels. Good stuff.

I went to Rock N Wrestle with my brother Danny, he’s autistic and has learning disabilities. I took him to W3L in Elgin last year and he really enjoyed the event so as Forres isn’t that far from Elgin I took him to this show.

When the character Switch came out, I noticed that Dan started getting really into the show, laughing and clapping away and I wondered as to why. I think it was something to do with Switch and his mannerisms; he rocked back and forth, made noises and would do things like hit himself when he was angry. I think in some sort of subconscious way that Dan related to Switch. It was really interesting.

Also, we asked him after the show who his favourite wrestler was and he said Kenny Williams.

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