Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ March 2015

Discovery Wrestling returns for their second show on March 14th at the Crags Community Centre in Edinburgh. The show is mere days away so let’s take a look at what has been announced so far.

Y Division Championship Semi-Finals
Chris Sabin, Damien Daniels, Lewis Girvan and Ian Ambrose in Action

One of these four men will be champion of the Y Division and with a win here they move onto the final in April. The bracket has yet to be announced but all four from the original Y Division showcase match from back in October will be in action.

Chris Sabin has his eyes on becoming champion…

…as does Lewis Girvan…

These four have a great chemistry with each other that was evident from their match in October, which Discovery Wrestling has uploaded for our viewing pleasure;

Ambrose and Daniels will have a point to prove but will this mystery man be a factor in the contest?

Ian Ambrose and Damien Daniels Are Visited By a Stranger

Will Deviation make another appearance?

Update: Ian Ambrose and Damien Daniels Share Their Thoughts On The Y Division Chase

Wild Lions vs The Gatecrashers

The Gatecrashers debut for Discovery Wrestling, the duo of Chris Saynt and Dave Conrad are certainly a future team with plenty of upside, they face a pair of veterans. Johnny Lions and Andy Wild are no strangers to each other and teamed together for the first time in October when they faced The Traditionalists. Both Lions and Wild are getting bigger and better with plenty experience over their younger opponents. Saynt is a wise beyond his years and will have a master plan with the use of Dave Conrad, the muscle of the outfit.  This will be a very good match.

UPDATE: The Gatecrashers have attacked Johnny Lions

Sammii Jayne vs Kay Lee Ray

These two are no strangers to each other, they faced each other last year at Fierce Females battling over the Scottish Championship. Kay Lee Ray is just off a wave of momentum following TNA British Bootcamp 2 and the Maximum Impact Tour. Sammii is just getting more and more unbeatable with every match. Expect this one to be a contender for match of the night.

Will Lady Debbie Sharpe be a factor in this one after her promise to her “bestie”?

Joe Hendry Hometown Challenge

Joe Hendry…Global Hero will be out for redemption after he was almost embarrassed in the inaugural Discovery Wrestling show when he teamed with Marty Scurll to face Crime Time thanks to some matchmaking by Teddy Long.

 Danny Boy Rodgers, Aspen Faith and Lou King Sharp debut

Three great debuts along with The Gatecrashers and Kay Lee Ray, Danny Boy Rodgers is a well traveled veteran who has wrestled across the globe, Aspen Faith is The King of Catch and very confident in his own abilities and Lou King Sharp is Your Mothers Favourite Wrestler. These three are fantastic additions to an already bursting roster.

Aspen Faith is eyeing up the Y Division…

Lou King Sharp is modest as ever…

There is still time to get your tickets but if you can’t get a hold of one there might still be some tickets to their next event in April featuring the finals of the Y Division Tournament and The Young Bucks are in action!


 Discovery Wrestling

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