Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘Live at the Ironworks’ March 2015


Rock N Wrestle Live at The Ironworks

Rock N Wrestle returned to The Ironworks with guests from TNA Mr Anderson, Angelina Love and Davey Richards and also former TNA star Joe E Legend. The card was stacked as outlined in my preview. Did they have a knockout show? Read on dear reader…

Lou King Sharp, Stone Cold Bobby Roberts, Joe E Legend and Noam Dar def. Joe Hendry, Krieger, Donnie T and Saqib Ali

A fun start to the show, the exchanges between Lou King Sharp and Joe Hendry were incredible. Too much was happening to pin point certain parts but the Lou King Sharp and Donnie T story continued after their break up in Forres. Krieger showed a lot of character, didn’t see a lot of him in the ring but I would like to see more. Stone Cold Bobby Roberts was in full tilt and it was great. After a mass brawl, Roberts hit Saqib Ali with a stunner for the win. Quick paced opener with a lot going on. Post match there was a beer bash and Roberts hit a stunner on Eddie Sideburns.

Crusher Craib w/ Toby Michaels def. Switch w/ Flick

A little more action than their last meeting when Crusher murdered Switch with one boot. Craib was still in control for the majority of the match until a ref bump saw the surprise of the night, King of Catch Aspen Faith jumped over the barrier and hit Crusher with a big superkick and a hard knee to the face. He added a forearm to Toby Michaels for good measure. I’m very excited to see Faith in Rock N Wrestle and a future showdown between Crusher and Faith will be a cracking contest as already proven in WrestleZone. It wasn’t enough though as Craib just kicked out and rallied back to hit a massive big boot on Switch for the three. A really good match.

Fatal Four Way Number Contendership Match
BT Gunn def. Davey Richards, Stevie Xavier and Kenny Williams

Four guys that, by all accounts, should put on a match of the night performance. There was something missing from this match though, there were a lot of great moments with Xavier hitting awesome dives and Richards with stiff kicks all over the shop but I found the match didn’t flow, very stop-start. Two guys in, did a bit, then switched. A match that could’ve been better but it was fine overall.

Two Out Of Three Falls Match
Mr Anderson def. Kid Fite w/ Billy Hall. Two Falls to One

A surprise match stipulation addition with the two out of three falls added to the match. Kid Fite taunted the crowd before the match, Fite is gold on the mic. I liked that Billy Hall came out with Kid Fite, continuity from the previous show. Plus he was great with the crowd by taunting children then backing away when they shout back, brilliant chickenshit bad guy frolics. Before the match Fite hit Mr Anderson with the ring bell for a quick three count and from that point Mr Anderson was on the back foot. Fite went for the quick second fall but walked into a roll up to tie the score. Fite had control for the majority of the match with the crowd getting behind Mr Anderson. I really enjoyed this one with Anderson finally hitting a mic check for the winning fall.

After the match Mr Anderson lead a group of children onto the stage after saying that he was getting tired of saying his own name. It was great and I was insanely jealous. He concluded by stealing one childs glasses and walking away with the young lad chasing him to get the glasses back. A fantastic highlight to the event.

Davey Blaze w/ Charles Boddington def. Grado

The crowd was loud for this, Davey Blaze and Boddington are great bad guys. Blaze is charismatic and looks to thrive in being the bad guy. Charles Boddington is pure comedy. Grado entered to a big ovation. The crowd in the Ironworks was in full GradoMania mode. Standard comedy shenanigans here, Boddington trying to get a Davey chant to be met with nothing was funny and Grado just played the crowd fantasticly. Grado hit an amazing F5 with Davey getting thrown like something from a videogame. After a distraction Blaze rolled up Grado for the win with his feet on the ropes. Great stuff.

Angelina Love def. Lucy Cole

The crowd was a bit quiet for this one, after GradoMania it may’ve just been a worn out crowd. There was great content but I think the problem was Lucy Cole. Not her personally and not even her in ring work but her character. She’s clearly still growing and I guarantee once she finds a character that she feels comfortable with she will go far. Right now she didn’t look like a threat to Angelina Love who owned the ring and her character is so big that you have to equal that to be taken as a threat. We will see Lucy again and she will get better and better. Working with someone with the experience of Angelina Love will be so beneficial though.

Highland Championship
Jack Jester (c) def. Lionheart

The main event of the evening. Jester entered with his ICW entrance music as opposed to his previous theme, he also entered with the new Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship, it looked beautiful with a guitar on the front. I’ll put up a picture at the end of the review. Jester worked Lionheart’s neck which made sense story-wise and Lionheart sold it brilliantly. They took the fight to the crowd and up to the bar, into the crowd and even out to the box office. It was intense and fantastic. Lionheart had a great flurry comeback with a rock bottom only getting a two count. Jester finally put Lionheart away with the tombstone to end a great contest. A strong main event to end the show.

Overall:Β Another strong show from Rock N Wrestle, some misses but overall it was a great event. They announced their return in June (13th), and it’ll be another great night of wrestling. Rock N Wrestle are really making their mark in the Highlands and are becoming a must see event. Get along to the next one!

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