Preview: Rock N Wrestle ‘Wrestle Fest 2015’


I may not be attending this event due to illness but that doesn’t mean that you should miss it! So here’s a rundown of the announced matches on the agenda.

Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship
Jack Jester (c) vs BT Gunn

BT Gunn booked his place into this match after a huge win against Stevie Xavier, Kenny Williams and Davey Richards at the last Rock N Wrestle event. They’ve already faced each other over the title when they clashed in Forres in Jack Jesters first title defence. Jester won that night but Gunn had the last laugh when he laid out the champion for fan Asa Black to pin him for the 3 count. Jester will be out for revenge.

Lionheart vs Kid Fite

A clash of veterans, both are cunning and tough as old boots. The game changer could be if Fite has his protege Billy Hall in tow. Lionheart lost his debut match in Rock N Wrestle against Jack Jester, so that could be a factor also.

Grado vs Liam Thomson w/ Carmel

Grado returns to the Ironworks, last time he was on the losing end of matters against Davey Blaze. He faces, arguably, a tougher opponent in Liam Thomson. Will this continue Grado’s bad luck in Inverness, or could a win spark a run on the road to the Highland Championhip?

Aspen Faith vs Crusher Craib

After Faith tried to cost Crusher his match against Switch on March 27th, Crusher is out to boot the King of Catch back to Aberdeen. Aspen Faith is one to watch and poses a tough match for The Beast from the North East.

Crusher Craib Has A Message For Aspen Faith

Chris Renfrew Makes His Ironworks Debut

Chris Renfrew made his Rock N Wrestle debut against TJ Rage in Forres. That night, he may’ve lost but, he left an impression on the Rock N Wrestle faithful by battering Rage around the Victoria Hall.

Saqib Ali and Donnie T vs Lou King Sharp and ???

The fallout of GTA continues when Sharp and Donnie face each other again in a tag team match. Lucha DS has been vocal on Twitter about teaming with Sharp to face the SP Mafia so we’ll have to see who Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler finds.

SP Mafia Have A Message For Rock N Wrestle

JUST ADDED: “Iron Man” Joe Coffey vs Jackie Polo

Two debutants at Rock N Wrestle with two multiple time champions, both widely versed and highly lauded in Scotland as two of the best. Another huge match to an already stacked line up.

Rock N Wrestle have also been talking about a multi-man match over a 24/7 title shot. An interesting prospect which will add to an already packed event which is showcasing some of the best wrestlers in Scotland plus some of the young stars that are coming through the Scottish wrestling ranks.

Still some tickets available HERE

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