OSWtv Meets… Scott Renwick

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

I started watching wrestling as far back as I can remember (this is probably the way these interviews always begin). The first match I can remember, is a weird one, an electric chair steel cage match, can’t remember the company or the the competitors. If anybody knows of this, let me know. From that match, I started watching WWF, where I first saw Hulk Hogan, Sgt Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior, Dusty Rhodes, Macho Man, Legion of Doom, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. So many characters, larger than life men, the lights, the spectacle, everything. These guys then became my heroes, people I looked up to. That’s when I got hooked. Everytime I saw something to do with wrestling, I watched it, read it.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

For this, there were two reasons: First, I was sitting with a mate of mine, Darren Lewis, watching a WWE PPV. Half way through the show, Darren turned to me and said he wanted to train to be a wrestler. He was in Newcastle a week or two before watching a live WWE show. Going into the show, a guy gave him a leaflet for a local wrestling show and training school. He showed me the leaflet and I was interested. So, I said to him if he can find a wrestling school relatively close, I’ll go with him. We stayed up to 6am, then went to sleep. 9am Darren came into my room and said we are starting at a training school in Glasgow in April, naturally, I said “cool, now beat it, sleepy”.

The second reason. My Mum and Dad. When I was born, I was born with bilateral calopeas, known better as club feet. Many operations later, I still have a lot of troubles doing some things. Naturally, my mum and dad didn’t want me to do it. My rebellious self disagreed with them and started.Β  April 2004 I walked into SCW, only for a couple of months later the name was changed to how it’s now known as, SWA. Been part of it ever since.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

My biggest influences. Obviously, for one, all my trainers. Then guys who have helped me become who I am now. No matter if it was a day, a weekend, months, years, I’ve taking bits and pieces of everybody’s training, and became me. Starting from Conscience, Adam Shame and Eric Canyon, all the way to Big Damo, Mikey Whiplash, Jam O’Malley, Glen Dunbar, Nikki Storm. The seminars, Fergal Devitt, Paul Tracy, Jetta. So many more too. The guys I watched on TV for so many years, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena. If it weren’t for all these people and more, I wouldn’t be where I am now.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

I’ve had a lot of matches and opponents I’ve really enjoyed being in the ring with for many reasons. One match that keeps coming into my head is the main event at SWA The Gathering 3 in September 2009. It was against two of the best in Scotland Wolfgang and Lionheart for the NWA Scottish Heavyweight title. I won my first singles title in the match. It might not have been the best match a lot of people have ever seen, but it was emotional. Was a pleasure being in the ring with those guys. I got my Rocky moment.

And finally, who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

Past, Eddie Guerrero, the guy was a God. Every match I seen him in was exciting, funny, everything. I still watch a lot of his matches now. Was gutted when he died, as was a lot of people. I still do the 3 amigos in my matches as a tribute.

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