Show Report – WrestleZone ‘Live in Ellon 2015’

Filled to capacity with the Wrestlezone staff putting out extra seats right up to first bell.

It was one of those nights where you were expecting questions to be answered but found yourself asking more questions.

We kicked off with the tag team title match. This was the first time The Hotshots had wrestled together in a few months and a harder pair of opponents they couldn’t of found in The Dogs of War. Archer and Vago came out to a chorus of “hairy bikers” before the champs hit the ring to a thunderous Ellon roar. Both sides found it hard to get the upper hand with the action flowing first the DoW way then back to the Hotshots. Bryan Tucker of the Hotshots seemed to come out of the exchanges the worst as Archer and Vago pummelled the hotshot in what can only be seen as questionable tactics. When Shawn Johnson eventually got in the ring he did a bit of tidying up and with Archer more concentrated on what was happening outside the ring scored the pin for the hotshots. For a split second at the end I thought the hotshots were about to implode as Johnson held both belts aloft, but I think this was more the emotions taking over than any sort of malice on Johnsons part.

Hotshots (c) def. Dogs of War (Johnson pins Archer)

Next up the pairing of Malice and Jeeves came to the ring in their usual fashion with one obvious absentee. Kaden Garrick then hit the ring and Malice was only too happy to set Jeeves on Garrick but all that managed to do was injure Jeeves as Garrick disposed of him easily. Malice on the other hand was not so easy to dispose of. He came to the ring with a plan, which was to pick a limb and concentrate his efforts on that. The left knee of Garrick was the limb of choice and for the first 5 minutes of the bout Malice was on top until he decided to go from the second turnbuckle which Garrick avoided rolling to the side and starting his offence on the stricken Malice. Garrick was still carrying a heavy knee which was evident to see especially as he set Malice up for his spear. He dropped to the ground in pain but instead of Malice capitalising on this he slowly strolled up to Garrick picking him up but Garrick pushed Malice far enough away for a three stride spear which took Malice down and out for the three count

Kaden Garrick def. Malice (pin)

In a repeat of the Anarchy match up Damien came out to the ring to the Sterling Oil entrance music which got a chorus of boos from the crowd, in contrast when Crusher came to the ring the capacity crowd were right behind him expecting the master of pain to continue where he left off at Anarchy, however Damien looked very impressive in systematically cutting the big guy down to size and it looked like for a time that Damien had Crushers number, but Crusher is no normal being, he has proven in the past that he can take just as much pain as he can dish out and slowly put the beat down on Damien, there were even times in the match where Crusher would turn on the ref, you thought that maybe Damien had sent this man somewhere that was no good for anyone. Crusher was on the crest of getting the victory when Alan Sterling made an appearance. There was no crown, no sceptre but there was tenacity and a sense when he got in the ring to help Damien out that the real Alan Sterling had arrived. Crusher got the victory through DQ but that did not sit right with him and the disgust was plain to see.

Crusher Craib def. Damien (DQ Interference by Alan Sterling)

A well deserved break in proceedings where the Hotshots and Kaden Garrick came out for a photo and signing session although you could tell that Garrick was still nursing that left knee.

The King of Catch started off proceedings in the second half with his main squeeze Sammii Jayne. No stool in hand, no Len Ironside distraction although Lenny was in the crowd, was this the coming of age for Aspen, was his wrestling about to trump his ego. Well Mr P was about to push every button Faith had as as soon as the energetic Paterson hit the ring he made direct eye and verbal contact with Sammii Jayne trying to make the King of Catch jealous and for most of the match it was working but there is something about Faiths wrestling style that is just a leap above everyone else, but on this occasion a Sammii Jayne interference back fired on Faith. Sammii grabbed Mr P’s leg and it looked like P was going in for the smacker on the lips however Faith pushed him out of the way and the smacker on the lips was all his, Mr P’s quick thinking rolled Faith over for the three count and an unexpected win.

Mr P def. Aspen Faith (pin)

The Sterling Oil music hit, the boos heralded out of the Ellon crowd and Alan Sterling appears from behind the screen, but not the Lord Alan Sterling that we have been used to seeing the past year, no this was Alan Sterling stripped bare, this was Alan Sterling reborn…this was one scarily single minded focused Alan Stirling and first up was a very upset Blue Thunder, he shouted at Sterling “your brother sent you out to do his dirty work for him” obviously Thunder was still cut up about William Sterling stabbing him in the back at Anarchy. Thunder came out fast but erratic while Sterling was slow and focused, something we had not seen from Sterling in a number of years, he methodically took Thunder apart and scored the win via pinfall, enter William Sterling with chair in hand, Thunder at this time was spark out in the middle of the ring, the crowd hurled abuse at Sterling as he made his way around the ring. Alan Sterling placed the head of Thunder on a steel chair and William entered the ring he uttered the phrase “I have been waiting to do this for a long time” however Crusher stormed the ring and the Sterlings retreated. A dazed and confused Blue Thunder staggered to his feet, there was no spring in his step, no fan interaction it was as if the life force had been sucked out of him.

Alan Sterling def. Blue Thunder (pin)

Main event time and the expectant Ellon crowd were starting to get noisy as first the challenger entered and he looked pumped, Tenacious Johnny Lions is one of these wrestlers that yes you hate but know you are going to get a great match out of, his banter with the fans, his belief in his abilities and not forgetting a two time WZ Champion so a tough test for The Red Haired Warrior. As soon as Sinister Rouge hit the PA there was only one Wrestler the fans wanted to see, Scotty Swift came out with an added bounce and a few pounds heavier, as he bounded around the ring greeting his fans there was still no title on show but as he entered the ring and derobed the extra weight was there to be seen and it did look good around Aberdeens finest. This was actually a really good wrestling match, the tenacity of Lions and the in ring ability of Swift went together like a cheese toasty. It was plain to see from the start the Lions was not there just to make up the numbers and made Scotty work hard, but it is a wise head on those shoulders, Swift has never been a man to under estimate any man especially someone as dangerous as the Tenacious one, several attempts by Swift to plunge Johnny where countered by the Tenacious one and there was even a point where everyone thought that Scotty had been put to sleep as it looked like his arm hit the canvas three times but no, Swift powered out and started getting the upper hand and finally the Plunge was converted and the 1…2…3 ended the first defence and a huge sigh of relief and energy pop from the fans was heard, but as fans made for the door Sterling Oil appeared from the front door. Damien walked down to the ring with the Sterling boys behind him and they circled the ring, but just as Sterling Oil were about the enter the ring and take the champ out the WZ roster emptied in to the ring, The Hotshots, Garrick, Mr P and Crusher stood side by side with the Champ and it was a plain statement by the Champ…you want some…come and get some…

Scotty Swift (c) def. Johnny Lions (pin)

All in all a fantastic show, storylines moved on, new ones starting and generally a great feeling for this year, with Foley coming in November it is a good time to be following wrestling.

Bad point of the night was the amount of people who left before the end and never got to see the Sterling Oil feature, but that is Aberdeen for you always to eager to beat the traffic.

Good point of the night and some of you may be surprised with this but welcome back Alan Sterling, wrestler of the evening for me, no gimmick, but one hell of a wrestler and I look forward to see him grow this year and see how far he can go.

And lastly my “just putting it out there”…Sterling Oil are one man short, let me be the first to say Shawn Johnson may be that guy, just my opinion but watch this space…

See you at Proving Ground

– Sandy Gibson

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