Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ July 2015

Discovery Wrestling July 2015
Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh
31st July 2015

Discovery Wrestling are back on July 31st with a huge show after their May event was cancelled due to venue issues. They’ve already got a promising show on the way, Chris Sabin was originally due to defend his newly won Y Division Title but injury has left him out of action.

Chris Hero comes to Scotland to face Iron Man Joe Coffey in a match that promises to test both mens ridiculously high endurance. I can see this one going all the way and it might just be who slips first for the other to get the three count or submission.

Viper is out to get a measure of revenge on Team BAE after requesting a handicap match to take out her frustrations on Lady Debbie and Sammii. This will be a vicious one if Viper has her way.

Grado finally makes his way to Discovery Wrestling after numerous false starts, the current TNA star will be looking to make an immediate IMPACT on the Y Division.

The biggest rematch in Scotland is due to take place at Portobello Town Hall when Damo O’Connor looks to take back his loss to Rampage Brown. These two heavyweights will leave it all in the ring, the ringside area and possibly even backstage as the beasts battle.

Also on the show will be a match originally scheduled for the May event, Fight Club vs Wild Lions. Unfortunately, Liam Thomson is injured so Discovery Wrestling have allowed Kid Fite to pick his new partner. Word is, Fite’s partner is nuts.

A new attitude has lead to the one time favourite Mikey to strip himself of that name and be reborn as Michael Chase. With a new name and new outlook, we will see a fantastic match between him and “The Best Young Wrestler” Lewis Girvan. Girvan will still be stinging over his loss to Chris Sabin in the final of the Y Division Title Tournament.

Just added a huge fatal four way which will have ramifications regarding the Y Division Title.

If that wasn’t enough, Local Hero Joe Hendry has put out a Hometown Challenge to anyone to face him. Hopefully it won’t backfire on the Burger Eatin’, Cheese Singin’, Innocent Smoothie Drinkin’, Body of a Saint, Mind of a Sinner, No Matter What Happens, He’s Always a Winner mmmmmJoe Hendry. Local Hero.

I may have got side tracked there.

More announcements are to come and tickets are available so keep an eye on the Discovery Wrestling Facebook page and go buy a ticket while you still can!

Announced So Far:
Joe Coffey vs Chris Hero
Kid Fite and ??? vs Wild Lions (Andy Wild and Johnny Lions)
Damo O’Connor vs Rampage Brown
Michael Chase vs Lewis Girvan
Viper vs Team BAE (Sammii Jayne and Lady Debbie Sharpe)
Joe Hendry Hometown Challenge
Lionheart vs BT Gunn vs Christopher Saynt vs Danny Boy Rodgers
Grado Finally Debuts

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