Show Report – WrestleZone ‘Battle of the Nations 2015’


Another great evening put on by WrestleZone, one which at points in the evening were more in the hands of the Gods than WrestleZone management.

First up was the Tag Team elimination match where The Hotshots put their titles up for grabs against two newly formed teams in Kaden Garrick and Mr. P and the more unusual team put together at the last minute by WrestleZone management Chris Archer and Lord Mr. Malice.

From the off it was plain to see that Archer was not amused at his choice of partner as he took the match to both The Hotshots and Garrick/Mr. P by himself but a sly tag brought Malice into the ring and with the blink of an eye it was over for Malice and Archer, in truth Malice took longer getting to the ring than he did in the ring. So both face teams were left in the ring and truth be told the expecting crowd did not have a clue what to do, the chants went from one team to another as each team dominated at different points in the match. It was a great bit of thinking by Mr. P and a thunderous spear by Garrick that ended the fourth reign of The Hotshots and new Tag Team champions. There was a fine show of respect by The Hotshots at the end as they congratulated the new champs on their victory.

For me the next match was one I had been looking forward to but was left a wee bit disappointed as it mostly took place out the ring in the bar as Thunder knocked William Sterling from wall to wall, bar to bar as this was an all out brawl. WrestleZone security tried to get the match back to the ring but ended up sprawled across the floor as tempers flared. When the action got to the ring the damage was done, Sterling low blowed Thunder and the cheap victory was handed to Thunder as Sterling squirmed away.

Alan Sterling was up next as he tried to continue is great form with a victory over WrestleZone big guy Crusher Craib. Sterling has been calculated and ruthless in the months after Anarchy so there were some scratching their head why Crusher, why the biggest, baddest man on the roster. Craib hit Sterling with some huge shots, any other mere mortal would of crumbled at the shots but Sterling was able to withstand the beatings and hit back with his own shots as he took the giant down one leg at a time and with the giant on the deck the Assassin got to work taking Crusher apart. This seemed to enrage Crusher and small mistakes were made which Sterling capitalised on and with one huge move Crusher was dropped on his head and 3 seconds later Sterlings hand was held aloft. The Northern Hotel fell silent, for so long the Standard Bearer of WrestleZone, slain by The Cerebral Alan Sterling…things had changed in WrestleZone and not for the good of the roster.

We had a well deserved break where the new Tag Team Champs were out and about for photos and signings.

And then into the second half of the show where we had three very different matches.

British Wrestling Ambassador Doug Williams was next up and what a size this bloke was. His legs were the size of my waist and he was built. Johnny Lions is no small guy though and has the skills to counter most wrestling styles and is as close to the complete wrestler that WrestleZone has, what happened next was a master class in wrestling styles as move after move was countered and Lions and Williams showed exactly what British wrestling was all about. I have only ever seen one match like it when William Regal and Chris Benoit went at it at the Brian Pillman tribute match there is nothing better than watching two wrestlers get the best out of each other. Just as it looked that Lions was going to get the win coming off the top Williams popped up and launched Lions off the top rope and went high himself dropping a big knee for the 1…2…3, however it did not end there. Doug Williams is more than a wrestler, he is a genuine nice guy who gives plaudits when it is earned and for him to offer his hand to Lions was a mark of the man…the mark of respect though came from Lions as he took Williams hand and for probably the first time in The Tenacious One’s career was cheered from the ring.

The first ever WrestleZone mix gender match pitted Aspen Faith and Sammi Jayne against Nikki Storm and Grado and was a really good entertaining match. Nikki Storm was making her WrestleZone debut and paired with Scottish Wrestling Icon Grado made a decent team. Faith and Jayne however are no pushovers and I am sure if not for his huge ego Faith would be in the title hunt. Nikki Storm showed why she is the self proclaimed best wrestler in the universe as she took Sammi to school but Sammi did not get where she is with looks alone, she can wrestle and distraction from the outside let her tag in Aspen and Grado was brought in. Back and forth the match went with Grado playing to the crowd as Aspen was left as an undercard to the Icon. However the end of the match was not what the crowd expected as Faith took out Grado and Storm blasted Faith allowing Sammi Jayne to sneak in and roll up with a grab of the tights and a win for the King and Queen of Catch. Although disappointed Grado and Storm entertained the crowd and was appreciated by the expectant crowd.

From the moment Damien stepped through the curtain you got that icky feeling that something just was not right and then when Scotty Swift came through the curtain there was something different. There was no real razzmatazz, the fun Scotty was morphed into the serious Scotty, his first opportunity to exorcise the Anarchy demons and there was going to be no distractions…then boom. Both men through their complete arsenal of moves on the other, inside the ring , outside the ring, in the crowd, down the aisle there was no place left untouched. Before the match had even started Damien dropped Scotty on his back outside the ring on the wooden floor which Scotty struggled to get up from and get in the ring and this played into the Revolutionaries hands. Although hurt Scotty was not out and gave as good as he got but you just got the feeling that Damien was more intent in hurting Scotty than winning the title…Damien brought a chair into the ring which Scotty took from him…Damien then started to get in Scotty’s face, trying to get the champ to hit him with the chair, the title was no longer on Damien’s mind, it was as if the challenger wanted the champ to come down to his level and that he did…a swift (no pun intended) chair to the gut and the match was over…Sterling Oil piled out from the back but Scotty still had the equaliser and kept them out of the ring, but a masked man came from behind and this was the destruction that Sterling Oil needed as like a pack of wolves they mauled at Swift, chair shot after chair shot and then the unveiling of the masked man…Richard R Russell was back, the Sterling Oil tactician was back pulling the strings and suddenly everything fell into place…The Hotshots did come out to help Scotty but the numbers game was too much…Sterling Oil left the ring when the wanted to, the Northern Hotel let out a thunderous roar of disapproval as Sterling Oil left the building back in the ring Swift and The Hotshots along with 300 fans were left thinking WHAT THE HELL??

Also announced during the night by Management Representative Chris McDonald was the return of Wrestlezone to the Beach Ballroom with Anarchy 2016, can they do it 4 years in a row…tickets on sale 1st September and there should be a scramble for tickets.

So onto Inverurie and what a main event…WrestleZone management were quick to react with a three man tag match Sterling Oil vs Swift and The Hotshots…should be another killer match.

Just remember folks these are the ramblings of The Sandman with no connection to anyone within WrestleZone.

– Sandy Gibson

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