Show Report – WrestleZone ‘Live in Inverurie 2015’

Β The Battle of Inverurie

Strange title for this…then read on. The talent of WrestleZone hit the Town Hall in Inverurie this past Friday night, a mere six days after Battle of Nations. There was a murmur around the crowd on whether Scotty Swift would be able to take his place in the main event due to the fact he was missing from the Union Terrace Gardens gig for the Celebrate Aberdeen Weekend.

Once again it was a capacity crowd, the first time back in two years and what a return to Inverurie by WrestleZone, but while other wrestling companies are bringing in the stars from abroad to sell their shows, the Aberdeen faithful were there in their hundreds to see their home grown talent. Ever since Anarchy there has been an edge in everything WrestleZone does, from the Crusher/Damien match to Scotty Swift becoming champion and then the reforming of Sterling Oil. Then the unveiling of Richard R Russell at Battle of Nations and the mayhem that followed, yes family action with an edge…and I like it…

So onto the show and a great bout to start with as one half of the Tag Team Champions Kaden Garrick took on one half of Dogs of War…or is it The Rejects? Ah let’s just call them The Hairy Bikers, Chris Archer. The strength of Garrick and the agility of Archer should of made for a great match…and it did. Archer is a special type of wrestler, takes a lot for a small guy and gives it back ten fold and he certainly done that to Garrick. Early on in the match Garrick was thrown into the ring post and this slowed the big small man down and Archer started to systematically take the Champ apart. The pain in the arm was plain to see and Garrick’s game plan had changed and for a time was no match for Archer. However, Garrick did not get where he was by giving in and found away around Archer’s constant pressure, a one armed clothesline followed by a toss to the corner set Archer up for the spear and boom it was over, I do not think this is the end of the story and Archer has a lot to offer not only the tag team scene but the singles scene as well. As for Garrick a fine victory and didn’t he look good with gold around him.

Lord Mr Malice was up next as he took on a wrestler on the up in fan favourite Blue Thunder. Off the back of his Battle of Nations performance, Thunder lost ground to Malice in the early part of the match but eventually got on top of the situation, lording it up over Malice and started having fun something that Thunder has been missing the past few months. Victory was swift once Thunder got in his groove. For the first time in months Thunder was able to walk around the ring giving the fans what they wanted…their masked hero back to his best, doing what he does best, entertaining the masses.

Next up were the other pairings in these two tag teams as Mikkey Vago, back from injury, took on the bringer of chaos and one half of the Tag Team Champions Mr P. For a number of months now Mr P’s popularity has grown and grown and is arguably second to only Scotty Swift in the fan pop factor. Whether singles or tag the man is entertaining with a brand of wrestling that can only be described as chaotic and it works. Mikkey Vago since coming into WrestleZone has pretty much been in the shadow of Chris Archer but there is a decent wrestler there as he gave P a darn good fight. Vago showed the fans what he is all about, he took Mr. P to the limit and really should of taken the match but P, as always, pulls something out of nothing and a superb sunset flip ended the contest and victory to Mr P.

When these two teams come together it is going to be fireworks, something the tag division certainly needs with everything else going on at WrestleZone.

The Tag Champs were out at the break for a signing session and what a pair they are. Every single kid that queued to get a photo, a signature or a cuddle were not left unhappy.

Up next were two behemoths of WrestleZone, two former champions and Anarchy main eventers, The Man Monster and Creator of Carnage, Crusher Craib going up against the “Tenacious” Johnny Lions. Both lost their matches at Battle of Nations but while Lions came out of Nations with respect Crusher however came out of Nations with questions. The big man took very little time putting the beat down on Lions as he tried to put behind him the nightmare at the Northern Hotel but Lions took everything Crusher threw at him and came back with his own offence targeting the neck of Craib and making the beast look mortal, but you mock the big guy at your peril and with Lions on the verge of victory it was Crusher who ended the contest with the Big Boot. However, unlike most of Crushers matches, Lions was able to look Crusher square in the eye before departing.

Cysto #1 was next up in what was meant to be a match up with Aspen Faith, but due to Cysto’s infatuation with Sammii Jayne, Faith ordered Sammii Jayne to take his place in the match. In truth it was a well matched fight with both Cysto and Sammii having their moments but having the King of Catch at ringside always had the tie in the favour of Sammii. A springboard elbow was enough to end things as Sammii covered Cysto for the 1…2…3 and end a great seven days for Sammii and Aspen.

And on to the big one, since the announcement of the tag match with Sterling Oil against Swift and the Hotshots everyone was saying justice is about to be served. Sterling Oil came to the ring to a chorus of boys. They entered the ring and Sterling Oil’s advocate Richard R Russell grabbed the mic to let us know who he was, what he had done and how our local heroes had let us down. The Hotshot’s entrance paid end to the talking and as Scotty Swift hit the arena very much bandaged around the torso all hell broke lose in Inverurie…all six men took it out the ring, into the crowd, into the concessions bodies were thrown into walls, tables, buckets you name it, it was used. There was an altercation between Triple R and management rep Chris McDonald, this match had it all. Even little Swifty was involved as Scotty’s number one fan took a Sterling boot to the leg.

Eventually we were in the ring, Swift and Damien went at it but interference from Triple R spilled over to the outside again and it was Bryan Tucker who got the worst of the beatings. Tucker eventually made the tag to his partner and Johnson took it to “The Cerebral” Alan Sterling but with Tucker down and out and Scotty not fully fit Sterling Oil systematically took Swift and Johnson apart and a devastating DDT from Alan Sterling on Johnson ended the match in a Sterling Oil the victory

The beat-down continued on the trio after the bell leaving Scotty and The Hotshots motionless in the ring. Alan Sterling stood over Scotty with the championship belt in his hand and let Scotty know that he was next…

What can I say…family action with an edge…bring on Banchory.

– “The Sandman” Sandy Gibson

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