Review: Rock N Wrestle ‘King of the North’

I had ventured to Forres to see Rock N Wrestle once again, I was gutted to miss their last outing in Inverness and was keen to make sure I made it to this one. The King of the North tournament made its debut and it was certainly an interesting affair. If you haven’t read the previewย I added win/loss records for each of the King of the North competitors. I will continue to keep track of the win/loss records in Rock N Wrestle for all the competitors. Their current win/loss following the match will be in brackets next to their name.

But enough ska, let’s take a look at the show…I have copied the results layout from Wrestle Ropes for ease, click on that handy little blue link and find all the latest UK match announcements and results.

King Of The North 2015: Quarter Final โ€“ Kid Fite (1-5) defeated Aaron Echo (0-3) by Pinfall to advance to the King Of The North tournament semi-final

Kid Fite and Aaron Echo kicked off Rock N Wrestle’s return to Forres in impressive fashion. Fite was taunting “the farmers” in the crowd while Echo go the crowd behind him from the offset. Echo is one to watch for sure. During the match he hit a standing moonsault, though not the prettiest, it was incredible to see a guy of his size to even attempt it. Kid Fite had to deal with a large amount of baldy chants, now, as folically challenged individual I could see why Fite was getting a little bit upset and taking it out on Aaron Echo. Fite finished the match with a brutal arm-trap DDT to register his first win at Rock N Wrestle and move on the semi finals.

King Of The North 2015: Quarter Final โ€“ BT Gunn (6-3) defeated Saqib Ali (2-3) by Pinfall to advance to the King Of The North tournament semi-final

Our next match was big fan favourite BT Gunn against Saqib Ali. Gunn brought a lot of energy to an already loud crowd. Ali hit a blistering curb stop during the match which turned Gunn inside out, which was great to watch for a close two count. Gunn made relatively quick work of Saqib but Ali got plenty of offense to show what he can do. Good balanced contest.

King Of The North 2015: Quarter Final โ€“ TJ Rage (3-2) defeated Donnie T (2-5) by Pinfall to advance to the King Of The North semi-final

Probably the weakest match of the night in my opinion. Donnie T looked a little lost in the ring. Rage kept the action going but it was a bit slow. Great finish though with TJ planting Donnie with a hard powerbomb to move onto the semi-final. Not much more to add.

Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship โ€“ Jack Jester (5-2) defeated Lou King Sharp (2-5) by Pinfall to retain the Rock N Wrestle Highland Championship

After Rage-Donnie, Lou King Sharp entered and challenged Jack Jester to defend the Highland Championship right now. Jester entered and didn’t look too pleased with Sharp calling him out. He didn’t even say a word as a referee appeared in the ring. The match was on!

A great moment at the start when Jester noticed Asa Black, the young fan whoย pinned him at Return of the Jester, Jesters eyes widened and he pointed at Asa telling security to watch him. A great piece of continuity and story. This was a Forres Massacre as Jester tortured Sharp, battering Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler, throwing him into the barriers with tremendous force. Breaking up his own count so he could punish Sharp more. Lou had a late comeback, knocking Jester off his feet before missing a frog splash. A big tombstone later and he was Lou King Dead. Great match to round off the first half of the show with Lou looking like the plucky underdog to Jester’s no-nonsense killer.

King Of The North 2015: Quarter Final โ€“ The Belovedย Krycek (0-1-1) vs Tam The Ram (0-1-1) ended in a Double Count-Out. Neither man advanced in the King Of The North tournament. Kid Fite was given a bye into the tournament final

I’m not going to lie, much with The Bulgarian Baker, if I can make puns during the match it is always going to be an enjoyable one. I was already looking forward to this as Tam entered to Hooked On A Feeling. Brawling was on the cards here but Tam didn’t mince about when it came to using his power on the big man Krycek. Eventually they found themselves brawling on the outside and through the building. After they were counted out it was announced that Kid Fite would automatically go to the final on a bye.

Fun match, Tam The Ram is a big stocky fellow, first time I’ve seen him wrestle and he had a good match with Krycek, whom I saw in tag team action last time. A good addition to the Rock N Wrestle roster.

King Of The North 2015: Semi Final โ€“ BT Gunn (7-3) defeated TJ Rage (3-3) by Pinfall to advance to the King Of The North tournament final

This started off with the two shaking hands as a mark of respect. Gunn got the upper hand which saw TJ snap by delivering a quick kick to the stomach. Taking control of the match and overpowering BT. Gunn hit an absolutely stunning missile dropkick from the top rope, it was a beauty. A couple big superkicks and an Angle Slam later, BT Gunn reached the final of the King of the North tournament. Post match, BT offered his hand to Rage who responded by attacking his foe and treating him to several chairshots to leave Gunn laying. Shouting that if he couldn’t win then neither could BT.

Gunn, in his second, match of the evening put on an enjoyable encounter with TJ Rage, who was also in his second match. Plenty of action.

Tam The Ram and Krycek returned from their brawling adventure, only to be told that they were no longer in the tournament. Tam pleaded his case but Steve Robertson declined as security helped Krycek from the ring.

King Of The North 2015: Final โ€“ BT Gunn (8-3) defeated Kid Fite (1-6) by Pinfall to win the King Of The North 2015 tournament

Kid Fite entered, announcing himself the winner of the King of the North and demanding that Steve (Robertson, owner of Rock N Wrestle), comes to the ring to declare him the winner. Fite was interrupted by Gunn’s music and out came The Oddity, clutching his ribs after the assault by TJ Rage. A fight broke out as ringside as Fite pushed Gunn’s back into the ring apron over and over. Fite kept the pressure on the prone Gunn as the crowd got behind him, A superkick finally lead towards BT Gunn getting the victory and winning the King of the North tournament to the delight of the crowd.

Fun match, two big characters in Rock N Wrestle with the crowd loving BT Gunn and loving to hate Kid Fite. It was a match made in heaven.

Overall: A good show, couple niggles that are more personal preference like I’d like to see the ring announcer doing less ad-libbing and bantering with the crowd (less, not none completely) as it sounded stuttery when he spoke on the mic and lost his flow. No trophy presented or something to signify BT Gunnย winning King of the North, again is something that’s personal preference that I would’ve liked to see but didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the show. A fun night of action with plenty of parts that I liked. I like seeing BT Gunn being a focal part of the show and having him compete three times, with the crowd being receptive each time. I love Kid Fite’s interaction with the audience, he’s such a git. Jack Jester was in no mood to play with the crowd which was also enjoyable as he was all business, mercilessly picking apart Lou King Sharp. Some of the guys are very young but showing tonnes of potential of growth. Aaron Echo certainly along with Tam The Ram.

Next time I’ll see Rock N Wrestle will be their next event, WinterSlam which takes place at The Ironworks in Inverness on December 11th.

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