Preview: WrestleZone ‘Live in Huntly 2015’

The final stop before Mike Foley arrives for Christmas Chaos (Comes Early), WrestleZone head to Stewarts Hall in Huntly in what promises to be a tense night as we are on the cusp of chaos. Six matches have been announced with stipluations that could change everything. It’s Bonfire Night and there will certainly be fireworks!

Debbie Sharpe makes her official WrestleZone debut taking on someone that she is no stranger to, whether it’s as her “BAE” or rival across the ring, Sharpe and Sammii Jayne are the Ying to the others Yang. A win will help their respective teams on November 14th gain a bit of momentum for the Beach Leisure Centre showdown. They’ve faced each other numerous times elsewhere and I would expect a great match, with Lewis Girvan not announced to appear, Sharpe will have to keep an eye out for Aspen Faith and Sammii Jayne looking to get any advantage for Christmas Chaos.

Momentum is a key theme of the show with every competitor looking to get the win to build up some steam towards Christmas Chaos, two men that need it more than ever are The Rejected’s Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago, they have to win both their respective matches to get a shot at the Tag Team Champions, Mr P and Kaden Garrick, Team PG (my self appointed name for the team) on November 14th. The added caviate is that Kaden Garrick has not been pinned in WrestleZone as far as I am aware, so Chris Archer will need to dive into his bag of tricks if he looks to get past Garrick.

Aspen Faith, along with Sammii Jayne, faces “The Best Young Wrestler” Lewis Girvan, with Debbie Sharpe, on November 14th. In Huntly he faces Shawn Johnson, who he recently defeated in Faith’s #BeatTheBlue mission. Shawn Johnson will be keeping a lookout for his opponent on November 14th, Lord Mr Malice along with his bumbling manservant, Jeeves Winchester. Both men will see this one as a tune up but a loss here could seriously affect their Christmas Chaos performance.

Two huge matches have been signed for WrestleZone in Huntly with previews for November 14th. Blue Thunder has been cleared to compete and will get his hands on William Sterling, with their Christmas Brawl on the horizon, don’t expect this to be a wrestling classic, the bad blood is at a boiling point between the former Tag Team Champions and this will only be a snippet of what is to come at Christmas Chaos.

The main event six man tag team match includes five men that have tasted WrestleZone Undisputed Title gold, with current champion, Scotty Swift, teaming up with one of his Christmas Chaos opponents, Crusher Craib, and possibly one of his future challengers, Bryan Tucker. They face two members of Sterling Oil, Alan Sterling and Damien, who team up with Damien’s former Revolution stablemate “Tenacious” Johnny Lions. Damien and Lions will face each other (along with Bryan Tucker) on November 14th to crown a number one contender for Summerhill Showdown so it will be interesting to see how the former Tag Team Champions interact.

WrestleZone managment have certainly put together an event that promises to be a night to remember, explosive showdowns and a sneak peak at what is to come at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early).

Matches Announced:
Sammii Jayne vs Debbie Sharpe
Blue Thunder vs William Sterling
Aspen Faith vs Shawn Johnson
Chris Archer vs Kaden Garrick
Mikkey Vago vs Mr P
Bryan Tucker, Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib vs Alan Sterling, Damien and Johnny Lions

Information via

Doors Open 7pm First Bell 7.30pm

TICKETS: Entry is pay-at-the-door only, priced ยฃ12 for adults and ยฃ10 for under 14s. Please note there are no advance tickets for this event.

: Stewartโ€™s Hall is located in Huntlyโ€™s High Street. There is disabled access to the venue, and there is both pay-and-display and on-street parking available in the area.

: AB54 8AJ

Stagecoach Bluebird Services 10 & X10 leaves Aberdeenโ€™s Union Square and stop near to the venue. The last bus to Aberdeen leaves the Square in Huntly at 22:43.

Scotrail train services between Aberdeen and Inverness stop in Huntly. The last train back to Aberdeen leaves Huntly Train Station at 22:51. The train station is a short walk from the venue.

MORE INFORMATION: Available by phoning 07855 121777 and leaving a message.

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