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Discovery Wrestling have put up their latest event on YouTube. Current TNA star Mark Andrews debuts in Discovery Wrestling, there was Championship implications and announcements for 2016. I’ve copied the results from Wrestle Ropes, go and check out all the latest results from all over the UK courtesy of Wrestle Ropes.

Darren T Goss and Randy Valentine kick off the show, these guys work really well together. Natural chemistry, Darren T (T for Tremendous) Goss is so smug and Valentine speaks with such passion. They run down the card for the show.

“Broadcast Analyst” Darren T Goss comes to the ring to start the celebration for Christopher Saynt. Goss runs down Saynt’s accomplishments in Discovery Wrestling including being number one contender to Chris Sabin’s title and winning the 5 Star Wrestling interpromotional battle royal.

Goss has a surprise for Saynt. Wagner appears on the screen and sings a song for Christopher Saynt…which is met by awkward silence from Saynt. Saynt grabs the mic and runs down Chris Sabin for not being here to defend his title.

Chris Sabin interupts on the screen, he announces that there will be an Interim Champion while he heals up. He tells Saynt that he will get his chance against Sabin’s hand picked opponent, “The Best Young Wrestler in the World” Lewis Girvan. Saynt is enraged as Goss bails the ring.

– Interim Y Division Championship –
Lewis Girvan defeated Christopher Saynt by Pinfall

Darren T Goss is flustered on commentary, calling the venue the Ricky Morton Hall, which was brilliant. Girvan was more aggressive in this one, dominating Saynt in the early going until Saynt threw Girvan into the ring post, shoulder first. It became more even after that with both getting chances to snatch victory. Girvan seals the win with a double foot stomp onto Saynt’s hunched back. A very enjoyable encounter to start the event.

‘The Juggernaut’ Dave Conrad defeated Deviation by Count-Out

Deviation looks at his hand a lot, power moves to start with Deviation until Conrad starts taking shots to the knee to wear down the monster. Another even contest but rather slow. Conrad did a lot of the work in this one, Deviation is robot of some sort as he wasn’t even showing any effects of Conrad’s moves. Deviation seems to only have five moves, a claw, corner clotheslines, picking up the opponent over the shoulder ramming them into the turnbuckle…that’s 3.

Conrad rakes Deviation’s eyes while outside the ring at the count of 9, then slides back into the ring for the count out win. Deviation put the claw on the referee after the match then attacked the security with 2 of his 3 moves.

I’m not a fan of Deviation. Especially as he’s wearing his Timm Wylie trunks and boots. He also looks knackered only minutes into the match.

This wasn’t great, Dave Conrad looked good and with an opponent that will do more he will excel.

– Y Division Four-Way –
Michael Chase defeated Aspen Faith, Lou King Sharp & Chris Archer by Pinfall

This is the match I was looking forward to the most. Lou King Sharp grabs the mic and declares that he’s not well, I didn’t catch the rest but got his great self-introduction which was interrupted by Michael Chase and Chris Archer throwing him out of the ring, Faith soon followed as Chase and Archer started the match, keeping the action in the ring. The focus to start off was Sharp trying to get in the ring but every time he tried Chase dropkicked him out. The Y Division action starts with Chase throwing himself over the top rope onto Faith and Archer. The eliminations are fast after this, Sharp pins Archer after a Sweet Chin Music, Sharp was next eliminated by Michael Chase after a flatliner, leaving just Aspen Faith and Chase. The match picked up from here as Faith and Chase knocked lumps out of each other. Chase got the win with a springboard splash.

Elimination Order: Chris Archer by Lou King Sharp (Pinfall), Lou King Sharp by Michael Chase (Pinfall) and Aspen Faith by Michael Chase (Pinfall)

This was a bit of a mess. There was some great moments but overall it wasn’t as good as these four are capable of in my opinion, it didn’t seem to click and the crowd didn’t sound into it either.

‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey defeated ‘White Lightning’ Mark Andrews by Pinfall

This was a great match, Joe Coffey got to show off his power with amazing maneuvers including a swinging butterfly suplex which looked lovely. Mark Andrews added in some athleticism and high flying into this even contest. Coffey wasn’t to be outdone as he threw in a springboard crossbody for good measure. Coffey narrowly kicked out of a standing corkscrew moonsault by Mandrews. Coffey went into another gear with plenty counters leading to the deadlift German Suplex for a close two count. Andrews missed a shooting star press but landed on his feet but a was knocked inside out with a left arm lariat. Coffey looked great in this match, really showcasing what he can do. Coffey is still undefeated in Discovery Wrestling, would love to see him and Lewis Girvan go at it over the Interim Y Division Title.

Joe Coffey gave Mandrews props after the match and shook hands. Great match.

‘Global Hero’ Joe Hendry defeated Grado by Pinfall

Joe Hendry attacked Grado during his entrance in the ring. Hendry sent his “adopted son” Lou King Sharp to the back. Joe Hendry wasn’t putting up with Grado’s shenanigans, using his strength and didn’t look to be in a playful mood. Punishing Grado with hard Irish whips and slams. Hendry stopped a Grado comeback with a beautiful snap DDT, whipping Grado over like it was a video game move. Grado almost stole the win with an GraDO outta knowhere but it was only a two count. Grado picked up steam with the the bionic elbow and roll’n’slice, setting up for the Wee Boot. Hendry countered but ate a Rock Bottom. Lou King Sharp rang the bell to distract Grado and the referee, long enough for Hendry to low blow and roll up Grado for the win.

A fun match, got to see a more wrestling side of Grado. Joe Hendry is fantastic and his interactions with Lou King Sharp are brilliant.

Grado got on the microphone afterwards and challenged Joe Hendry and Lou King Sharp for the next Discovery Wrestling event on February 18th against him and a partner of his choosing. He chose, ECW Original and Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer. Discovery Wrestling have since confirmed it’s going to happen.

The Bae Club (Sammii Jayne & Debbie Sharpe) defeated ‘The Best In The Galaxy’ Nikki Storm & Bete Noire by Pinfall

Sammii and Debbie stalled to start off with. Storm and Noire were having nothing to do with BAE Club’s nonsense. Noire hit a beautiful T-Bone suplex onto Debbie. The crowd were loud for all things Nikki Storm. BAE Club took control with a shortcut, cutting off half of the ring and not allowing Nikki to make the tag. Storm fought back, going for the tag only for Bete Noire to drop down and leaving the ringside area. BAE Club mauled Nikki Storm and finished her with a facebuster/codebreaker combination, which looked brutal.

Another good match, BAE Club are just so cocky that you need to see them get beaten but they always find a way to get a win, this time through luck as Bete Noire decided to leave Nikki Storm to the wolves and they pounced. The double team finisher was the exclamation point on a beating.

We got to see a recap of Damian O’Connor-Rampage Brown feud leading into the Last Man Standing match.

– Last Man Standing –
‘The Beast Of Belfast’ Damian O’Connor defeated Rampage Brown

This started as a brawl, like a last man standing match should. Damo slammed Rampage onto the merch table, just picked him up like he was nothing in a show of brute strength. Both men just beat lumps out of each other to keep the other down for 10. Damo countered a piledriver attempt and flipped Rampage over onto the wooden floor, which sounded painful. Every move that was hit was full of impact including Damo hitting a superplex which sent a shiver down my spine as it shook Rampage Brown’s.

Rampage turned the tide and focused on Damo’s neck, aiming to set up for the piledriver. Thrusting a chair onto the back of Damo’s neck, his attack was rampant. Back suplexes, boots, elbows, clubbing blows all focused on one area, the neck. Finally landing the piledriver, which looked brutal. Damo just made it up, just for Rampage to start clubbing Damo’s head which saw the whipping of O’Connors neck against the canvas. It was uncomfortable to watch.

Damo found an opening, landing a big senton splash but Rampage got up, barely. Damo hit an Ulster Plantation for an 8 count. O’Connor tried to go for a Coast to Coast but Rampage grabbed Damo from the top rope for a huge Samoan Drop. Rampage leveled Damo with a sick unprotected chair shot, which still couldn’t keep the Irishman down. Damo threw the chair and hit a Bann River Boot to Rampage’s face, another Ulster Plantation and a chair aided senton. Both struggled to their feet but Rampage stumbled at the count of 9 and fell back for the 10 count and the win for Damian O’Connor.

Holy expletives. This was intense, tough to watch at times and made both look like absolute beasts.

Rampage Brown shook hands with Damo after the match. A fantastic match to close out Discovery Wrestling’s year.

Overall: I can’t say I enjoyed all of it but the Last Man Standing and Grado/Hendry match were definitely the highlights. I was disappointed in the Y Division 4-Way. Coffey/Mandrews was a great match and I enjoyed Saynt/Girvan. Discovery Wrestling is certainly a promotion to watch in 2016. There overall show on YouTube was fine, I enjoyed the commentary. I liked that they had personality along with keeping the viewer involved in the story of the match. The editing could be tighter and the transition to video packages were a bit harsh, but that’s just presentation things that could be improved with time and experience.

I asked for feedback on Twitter (@VoiceOfOSW) while I was watching and reviewing the show:

“@callumleslie92 I think they have a really put together show, but those commentators…needs a more professional touch.”

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