Mr P – Teacher By Day, Wrestler By Night


Photo Credit WrestleZone Scotland

Mr P was a longtime member of WrestleZone management. That was until Battle of the Nations 2013, when he was attacked by Johnny Lions who was angry about not being booked despite being Undisputed champion a few months prior to the show. He was brutally attacked and had to be helped backstage.

Mr P was not heard or seen from until making his return at Halloween Hijinx, attacking Lions during his match with Scotty Swift. Mr P then recieved the help of Scotty, who trained him in preperation for his first official match at Christmas Chaos. Lions won the Unsanctioned match with Mr P then winning the rematch at the Cloverleaf Hotel in January 2014. The two then had a rubber match at the Regal Rumble in March. Mr P won again, which this time earned him a WrestleZone contract.

His first match as an official WrestleZone star was in an 8 man tag in Forfar. His next rivalry was alongside his trainer Scotty Swift against the Revolution trio of Damien, Chris Archer and Johnny Lions. After teaming with Swift and Bingo Ballance in a losing effort against the three in Westhill, they requried the help of WWE Legend X-Pac, who lead them to a victory at Aberdeen Anarchy.

Mr P spent the next few months facing off with names such as Aspen Faith and Red Lighting.

Halloween Hijinx soon rolled around and Mr P was scheduled to face a mystery opponent after his initial opponent Red Lightning suffering an injury. The mystery was revealed as Jeeves Winchester. Jeeves won (yes, someone lost to Jeeves) after Lord Alan Sterling interfered and whacked Mr P with Jeeves’ shoe. This started a rivalry between P and Sterling. They had a match at Christmas Chaos which Alan won, and as a result Mr P had to be his butler on Christmas Day. Mr P arrived at the Lord’s flat and, after making both Alan and Jeeves drunk, allowed Jeeves to have his dream – a wrestling match. The match was signed for the last ever Cloverleaf Hotel show in 2015. Mr P won the contest, despite Jeeves being accompanied by Alan and Mr Malice.

The fued continued towards the Regal Rumble as we got WrestleZone’s first ever Kiss My Foot match. Mr P won but Alan managed to escape. Mr P chased Alan around the Northern Hotel throughout the night but finally got what he wanted during the Regal Rumble match – he forced Alan to kiss his foot. The two continued fueding through April and had a brawl through the Ashdale Hall, causing both to be banned from the show in Stonehaven. They were then booked in a 6 man tag at Aberdeen Anarchy, with Alan choosing Jeeves and Malice while Mr P chose Grado and WWE Legend Chris Masters. Mr P’s team won, despite Alan even having an extra man on his team in the form of Sir Andrew Wilde.

Mr P then teamed up with Kaden Garrick and they won the tag titles from the Hotshots at Battle of the Nations, a match also involving Chris Archer and Lord Mr Malice. They had a fierce rivalry with the Rejected throughout the next few months with The Rejected introducing a steel chain. Kaden and Mr P were dominant through rivalry but were unsuccessful in a tag title defence at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!) after Mikkey Vago used the trademark chain.

Outside of WrestleZone, Mr P also teaches technology at Oldmachar Academy.

– Adam Morrison

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