Review: WrestleZone ‘Summerhill Showdown 2016’

I stood in line for 1 hour 30 minutes in the freezing cold but it was completely worth it.

Fans got into the venue at 7pm, with about 10 going in at a time. I took the opportunity to purchase the brand new Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!) DVD before taking my seat a few rows in front of Debbie Sharpe and the “International Sex Hero” DCT.

The Summerhill Hotel was completely packed, with some fans even having to be turned away.

The first match was one I really couldn’t wait for. Aspen Faith versus Lewis Girvan. Girvan nailed a suicide dive right off the bat while Faith was talking on the mic about breaking Girvan’s finger in November. A nice back and forth contest with picture perfect dropkicks from both men. Lewis put up a valiant effort, but it was no match as Aspen got the win with his old submission finisher, the Altamont Clutch. Lewis recieved a round of applause after the match before quickly taking off.

The second match was a tag team match between Los Cystos and Sterling Oil. William and Alan attacked the Cystos before the match, shoving one of them head first into the steel ringpost. They tossed the other one into the ring, where William nailed his patened chokeslam backbreaker. He tagged in Alan, who nailed a spinebuster, before ending the contest with a lariat, turning him inside out.

After the match, William grabbed a mic from ring announcer Martyn Clunes and declared Sterling Oil were better than Kaden Garrick & Mr P, they were better than The Rejected and they were coming for their tag team titles.

The next bout pitted Crusher Craib against Johnny Lions in a rematch from the first Beach Ballroom show. A meeting of the two bulls in WrestleZone. Numerous kick outs made it too hard to keep up with. A high point of the match came when Lions was hung in a tree of woe before Crusher nailed a cannonball senton. The ending came when Lions nailed a diving crossbody, but Craib used his momentum to roll through for the pinfall.

Following the match, the men recieved a massive round of applause from all in attendance.

We then came to the interval, where fans were given the chance to meet the one, the only…Lord Mr Malice and Jeeves Winchester. Such a tremendous honour.

We started the second half off with the return of Kenny Williams as he faced Sterling Oil’s newest member Shawn Johnson. Shawn spent the first few minutes of the match outside the ring. When he finally came in Williams got out of the ring and mimicked Johnson. This was a tremendous contest with several two counts. Shawn tried to hit Kenny with his own skateboard but referee Mikey Innes snatched it from him. Kenny went for a pin but Richard R. Russell pulled Mikey out of the ring. Shawn took advantage of the distraction and tried to hit Kenny with the skateboard but he ducked and nailed a flying knee driving it into his face for a close two count. Shawn ended the match after a low blow and his new finisher, the hangman’s facebuster.

The tag team titles were on the line next as The Rejected defended against Kaden Garrick and Mr P, who were sporting Len Ironside t-shirts. Both teams took the fight to each other, with Garrick and P intent on regaining the titles. The Rejected’s trademark steel chain made an appearance towards the end of the match. Kaden and Mr P went to nail Archer with a Doomsday Device but Vago entered with the chain. He went to nail Garrick with it but instead clocked referee Dennis Law with it, taking the cheap way out to retain the gold. I’m a fan of the Rejected but that was uncalled for.

The raffle was drawn next before management’s Chris McDonald made the special announcement we were all waiting for as he revealed who he had signed for Aberdeen Anarchy. The first one was former Million Dollar Corporation member, the Native American, Tatanka! The second is arguably the coolest man in professional wrestling, Carlito! Tatanka and Carlito will be at the Beach Ballroom on June 4th.

Now it was time for the main event as Scotty Swift defended the Undisputed title against Damien. Finishers all around with Damien’s superkick and Swift’s Granite City Driver. Scotty accidentally took out referee Mikey Innes (not a good night for the referees). This allowed Richard R. Russell to head backstage and get his troops. He emerged with William, Alan and Shawn as the whole of Sterling Oil beat up Scotty. Johnny Lions made his way to ringside and removed his jacket to reveal a Sterling Oil t-shirt as the fans were shocked. But it was a ruse! Johnny nailed William with a Lion Cutter as the fans exploded, before slamming his Sterling Oil top to the mat. He took out Alan and Shawn before nailing Damien with the Lion Cutter and dragging Scotty on top for the win. The fans were on their feet cheering as Johnnh Lions finally gave Sterling Oil his answer which brought an end to this unforgettable night.

This event will be released on DVD in the future and I highly recommend you purchase it.

– Adam Morrison

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