OSWtv Year End Awards 2015 Results

Due to time contraints and illness we are unable to bring you the awards show podcast special unless you want to hear me croak through the results, we may come back at a later date and talk about the winners in the future. We apologise for that, however, to turn that frown upside down I can reveal the results of the FIRST EVER OSWTV YEAR END AWARDS.

Doing a Year End Awards is always going to be a bit difficult in setting up and trying to make it as fair as possible. So to avoid us giving you a set of choices, I left the awards up to you to decide who should win from the categories stipulated. We did receive some weird and wonderful troll answers but 99% of the votes were above board.

OSWtv Administration Team Awards:

These awards were decided by the administration team of the OSWtv Facebook page, all of whom are dedicated professional wrestling fans from Scotland who have attended wrestling events all over the country.

Photography/Graphic Designer of the Year: Warrior Fight Photography
Accomplishment in Content and Event Marketing: Wrestle Ropes
Services to Media Production: Adam Carrel
Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Wrestling: David J Wilson

As Voted By The Fans:

On January 1st the OSWtv Year End Awards vote opened and I’m pleased to say we received over 1500 votes over the last 4 weeks and are delighted with the feedback given to the awards. Below we will tell you the winners and the two runners up.

Wrestler of the Year (Male): 1. Damian O’Connor
2. Joe Coffey
3. Grado

Wrestler of the Year (Female): 1. Nikki Storm
2. Viper
3. Kay Lee Ray

Tag Team of the Year: 1. Polo Promotions
2. The ComixZone
3. The Rejected

Import of the Year: 1. Mick Foley
2. Colt Cabana
3. Samoa Joe

Match of the Year: 1. Grado vs Drew Galloway (ICW Fear and Loathing VIII)
2. Damien O’Connor vs Rampage Brown (Discovery Wrestling November 2015)
3. New Age Kliq vs Legion (ICW Fear and Loathing VIII)

Show of the Year: 1. ICW Fear and Loathing VIII
2. W3L Wrestlution IX
3. ICW 4th Annual Square Go

Feud of the Year: 1. New Age Kliq vs Legion (ICW)
2. Damian O’Connor vs Rampage Brown (Discovery Wrestling)
3. Grado vs Drew Galloway (ICW)

Promotion of the Year: 1. Insane Championship Wrestling
2. Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
3. WrestleZone

One to Watch 2016 (Male): 1. Aspen Faith
2. Jason Reed
3. Lewis Girvan

One to Watch 2016 (Female): 1. Sammii Jayne
2. Lucy Cole
3. Debbie Sharpe

There we have it, 10 fan voted awards and 4 administration awards concludes the first ever OSWtv Year End Awards. Thank you for voting and look out for our monthly awards on the OSWtv website.

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