Preview: Discovery Wrestling ‘Live!’ February 2016

The Jam House, Edinburgh

Discovery Wrestling kick off their 2016 with a whopper of a show. Discovery always pull out all the stops with guests and showcasing some of the best wrestlers in the country. On the 18th the first of three massive shows announced takes place as former ECW Champion Tommy Dreamer enters The Jam House. Discovery have also announced that in April, Discovery Wrestling goes Lucha in a night that will include current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion and first ever Lucha Underground Champion, Ricochet who will be facing Damian O’Connor in a match that will have to be seen to be believed plus the return of the Y Division Four Way with four debutants. He won’t be alone as Angelico and Shane Strickland (aka Kill Shot) will join him in Edinburgh. In May it’s volume two of the Superkick Party as The Young Bucks come back to Discovery Wrestling. So to say this is going to be a huge year for Discovery Wrestling may be an understatement.

2016 kicks off with several grudges to be settled with Nikki Storm getting her hands on Bete Noire. Noire had abandonned Storm during a tag team match against BAE Club which led to Storm getting battered by Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne with no repreive. Noire was annoyed that she was a replacement for Viper and felt that she wasn’t being treated with the respect that she deserved. These two are two of the most experienced women in Scotland and they will surely have scouted each other in their travels. Noire has become more physical but Nikki Storm doesn’t call herself “The Best in the Galaxy” for no reason and has had her fair share of scrapes against powerful opponents.

Powerful may be something that only vaguely describes two contests on this stacked line up. Dave Conrad wanted a match, he defeated Deviation (by count out) and has demanded another opponent. Discovery Wrestling management has gladly fulfilled his demand by placing him against “The Beast of Belfast”, the man that kept Rampage Brown down for a 10 count, Damian O’Connor. Two big behemoths clash. Like Godzilla facing King Kong, it’s going to be ugly but in the prettiest way.

The other powerclash is “Iron Man” Joe Coffey against Deviation. Coffey has all the strength in the world but I can see him using his incredible wrestling prowess to tie up the monster as Deviation might just be able to match him for raw power. Coffey is undefeated in Discovery Wrestling, I think if he may just need to outlast Deviation to pick up another win. Joe Coffey is the Iron Man because of his ridiculous stamina and never ending will to fight and as big as Deviation is, his stamina isn’t close to that of Coffey. It’ll be an interesting one but I cannot see anything other than a win for Joe Coffey.

A huge tag team gauntlet was announced by Discovery Wrestling which will be full of surprises. Wild Lions were the first team confirmed, they were followed by the popular duo of Sean Mercer (formerly known as Rawlins) and Delsin Dayre, The ComixZone, make their debuts due to fan demand. The Buffet Club was the third team announced and not one that I am familiar with.

Lewis Girvan defends his newly won Interim Y Division Championship against one of the best wrestlers in Europe, BT Gunn. When you become a champion anywhere you automatically have a target on your back, Girvan has fought some of the best but BT Gunn is so adaptable that he can change to suit any enviroment that is thrown at him, it almost makes him the perfect wrestler. Girvan wasn’t going to have an easy time as Interim Champion but for a first title defense, BT Gunn may be the toughest opponent that could’ve been chosen. This has showstealer written all over it.

Grado has had his hands full with Joe Hendry and his adoptive son Lou King Sharp since arriving in Discovery Wrestling. On February 18th he’s got backup in the form of “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer. The Hendry Family have used every trick in the book to keep Joe Hendry’s undefeated streak alive, Grado has had enough of the shenanigans and, along with Tommy Dreamer, plan to stop Hendry and Lou King Sharp from continuing their underhanded tactics in Discovery Wrestling.

There are limited tickets still available. Don’t miss this one!

Alan Smith and Randy Valentine have prepared a full preview for February 18th at The Jam House. Check it out.

Matches Announced:
Nikki Storm vs Bete Noire
Damian O’Connor vs Dave Conrad
Joe Coffey vs Deviation
-Tag Team Gauntlet-
Wild Lions, The ComixZone, Buffet Club Confirmed
-Interim Y Division Championship-
Lewis Girvan Β© vs BT Gunn
Tommy Dreamer and Grado vs Joe Hendry and Lou King Sharp

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