Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Peterhead 2016’

WrestleZone returned to Peterhead’s Palace Hotel as the road to the Regal Rumble took it’s final stop. A night full of action was in store for Peterhead.

Kaden Garrick w/Mr P vs William Sterling w/Alan Sterling and Richard R. Russell

The evening kicked off with a singles bout between Sterling Oil member William Sterling and one half of the tag team champions Kaden Garrick. A nice solid singles bout to start the night. Alan Sterling interfered whenever he had the chance much to the annoyance of Mr P and everyone in attendance. William attempted a scoop slam but Garrick slid down his back and nailed a huge spear for a two count due to interference from Alan. This time the referee saw it and disqualified Sterling.

Following the match, Mr P told Alan to get in the ring and have their match now. But Alan said their match isn’t until later and helped William backstage.

Cysto 1 vs Andrew Wilde

Andrew Wilde made his return to WrestleZone against Cysto. The match started with the usual shenanigans, getting referee Dennis Law to fasten his belt. Following up to that, he coppied every movement made by Wilde. The two eventually got the contest underway and as you could imagine, it was very much in favour of the Englishman. Wilde kept shouting back to the fans to shut their mouths before ending Cysto’s night with a beautiful Doctor Bomb.

Following the match, Wilde attempted to sing the English national anthem which led to a rendition of the Scottish national anthem from the fans. Wilde then announced his intentions to win the 2016 Regal Rumble, officially announcing his participation.

Mr P w/Kaden Garrick vs Alan Sterling w/William Sterling and Richard R. Russell

An old rivalry reignited as Alan Sterling faces the other half of the tag champs in Mr P. William was clearly hurt standing at ringisde, holding his ribs after that huge spear. Much like Alan did in his match, William interfered when he had the chance. Alan nailed a huge lariat for a very close count. Mr P eventually picked up the win with a rollup.

William Sterling immediately ran into the ring afterwards and started beating down Mr P until Kaden Garrick fought him off. While those two took the fight to the backstage area, Alan kept beating up Mr P. Members of security attempted to get Alan off P but he shoved all of them down. Richard R. Russell eventually managed to get his client away but damage had clearly been done as Mr P was helped backstage.

During the interval, fans were given the meet Kaden Garrick.

Triple Threat match for Regal Rumble #20/#1 spots
Shawn Johnson vs Blue Thunder vs Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne

This triple threat had huge ramifications in regards to the Regal Rumble on March 26th. The winner will earn the prestigious number 20 spot but whoever takes the fall will earn the number 1 spot. Shawn and Aspen agreed to team up but Shawn soon turned on Aspen. Shawn soon realised it would be better to come back later and went away to stand on the stage. Aspen and Thunder went at it until Shawn came back in and tossed Aspen sort of head first into the ring post. Thunder eventually came back and was close to a win after a samoan drop on Aspen but Johnson rolled him up and got the win. Faith ran after Sammii afterwards as she was clearly in disgust at his loss.

Johnny Lions vs Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester

I am really enjoying this Lord Mr Malice character. Johnny went at it against Malice but Malice managed to get a few shots in. Did they manage to do anything to Johnny though? Not a chance. As a result, Malice took a glove from Jeeves and slapped Johnny several times. Lions retaliated and made a comeback, nailing the Lion Bite and a dropkick. Malice managed to fight back and went for the Gatecrowner Powerslam but it was countered into the Lion Cutter for the win.

Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift vs The Rejected (Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago)

A huge main event saw The Rejected facing the dream team of Crusher Craib and the Undisputed champion Scotty Swift. The Rejected attacked Crusher but he was soon saved by Swift. A brawl soon erupted around the Palace Hotel with Crusher going head first into the wall. Crusher tried to make the tag to his partner on several occasions but he was kept back by Archer and Vago. He eventually made the tag and Swift came in with a bang. Swift didn’t stay in too long and Crusher came back in and soon nailed Archer with his trademark Black Hole Slam for the win. Scotty and Crusher stayed around for pictures at the end of the show.

And so ended a great night of action with the Regal Rumble just around the corner.

– Adam Morrison

Quick Results
1. Kaden Garrick def. William Sterling via DQ
2. Andrew Wilde def. Cysto 1
3. Mr P def. Alan Sterling
4. Shawn Johnson def. Blue Thunder and Aspen Faith in a Triple Threat match
5. Johnny Lions def. Lord Mr Malice
6. Crusher Craib and Scotty Swift def. The Rejected

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