Preview: Rock N Wrestle ‘Wrestle Fest 2016’

img_3190The Ironworks, Inverness

The fans voted! Rock N Wrestle return to The Ironworks for their next WrestleFest. To maintain some order on proceedings, Rock N Wrestle Management have employed “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters to be the General Manager for one night only. Masters is a former WWE Superstar, making appearances in TNA and GFW. In the independent circuit in the UK he is well known for his work in Preston City Wrestling. He’s made appearances in Scotland, most recently for WrestleZone 100 miles east of Inverness for Aberdeen Anarchy in front of over 1300 people last year. A giant of a man whose finisher, “The Masterlock” is deadly with the list of those breaking it is single figures (I think). So if anyone decides to cross the line, they’d be brave, as Chris Masters is not the guy you want to be p*ssing off.

David The Beloved debuts Holy Talk in Rock N Wrestle with his first guest being Rock N Wrestle Chief Operating Officer Steve Robertson. It is unknown what David The Beloved has to say to the COO but I have a feeling that Robertson will have to watch his back.

As for the matches, a few have been signed and they are going to be fun to watch. Lou King Sharp and Donnie T are still at loggerheads and they are opposite each other in another tag team match as Sharp teams with Lucy Cole as the apply named “Scotland’s Sharpest Tag Team” against the SSP Mafia team of Donnie T and Saqib Ali. Donnie T and Saqib Ali have more experience teaming in Rock N Wrestle but they are facing two of the most resilient. Sharp has shown to have learned from previous encounters and outsmarted Donnie in Dingwall by avoiding the spear, so in Inverness it’s another chance for Sharp to get one over on his former GTA partner.

If you’re looking for a hard hitting fight then Kid Fite versus Joe Coffey will be right up your street. Fite recently suffered a shoulder injury and it is unknown whether he will be 100% for this match, Kid Fite hasn’t had the best of luck in Rock N Wrestle with only one win to his name since the promotion began. The Iron Man in The Ironworks , Joe Coffey is master of in-ring technique, core strength and stamina so if Fite intends to stand a chance then he’ll have to be fighting fit otherwise Joe will tie him up in a matter of minutes.

New Highland Champion Liam Thomson defends his title against ‘The People’s Champion’ BT Gunn. Gunn was robbed of being crowned Highland Champion in Dingwall when Thomson threw him out of the ring to pin a prone Kid Fite and capture the vacant belt. ‘The Oddity’ is a big favourite in Rock N Wrestle and with Gunn having another crack at the title, it’s only a matter of time before he can win the big one. Can’t forget that there are three others who will be watching this match very closely, the former champion Jack Jester, the number one contender Drew Galloway and the Money in the Bank holder Davey Blaze.

**After this preview was written BT Gunn was removed from the match due to a severe concussion. We wish BT Gunn a speedy recovery**

As always with Rock N Wrestle it’s expect the unexpected, the last two shows have seen Drew Galloway appear and a surprise title change. It really is a can’t miss night of wrestling.

Matches Announced:
Scotland’s Sharpest Tag Team (Lou King Sharp and Lucy Cole) vs SSP Mafia (Donnie T and Saqib Ali)
Kid Fite vs Joe Coffey
-Highland Championship-
Liam Thomson Β© vs ???

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