Review: WrestleZone ‘Regal Rumble 2016’

The big day had finally arrived. It was now time for WrestleZone’s 2016 Regal Rumble event. As soon as you got in the Northern Hotel, you could tell that it was going to be a big night.

Before the show, I saw quite a few of the stars going back and forth. Kaden Garrick, Dennis Law, Crusher Craib, Johnny Lions, Andrew Wilde and even Jeeves Winchester all walked past.

-WrestleZone Tag Team Titles-
Kaden Garrick & Mr P (c) vs Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Shawn Johnson) w/Richard R. Russell

The show kicked off with a tag team title match between champions Kaden Garrick & Mr P and challengers Sterling Oil, represented tonight by William Sterling & Shawn Johnson. William and Shawn would choke and stomp on Mr P whenever the referee had his back turned. Kaden tried desperately to get the referee to see what was happening. Shawn called Kaden scared at one point, something you don’t want to say to him. Kaden eventually got in and went to town on the Sterling Oil members. He set up for a Spear on Shawn but William came from behind with a sneaky low blow. Unfortunately for him, it was right in front of referee Mikey Innes. Innes called for the bell and disqualified William, meaning Kaden and Mr P retain the gold. Richard R. Russell was not happy about the loss and took his men backstage.

Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne vs Lewis Girvan

The second match, as you can guess, was a technical showcase. Aspen and Lewis once again delivered with a showstealing match. They traded rollups in the middle of the match but neither could get the job done. So they then traded moves. Aspen nailed a viscious Chris Hero-esque elbow, only to be nailed with a superkick. Aspen came back with a bicycle kick but Girvan wouldn’t go down and nailed another strike (it’s gone out of my head as to what it was). They traded rollups again, with Girvan sneaking in a Zack Sabre Jr.-style prawn hold. The match soon came to an end though as Faith distracted the referee, allowing Sammii Jayne to interfere with a jumping enzuigiri. Aspen then nailed a Faith Buster for the win.

Aspen and Sammii celebrated afterwards while Girvan complained to the ref that Sammii got involved.

Following the contest, WrestleZone management representative Chris McDonald entered the ring and announced former NXT superstar Bull Dempsey for Aberdeen Anarchy, a man I can’t wait to meet. It’s time to get BullFit.

Johnny Lions vs Damien

The third contest was a match that had been brewing ever since Summerhill Showdown, when Johnny declined Sterling Oil’s offer to join them and helped Scotty Swift retain the Undisputed title. Damien exposed one of the turnbuckles early on and Lions went back first into it. Damien decided to focus on the back throughout the match. Finishers were traded during the bout, with Damien nailing a Single Knee Facebraker and Johnny nailing a Lockjaw DDT. Damien repeatedly tried for his patened Superkick but Lions always caught his foot. Damien tried to go for a small package but Lions reversed into his own one for the three count.

Following the match, Johnny patted Damien on the back as a sign of respect but Damien Superkicked his head off afterwards. He nailed another Superkick, before hugging him and saying it was alright. This fued is far from over.

Crusher Craib, Scotty Swift & Solar vs Lord Mr Malice, Andrew Wilde & Lou King Sharp w/Jeeves Winchester

There was a range of attires on the side of Malice. He wore his usual gold and red, while Lou wore his purple tights with a blue hat and cape, just like Malice’s. And then you had Andrew Wilde’s attire. Whatever that was. Anyway, there was a staredown at the start, with Sharp insisting that he start with Crusher Craib. Scotty took his hat and had Crusher stomp on it, causing Lou to have a tantrum. He plays his character so well. Malice’s team soon got the advantage when Jeeves actually helped. However it was short lived, as Solar nailed a hurricanrana on Malice, pulling him into a Big Boot from Craib for the win.

Following the match, Chris McDonald again came into the ring for the announcement of the 3rd (at this point though, it was the 4th) former WWE superstar for Aberdeen Anarchy. However he informed us that we would have to wait until after the break for that. He was able to reveal someone else he had signed for the big event though, and that was Grado. A massive cheer for him, as you could imagine.

During the break, fans were given the chance to meet Lou King Sharp, Lewis Girvan and Solar.

We came back from the break and Chris McDonald finally revealed who was coming to the Beach Ballroom. It was a man that was originally meant to appear at last year’s Aberdeen Anarchy show. It was The Hurricane! So five huge names now confirmed for the show, those being Carlito, Tatanka, Bull Dempsey, Grado and The Hurricane.

2016 Regal Rumble Match

Now, it was time for the 2016 Regal Rumble match. Before the contest was underway, Scotty Swift joined commentary.

Blue Thunder came out as number one and was joined by Damien. Cysto was out next and was flinging his arms about like The Bushwhackers. As soon as he got in the ring, Damien tossed him out. He continued to be a Bushwhacker and made his way to the back of the venue. The ring started to fill up with the likes of Aspen Faith, Jimbo Bannon, Lou King Sharp and Nathan Reynolds all entering the match. Jeeves Winchester soon came out at number 10 but never got in the ring until Lord Mr Malice, number 12, helped him in. They were both tossed out soon after by Crusher Craib. Johnny Lions managed to eliminate Damien to gain some retribution. Sammii Jayne interfered on behalf of Aspen and pullee Lewis Girvan off the apron. We came down to the final four, with Crusher Craib, Shawn Johnson, Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions. Lions was eliminated, followed by Faith slipping off the apron to eliminate himself. We were down to Craib and Johnson. Johnson managed to down the big man, which allowed Richard R. Russell to slide in some steel chairs. One of the chairs was bent over Crusher’s back. Shawn went to nail Crusher with a conchairto but was stopped by a masked man emerging from the crowd. The hood came down to reveal a returning Bryan Tucker! Tucker was dragged from the building by referees and security, not before nailing his former partner with one of the chairs. This gave Crusher the opening he needed as he tossed Shawn over the top rope and Big Booted him off the apron for the win, making him a three time Regal Rumble winner. Undisputed champion Scotty Swift stepped out of commentary and had a stare down with his Aberdeen Anarchy opponent. Both men headed to the back of the hotel to meet fans.

And so ended a tremendous night of action. The road to Aberdeen Anarchy will be a bumpy one for Shawn Johnson, who now has to deal with Bryan Tucker who is out for revenge. Crusher vs Scotty promises to be exciting and with the 4 former WWE superstars and Grado on top of that, this years Aberdeen Anarchy will be better than ever.

– Adam Morrison

Quick Results
1. Kaden Garrick & Mr P (c) def. Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Shawn Johnson) w/Richard R. Russell via DQ to retain the WrestleZone Tag Team Titles
2. Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne def. Lewis Girvan
3. Johnny Lions def. Damien
4. Scotty Swift, Crusher Craib & Solar def. Lord Mr Malice, Andrew Wilde & Lou King Sharp w/Jeeves Winchester
5. Crusher Craib Won the 2016 Regal Rumble

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