Review: WrestleZone Regal Rumble (Otherwise Known As How Aspen Faith Broke My Heart)

This review of sorts will be different from the usual ‘this match did this and it was solid’, no, the WrestleZone Regal Rumble made me feel emotional and spent. I would recommend the WrestleZone Regal Rumble review written by Adam on this site as it’ll give you the info on the show.

A night where we were teased with announcements, left wanting more action and matches that made you feel for each and every wrestler involved. That’s what great wrestling does, sucks you in and doesn’t let you go.

I went with my partner, she attended her first WrestleZone event this time last year and since then we’ve shared a handful of events, something about watching her get excited and into the matches makes me move closer to the edge of my seat and really get invested into each match. I was convinced Aspen Faith was winning the Regal Rumble…but I’ll get to that later.

What really made the night was the WrestleZone crowd, they are rabid for everything WrestleZone gives them. They really appreciate what they have in front of them, they are so loud that even the most stubborn of people can’t help but get swept into clapping, cheering and booing every time someone comes throught the curtain. I find that I can be one of those annoying fans, rarely vocal but I love the wrestling so I go but hardly make a noise, not because I don’t appreciate what I see, but I just don’t really put myself out there. That all changes at WrestleZone events where I almost always leave with a sore throat and stinging hands from chanting, clapping and just going crazy. When I go to most events I try and keep my grown up ‘wrestling writer’ (or whatever this website constitutes as) head on but anytime I visit The Granite City I become a child again, like going back in time to when wrestling was real to me dammit!

The night started with Sterling Oil and Richard R Russell on the microphone making the inhabitants of The Northern Hotel pray for Kaden Garrick and Mr P to arrive. The place was deafening when the Tag Team Champions entered and it wouldn’t be the first time that the roof was rocked in Aberdeen that evening. Mr P is such a fantastic and charismatic wrestler, he is an absolute delight to watch as the crowd always get behind him when he’s on the defensive. Kaden Garrick is an absolute monster in the ring, he might be short in height but his intensity is unbelievable, throwing Sterling and Johnson with ease. It’s an odd couple pairing but it works, Mr P does all the crowd interaction and Garrick kills people with his power. I swear Mr P is the happiest man in wrestling, I was trying to find a picture of him for creation on WWE 2K16 and nearly every photo I found he was smiling from ear to ear. I had the pleasure to interview him (and Kaden Garrick) last year in Keith and he is as nice as you’d think. Seeing someone as nice as Mr P getting beaten down by William Sterling just made my blood boil, like a ‘leave Mr P alone, you git’ feeling. Sometimes my head is like ‘it’s part of the show’ while my heart is all ‘I’ll punch you in the face’.

Aspen Faith and Lewis Girvan put on a technical showcase next, a feud that has really opened people’s eyes on how great Faith is. He’s like an old school bad guy, he does very little to make people absolutely hate him it could even be just a smirk to the crowd. I’m an ‘Aspen Faith Guy’ and he is pure gold in WrestleZone, being one of the reasons I attend events (there are many reasons but he is in that list). His pairing with Sammii Jayne is also great as she just irritates anyone that dares chant for Faith’s opponent(s).

Johnny Lions and Damien went at each other straight away, this was a brawl as it should be. Guys who hate each other aren’t going to trade headlocks to start. Once the match was over, a dejected Damien was helped up to his feet by Lions who embraced his former tag team partner, but Damien is a git, a dirty git who looked like he wanted to let bygones be bygones until he cracked Johnny with a superkick before he left the ring. A man in the crowd summed it up perfectly as he shouted “HE OFFERED YOU A HAND IN FRIENDSHIP!”.

The first half main event six man was a big hammy comedyfest with a lot of crotch shots. A LOT OF CROTCH SHOTS. It was filled with a host of great characters who all pulled their weight from Swift having a bit of fun, Malice being oblivious to…well, everything, to Crusher not being here to play games and just out to boot someone in the face, which he did. Lou King Sharp, as he entered with a crown and cape, Lou King Royal, he is a character that is perfect for WrestleZone, his tantrum throwing antics are hilarious. Sharp has his persona, whether he aims for folk to boo, cheer or laugh, absolutely on point 100% of the time.

Before I get to the Regal Rumble match itself let’s talk about the guests for Aberdeen Anarchy. I’ll be honest, Tatanka and Carlito weren’t doing it for me. I was going to Aberdeen Anarchy because WrestleZone always, ALWAYS, put on an absolute belter of a show in front of a sold out crowd in the Beach Ballroom. The guests just sweeten the pot. Former NXT Superstar Bull Dempsey was announced in the first of many teases by Chris McDonald during the night. The next one was current TNA star and Scottish sensation Grado to the delight of everyone in attendance. The final, the biggie, the piece of resistance, last year’s originally scheduled guest, The Hurricane is finally coming to the Beach Ballroom. Now anyone that knows me, knows how much of a fan of the The Hardyz I am (this is connected), every time WrestleZone put up that they’ve got a special guest I’m always like #PleaseBeMattHardy (even though I’m the bigger fan of Jeff, he ain’t getting in the country cause he was a big smackbag a few years ago). So to have an OMEGA alum is pretty exciting in itself. Good line up for Aberdeen Anarchy I look forward to surveying the action from the balcony like I’m a King.

I love battle royal matches, your eyes have to be everywhere as there is so much going on. So many stories to take in and absorb…am I over thinking the Regal Rumble? No, no I am not. I went in with five possible winners (see the preview for the show, I’m about to tell you who they were anyway but the preview has the reasons); Aspen Faith/Johnny Lions/Crusher Craib/Sir Andrew Wilde/Nathan Reynolds. When I choose five picks in a 20 man battle royal I have a 1/4 chance on getting it right, which is pretty steller odds as I generally have no idea who is going to win and just let my gut decide. But five picks gives me five chances to look like I know what I’m talking about so I can pretend to be a professional for a little while longer.

The ring filled up quite quickly with plenty possible winners. Lots happening, my eyes were darting back and forth like a rapid game of pong. Bodies flying everywhere with so much action with my heart going like the clappers when one of my favourites was tediously hanging on the ropes.

So Aspen Faith broke my heart, he was my first pick, my main pick. If my picks were a pyramid then he would be on top. He was down to the final three, my heart was pounding as he was only two folk away from the main event of Aberdeen Anarchy, he was on fire, hitting a forearm onto Crusher Craib which saw him float over the top rope. Then it happened… the moment that almost made me cry as Faith did a wee strut on the apron, he slipped and fell off, it was in slow motion, both feet touched the floor… he was eliminated. See that guy when The Undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar and The Streak was over, mouth hanging open like an aircraft hanger? I was that guy in that moment. One of my picks was still in the match but my #1 pick was gone, my horse had fell at the final hurdle.

It was down to the final two, I was emotionally exhausted but WrestleZone weren’t done putting me through the ringer as a masked man came out to attack Shawn Johnson, as security and staff grabbed him, the mask was removed to reveal Bryan Tucker. Now, I had a very strong feeling this was going to happen but it didn’t change the fact that I was buzzing to see the former Hotshots brawl it out.

Once Crusher Craib booted Shawn Johnson out of the ring to win an air of relief hit me, it was over, I could finally relax. Still tingling with excitement but could at least breathe.

Damn you WrestleZone, making me heavily care and invest in your shows. How dare you make me love wrestling, how dare you support my love for independent wrestling in this country, how dare your staff and performers always act like professionals. YOU MADE ME FEEL FEELINGS!

It was an emotional roller-coaster of a night which paved purpose for Aberdeen Anarchy, with every day meaning it’s closer to the night it’s hard to contain my excitement.

If you have read this far then I congratulate you in being able to get through this rambling. This outpouring of words that could or could not make sense.

Thank you to WrestleZone and everyone involved in the event, a special thanks to my partner for standing in the pouring rain in the queue then putting up with me bouncing up and down during the show then having to suffer me talking about every aspect of the show for the rest of the weekend. She’s a trooper!

-Tag Team Championships-
Kaden Garrick and Mr P (c) def. Sterling Oil (William Sterling and Shawn Johnson) w/ Richard R. Russell by DQ to Retain
Aspen Faith w/ Sammii Jayne def. Lewis Girvan by Pinfall
Johnny Lions def. Damien by Pinfall
Scotty Swift, Crusher Craib and Solar def. Lord Mr Malice, Sir Andrew Wilde and Lou King Sharp w/ Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall
-2016 Regal Rumble-
Crusher Craib last eliminated Shawn Johnson to win the Regal Rumble

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