The Gordon Perspective: W3L ‘Championship Showdown’ Preview

W3L start off their last run of events in the Kingdom of Fife as they present their second Championship Showdown in four months as all the gold will be on the line in a great night off action in Fife.

One man who will be there on the night is the Golden Ticket winner, Blondie Barrett. Who will be taking a good interest in the main event later in the night. He won the ticket at Wrestlution in November and still has time to cash it in for a opportunity at whoever the heavyweight champion will be at the time. Will he cash in at Dunfermline? You never know.

Another man who will be on the card will be TNA superstar Grado, who will be looking at getting into the ring on the night. Last time he was in a W3L ring he faced Euan G Mackie at City Nightclub in Edinburgh. A possible rematch could happen on the night.

The first championship match of the night will see the Tag Team Championship up for grabs when champions, The Coffey Brothers, will face a team who are no strangers to them or the gold The Contingency Plan members Dickie Divers and Taylor Bryden who have had a few reigns with the gold. The Coffeys will start as favourites for the match but the team of Divers and Bryden have broke the rules in the past to win the gold,bwill they do it again? On Thursday we shall find out if they need to break the rules or will The Coffeys retain by not breaking them?

The second title match of the night will be an interesting on as the Owens twins battle over the Women’s Championship. Kasey, who has the title, has used dodgy tactics to keep the belt and to beat her sister for the gold in an open challenge that Leah had set out. But the champion has now said to her sister that she will get another match for the gold but Kasey put a stipulation in for the rematch, if Leah doesn’t win the gold, she has to wear a mask. The stipulation was agreed and will happen on the stacked card.

But the main event has so much history going into it. The richest prize in W3L will be up for grabs in a match which will be a brutal one as the loser will be leaving on a stretcher. Champion Joe E Legend has been on a monsterous roll after winning the belt in Kirkaldy on the last Championship Showdown in a four way elimination match against James Scott, Mike Musso and former champion, and his challenger on the night, “The One To Watch” Nathan Reynolds, who will be looking at getting back a belt he held for a long time and trying to avenge what Legend had done during his reign. He has taken out an announcer and also put Mike Musso on the sidelines by using chairs and other objects.

The title match in Dunfermline won’t be for the faint hearted as both men will do and use anything to incapacitate each other enough to get put on a stretcher and be carried out of the arena.

All in all a great night of action ahead in the Kingdom of Fife on March 31st and we possibly could see a few titles changing hands.

Thanks for reading.

Gordon Perspective out.

Matches signed for event:-

W3L Heavyweight Championship (stretcher match)
Joe E Legend (c) vs Nathan Reynolds
W3L Women’s Championship (title vs face)
Kasey Owens (c) vs Leah Owens
W3L Tag Team Championships
Joe and Mark Coffey (c) vs The Contingency Plan (Dickie Divers and Taylor Bryden)
Grado and Blondie Barrett both scheduled to appear

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