Five Picks For The WWE Global Cruiserweight Series

With Noam Dar announced to be included in the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, I have a look at five names from Scotland that could easily fit into the series with the use of a list. Everybody loves a list.

Kenny Williams

A name that is recognisable around the country as one of the stand out cruiserweights. A two time King of the Cruisers in PBW, former ICW Zero G Champion, current BCW Openweight Champion, charisma in abundance and has the highflying ability to wow crowds.

Lou King Sharp

‘Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler’ not only possesses more confidence that any other human on the plant, he is also a highly talented individual. Proving that size doesn’t always matter, standing at a ‘colossal’ 5 foot 4, Sharp can not only talk the crowds into a frenzy but has the risk taking pedigree which makes him one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the country.

Euan G Mackie

The word ‘unique’ gets throw around in professional wrestling. Euan G Mackie is the definition of unique, from his look to his moveset. He has an interesting character, speaking so eloquently but looking terrifying. An ever evolving ‘Mega Mackie’ who is quite possibly one of the most diverse wrestlers in Scotland.


The masked highflyer resembles a young Rey Mysterio, not just because of his look but his in ring wizardry echos that of the Mexican Legend. Flying through the air with grace and with no fear on facing much larger opponents, Solar is one to keep an eye out for.

Stevie Xavier

For too long Stevie Xavier has been an underrated talent in Scotland, often putting his body through torture to take a risk in the vein of wowing the crowd. A former ICW Zero G Champion and PBW King of the Cruisers, in latter he defeated Zack Sabre Jr and Mark Andrews among others.

So there were a couple of my picks for the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series, think I’ve missed someone obvious? Comment below!

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