The Gordon Perspective: Discovery Wrestling ‘Presents Jay Lethal’ Preview

Sunday 10th April is the day that Edinburgh’s Discovery Wrestling presents their biggest show to date as they have two of the world’s biggest stars in the Corn Exchange as two major title defences will be taking place.

We have another great four way match on the card as they decide the new no 1 contender to the Y Division Championship as Lucha DS, Joe Hendry, Lou King Sharp and Christopher Saynt battle it out. Saynt was hit with a chair last time out against Chris Renfrew, whilst Joe Hendry was complaining about not getting a shot at the gold and ended up with him and his adopted son Lou King Sharp in the match alongside of a man who made a great impression on the last show in Scottish luchador Lucha DS who won a four way against Massimo, Theo Doros and Kenny Williams. He will be looking at back to back wins and to secure a Y Division title shot in the future.

Debbie Sharpe will be looking to avenge a loss suffered by Sammie Jayne, who be in her corner, as she faces Jayne’s conquerer, Lucy Cole. Cole performed amazingly well on her Discovery debut and will be looking at double the BAE Club double with a win on Sunday.

Next up is a match which will have two tag teams facing each other for domanance in the tag team division. The Buffet Club, who came in and won a tag team gauntlet match, will face the Wild Lions, who are Discovery originals. Wild Lions will be looking to avaenge their loss in the gauntlet match against a new team who have made an enemy already in Fight Club (Liam Thomson and Kid Fite) who I think will be in attendance on Sunday and will be paying close attention to the match.

Big Damo goes in this event off a massive win over Ricochet at the Jam House and his rubber Last Man Standing match over Rampage Brown, against a man who has destroyed everyone in his path. That is Deviation who has had run ins with Joe Coffey at recent events. These behemoths will go at each other and hopefully the ring will be able to hold this amazing battle.

A man who was left to limp out his last match in Discovery returns to the promotion as Michael Chase who will face a man who has won gold all over the place in former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera. ‘The Juice’, as he is known, will be wanting to showcase his amazing talents against a man who will be wanting to bounce back after his loss to Aspen Faith in March.

Our first championship will be contested under rules not usually used in matches as the only way to win is to make your opponent submit. It will be Interim Y Division Champion Lewis Girvan facing Aspen Faith in a match that will be a test of each man’s strength and how much they can push themselves and not utter the words that they want to give up as it would either keep a reign going or crown a new champion.

The Main Event is a match I am personally waiting for as I am a big fan of both men. We will witness history as the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in Scotland for the first time, as long reigning champion Jay Lethal will face a man undefeated in Discovery, the Iron Man Joe Coffey. Coffey, who is coming of a great run,including wins over Chris Hero, Mandrews and Angelico will be looking at capturing a championship that would make him the first man on UK soil to win this belt but Lethal will be looking at leaving the Corn Exchange and heading back to the USA with the gold still in his possession.

An afternoon of hard hitting family friendly action in the nation’s capital is ahead on Sunday and I cannot wait to be there live for a truly historic occasion.

Take care all and enjoy the event if you are attending.

‘Til next time,

Gordon Perspective Out

Matches Announced:
Damo vs Deviation
Debbie Sharp w/Sammii Jayne vs Lucy Cole
Wild Lions (Johnny Lions and Andrew Wilde) vs Buffet Club (Rob Cage and Gene Munny)
Michael Chase vs Juventud Guerrera
-Number One Contender Match-
Joe Hendry vs Lou King Sharp vs Lucha DS vs Christopher Saynt
-Interim Y Division Championship-
-Submission Match-
Lewis Girvan ยฉ vs Aspen Faith
-Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship-
Jay Lethal ยฉ vs Joe Coffey

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