Review: WrestleZone ‘Live in Fraserburgh 2016’

WrestleZone returned to Fraserburgh’s Dalrymple Hall with all the fallout from the historic Regal Rumble. Fraserburgh were in for a cracking show. Ring announcing duties at the show were handled by Brian Stephenson instead of the usual Martyn Clunes and I must say he should announce at more shows. Sorry Martyn.

William Sterling vs Blue Thunder

The show kicked off with yet another match between the former Thunder Buddies as Blue Thunder faced William Sterling. A fan noted that William’s beard is like a packet of Skittles. It used to be blue and now it’s red. Sterling attacked Thunder before the bell had been rung. William stayed on the offensive for the majority of the match. Thunder eventually managed to rally back with a samoan drop and a missile dropkick. William tried to fight back but nothing was working. Except for a rollup and a grab of the tights as Sterling stole a victory. Thunder complained to referee Mikey Innes that William grabbed his tights but Mikey said he hadn’t seen anything. Thunder stormed off with things not going as planned yet again.

Chris Archer w/Mikkey Vago vs Cysto 2

Chris Archer came out next and admitted that things haven’t been going The Rejected’s way lately. But that was stopping tonight and it started with Cysto 2. Cue Mikkey Vago to come out as he dragged Cysto out with him. Cysto hadn’t even had time to get dressed. Archer made sure to keep Cysto down with Mikkey intervening whenever the referee was distracted. Cysto managed to mount a comeback with a few forearms but Archer soon got back on the offensive. He managed to nail a beautiful Single Knee Facebreaker, similar to Tye Dillinger’s Perfect 10 and that scored him the win. The Rejected seemed to be back on winning ways, but would Mikkey be able to continue that later on against Johnny Lions? Time will tell.

Crusher Craib vs Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester

The next contest was one I expected to be very one sided. Jeeves Winchester made his way out with some t-shirts and was followed by Lord Mr Malice. Jeeves took his time to get in the ring (obviously) and then the ominous bell as Crusher Craib made his way out. He grabbed the t-shirts and tossed them out to the fans. Malice started with a few shoulder block attempts which didn’t faze the Regal Rumble winner at all. Crusher got a shoulder block of his own and stayed on top of Malice for the next few minutes. Crusher and Malice took the match to the outside where Crusher tied Malice up in the ropes where he chopped him a couple times. Craib went and picked a young boy out of the crowd. The boy got in a chop of his own to a big ovation. Crusher took Malice back in and also tossed in Jeeves. He placed them both in the corner and connected with his signature Cannonball Senton. He shoved Jeeves out and set the Lord up for a Big Boot. Malice ducked and went for the Gatecrowner Powerslam but fell over with Craib on top. Mikey Innes counted the three with Malice unable to free himself. Malice and Jeeves slowly left while Crusher told Brian Stephenson he was in a good mood.

During the interval, fans were given the chance to meet Crusher Craib due to his good mood.

Mikkey Vago w/Chris Archer vs Johnny Lions

Back from the break and we had our next contest as Mikkey Vago faced Johnny Lions. Vago focused on Johnny’s back throughout the match, including a bow and arrow around the ring post. The referee eventually forced Mikkey off which gave Chris Archer time to do the same move. Vago continued to focus on the back. Johnny managed to fight back and even managed to nail a Tenacious Gunn and a Lockjaw DDT. He eventually went up top for a Lion Bite and connected but did more damage to his back at the same time. He went in for the finish but Damien suddenly appeared on stage and caused a distraction which gave Mikkey time to recover. He nailed a Sitout Chokebomb that got him the win as The Rejected are clearly back on form.

Kaden Garrick vs Damien w/Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Richard R. Russell)

Sterling Oil made their entrance and Richard R. Russell retrieved a microphone. He stated that Alan Sterling and Shawn Johnson would both be back in action in Westhill next weekend (we already know that Shawn will face Crusher Craib on that show). Kaden Garrick eventually burst through the curtain. I must mention that Damien was wearing the exact same boots as Cysto 2. Coincidence? Anyway, Damien repeatedly distracted the referee to allow William to choke Kaden on the ropes. The match soon spilled to the outside where Kaden attempted a suicide dive. Damien thwarted this with a forearm to the head. He stayed on offensive throughout the contest and even nailed his patened Superkick for a close two count. Richard got up on the apron and distracted the referee which allowed Damien and William to stomp away on Kaden. This was stopped when Johnny Lions stepped onto the stage. He took William out and dropped Damien’s neck on the rope which was followed by a Spear from Kaden. Following the match Kaden said he doesn’t care how much members of Sterling there are because he’ll take them all out.

Undisputed WrestleZone Title
Scotty Swift (c) vs Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne

The evenings main event soon came around as Scotty Swift defended his Undisputed Title against Aspen Faith. The match eventually started and soon spilled outside and Scotty came flying out with a beautiful suicide dive. The match continued with Sammii getting involved. Aspen was out to put himself on top again after he accidentally eliminated himself from last month’s Regal Rumble. Scotty wouldn’t be having any of it. The match soon came to battle of forearm smashes. They nailed each other at the same time and both fell out the ring. Mikey began counting and reached 10, resulting in a double count out. Scotty Swift retained under the circumstances and Faith and Sammii stormed off clearly upset as Swift celebrated his retain.

An eventful night in Fraserburgh came to an end. We saw the rivalry between Johnny Lions and Damien continue, The Rejected returning to winning ways and lord crushed. WrestleZone are back in action next Saturday in Westhill.

– Adam Morrison

Quick Results
1. William Sterling def. Blue Thunder
2. Chris Archer w/Mikkey Vago def. Cysto 2
3. Crusher Craib def. Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester
4. Mikkey Vago w/Chris Archer def. Johnny Lions
5. Kaden Garrick def. Damien w/Sterling Oil (William Sterling & Richard R. Russell)
6. Scotty Swift(c) and Aspen Faith w/Sammii Jayne went to a Double Count Out for the Undisputed WrestleZone title (Scotty Retains)

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