OSWtv Meets… Chris Archer

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

I started watching wrestling about late 1999/early 2000. I was drawn to guys like The Hardy Boys and Edge & Christian. Purely because of the daredevil stuff they did in matches like the first TLC. The moment that got me properly hooked on wrestling though was when my Dad gave me his Hulk Hogan video when I was 6. After watching the first match on it, which was Hogan vs Savage from one of the European Tours, that was me hooked and I’ve been watching wrestling ever since.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

I’d gone to a WrestleZone show in late 2009. After seeing the show I checked their website and found out that they actually trained guys as well as putting on shows. You had to be 16 to train and I wouldn’t be 16 till July the following year. So I kept going to shows until June 2010, then I emailed WrestleZone. I was accepted then given a start date. I started on July 7th 2010.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

My biggest influences in professional wrestling are Shawn Michaels and Rockstar Spud. Michaels because of the way he could tell a story in the ring and the way he could make a crowd really like him or really despise him. Spud because he proved that you didn’t have to be a big guy to make it in wrestling, especially here in the UK.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

My favourite opponent would have to be Mr P. Any time we’ve had a match there is a chemistry between the two of us. He’s a really fun guy to be with in the ring. Plus he’s got a great connection with the fans which makes having a match with him that much easier. A lot of my favourite matches have been with Mr P. One of my favourite matches was at Aberdeen Anarchy in 2014. It was a six man tag with Revolution (Johnny Lions, Damien and myself) vs Scotty Swift, Mr P and X-Pac. It’s one of favourite matches because it was the first time I had been against an ex-WWE star, it was my biggest match to date at that point.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

My dream opponent would have to be Shawn Michaels. Obviously he won’t be coming out of retirement any time soon but if it ever did happen I think it would be a good challenge for me.

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