Review: Discovery Wrestling ‘Presents Jay Lethal’

Due to the magic of technology, I had a chance to watch Discovery Wrestling’s latest show through their On Demand service which included the first Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship defense on Scottish soil, a submission match between two of the best young wrestlers in the country and an International flavour with former WCW and WWE Cruiserweight Champion ‘The Juice’ Juventud Guerrera. So how was the show? Read on…

#1 Contender Match – Elimination Four Way
Joe Hendry defeated Lou King Sharp, Lucha DS and Christopher Saynt

This match was all about The Hendry Family, but it made for an entertaining bout. Christopher Saynt avoided any confrontation before the current Interim Y Division Champion Lewis Girvan jumped Saynt and threw him into the match only to see Lucha DS strike a superkick and eliminate the patriarch of The House of Saynt. Lou King Sharp and Joe Hendry wore down Lucha DS before Sharp finally dispatched the masked man with a Frog Splash to leave it down to the two of them. Hendry requested Sharp to lay down and do the right thing for his Father. Sharp disobeyed and slapped the Local Hero. Hendry then dismantled Your Mother’s Favourite Wrestler with suplex after suplex after suplex, each landing harder and harder. All while Sharp begged for mercy before eventually just being thrown around like a rag doll and finished with a Fallaway Slam for the three count.

A slow starter with a lot of the action being Sharp and Hendry working down Lucha DS but once it got down to the final two we got to see how unforgiving Joe Hendry is. Sharp and Hendry are an entertaining duo bouncing off each other really well both verbally and physically strong characters. Lucha DS got a chance to show a little of what he can do and the Saynt-Girvan story continues. Good stuff.

Courtney defeated Sammii Jayne via Pinfall

Prior to the scheduled match of Debbie Sharpe vs Lucy Cole, Sharpe got on the microphone and was allowing Sammii a chance to redeem herself for losing to Cole last month. It was then announced that Cole could not make the event and Courtney was a replacement. After that initial confusion we got the match and it was a cracker. Courtney throwing stiff kicks and Sammii finding any advantage, using her knees and a beautiful bridging German Suplex during the contest. Debbie spent the majority of the match berating Sammii from ringside and ultimately cost her the match. As Sammii prepared to hit “Bitch Please”, her rolling cutter, Debbie grabbed the legs which allowed Courtney to hit a half nelson suplex for the win.

Post match, The BAE Club argued which saw Debbie attack Sammii first with a neck snap to the knee then a vicious push up firemans carry slamming Jayne’s back onto the edge of the ring apron. It was brutal to watch.

Really great match, Randy Valentine was brilliant on commentary at driving the story home by pointing out The BAE Club weren’t wearing matching gear as they entered. A subtle clue staring us right in the face.

Damian O’Connor defeated Deviation by Disqualification

By far Deviation’s best match that I’ve seen, these two big guys really worked well together. Deviation hit a triple German Suplex to the Irishman which was damn impressive. Otherwise, Damo had the upper hand for the majority until Dave Conrad pulled out the referee after O’Connor hit The Ulster Plantation. Conrad attacked Damo causing the DQ before Deviation used The Claw to take down The Beast of Belfast. Conrad ended the attack with an incredible powerslam onto the big man, sending a message as to who the ‘Alpha’ is in Discovery Wrestling.

I’m not a fan of Deviation but he and Damo really pulled a good, solid match with both guys looking really great.

Interim Y Division Championship
– Submission Match –
Lewis Girvan defeated Aspen Faith by Submission to Retain

This. Is. Wrestling. A match that I knew would deliver did just that. When it comes to submission matches they can be a bit slow and methodical but Girvan and Faith used wonderfully crisp transitions into a variety of submission holds. Both had a body part to work with as Girvan picked the left leg and Faith chose the left arm. Some really pretty submissions used with a great story of Girvan wrestling the majority of the match with one arm after Faith snapped his fingers, a move that always makes me cringe when you hear the snapping sound. The end came as Girvan turned the tables and snapped Faith’s fingers and locked in a wrist lock straight away causing Aspen to tap out immediately.

An incredible match which had me, who knew the result, on the edge of my seat throughout. Brilliant match. Get the On Demand for this, use the free trial for this match specifically then sign up. Amazing.

Michael Chase defeated Juventud Guerrera by Pinfall

Another solid match, very back and forth on offense with Chase fighting back constantly. I didn’t get really invested in the match to be honest, I’m not a fan of Guerrera and although Chase put on a good showing it wasn’t a match for me. I was also recovering from seeing an absolute marvelous match between Girvan and Faith which may’ve affected my viewing. Chase won with a quick pin counter after missing his springboard splash.

Buffet Club (Rob Cage and Gene Munny) defeated Johnny Lions by Pinfall

Originally a tag team match, Buffet Club took out Andy Wild earlier in the week meaning that they had no opponents, or so they thought. Johnny Lions entered and chose to fight them on his own and by God he fought. What should have been a quick encounter was a great fight back from Lions, taking all the beatings and coming back time and time again. Cage and Munny got frustrated and took turns beating down Lions but couldn’t keep him down, some great tag team moves including an Electric Chair/Standing Drop Kick combination for a two count after Lions got his hand onto the bottom rope. The numbers game eventually got the better of ‘The Tenacious One’ as a huge lariat from Munny got the three count.

Johnny Lions looked almost unbeatable in defeat, a very strong showing. Buffet Club showed a vicious streak who wouldn’t let up on Lions and always using the numbers to their advantage.

Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship
Jay Lethal defeated Joe Coffey by Pinfall to Retain

Wow. Just…wow. A stunning match which had so many moments that were just breathtaking. Coffey didn’t look out of place against the ROH Champion and almost beat Lethal on several occasions. Countering the attempted Lethal Injection into a German Suplex which looked amazing. Both men had plenty offense with Lethal just getting the win after an incredible match that had a big match feel and could have went either way. If the submission match was the main course, this was the sweet and delicious pudding to the end the night on a high. I could throw a million more positive adjectives at this match and they would still not describe how clean, fluid, entertaining and awesome the match was. Get the On Demand like, yesterday!

Overall:A fantastic show from Discovery Wrestling with plenty of brilliant matches and excellent moments. The commentary team of Randy Valentine and Darren T Goss once again were able to keep the viewer invested by telling the story about the match to catch up the first time viewer. I’d maybe like to see some post or pre match interviews as it’s on the On Demand but saying that it’s still early days so all that could come and be built upon. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see what Discovery Wrestling is all about.

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