Preview: WrestleZone ‘Aberdeen Anarchy 2016’ (Billy)

The Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen

Every year this event is the biggest night in WrestleZone history. Every year the guest list gets bigger, the crowd gets bigger and the ramifications shake the core of The Granite City promotion. We’ve seen Legends retire, reformations of past factions and some of the greatest matches in WrestleZone history.

The first match confirmed was the main event. Scotty Swift has held the WrestleZone Undisputed Championship for just over a year, winning the championship at last years Aberdeen Anarchy by defeating ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey. The man that Joe Coffey defeated is the man that faces Scotty Swift in the main event, Crusher Craib. This battle between two fan favourites in WrestleZone has been getting tense with both ramping up the aggressiveness. Swift has been getting battered for the majority of his reign by the members of Sterling Oil and will have developed a thick skin to face ‘The Creator of Carnage’. Crusher seems to be taking this match lightly, trying to get into the champions head with this bliase approach. Swift may be thinking and offended by Crusher seeing this as an easy match to regain the title.

You look at the factors coming into this, Crusher Craib won his third Regal Rumble in March, last time he won the Regal Rumble he defeated Johnny Lions in the first Aberdeen Anarchy to take place in The Beach Ballroom to win his first Undisputed Championship. Scotty is on a winning streak, he hasn’t lost inside The Beach Ballroom and has the gold around his waist currently.

So many links and connections coming into this match, the history of WrestleZone is etched with the names of Scotty Swift and Crusher Craib. Now they face off for the big belt, the Undisputed Championship.

The biggest factor is that no Undisputed Champion, or any defending Champion for that matter, has walked into The Beach Ballroom with the title and left with the that same belt at the end of the evening. Not Johnny Lions, Crusher Craib or Joe Coffey. Aberdeen Anarchy is a night of history being made, Scotty Swift bleeds WrestleZone, it would only be fitting for ‘The Red Haired Warrior’ to be the first man to successfully defend the title in the beautiful venue.

Looking at undefeated streaks, ‘The Greatest Undefeated Streak In Professional Wrestling’ will be challenged at Aberdeen Anarchy. The Rejected and Lou King Sharp successfully defeated Thunder Buddies and D-Von Dudley last year to bring their overall streak at 1 and 0. The face three former WWE wrestlers including; former Intercontinental, United States and Undisputed Tag Team Champion, Carlito, former Cruiserweight, Hardcore and Tag Team Champion, The Hurricane and former WWE NXT star Bull Dempsey. So I think Archer, Vago and Sharp are in for a tough night.

Eight huge matches have been signed for this event. None is more personal than the rivalry between Shawn Johnson and Bryan Tucker. When Johnson clotheslined Tucker at Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!), it lead to Bryan retiring from WrestleZone, the end of The Granite City Hotshots and Sterling Oil becoming stronger. At The Regal Rumble, a masked assailant attacked Shawn Johnson which argubaly cost Johnson his chance to main event Aberdeen Anarchy, Bryan Tucker had returned after 4 months to take revenge on his former tag team partner. Several attacks later lead WrestleZone to reinstate Bryan Tucker so that they could face off one on one in The Beach Ballroom. The Granite City Hotshots were one of the most popular teams in WrestleZone history and on June 4th, they fight.

The ballad of Aspen Faith versus Lewis Girvan comes to an end on June 4th as one final intergender match will take place to settle it once at for all. These two are the best young wrestlers in the country right now and have been battling back and forth for months in singles action or in tag teams with Sammii Jayne and Debbie Sharpe. Due to injury, Debbie could not take part in this final showdown so Lewis Girvan was tasked to find his own tag team partner. Viper makes her WrestleZone debut. One of the best wrestlers in the country, just returning from a tour in Japan and someone who has battled Sammii Jayne on numerous occasions. This will be one of many matches of the night.

At the 2014 event, WrestleZone had their first ever ladder match. It was over the Tag Team Championships between The Granite City Hotshots and the defending champions, Thunder Buddies. This time opportunity is on the line as Sterling Oil, Mr P, Kaden Garrick and ‘Tenacious’ Johnny Lions enter the high risk, high reward enviroment. If Sterling Oil win, all three will receive title shots at Battle of the Nations. The Sterling Brothers would take on Mr P and Kaden Garrick, while Damien would face whoever the Undisputed Champion is. If Mr P, Garrick and Lions win then Richard R Russell will face all three an a Handicap Match at Battle of the Nations. Richard R Russell has so much confidence in his team that he is willing to put his own health up as a prize. If the first ladder match is anything to go by then it will be a brutal affair. William Sterling holds the experience in this one as was one of the competitors in the first.

The Beast of Belfast returns to WrestleZone, Damo challenged Tatanka to a match which was quickly accepted and arranged. The Native American has travelled across the globe, facing current and future WWE Hall of Famers, he’s faced anyone and everyone but this is Damian O’Connor. Damian O’Connor is not just a challenge, he is a mountain to overcome and almost impossible to vanquish. Since his evolution into a Beast few have been able to ground Damo long enough to get a three count.

Possibly one of the most exciting rematches will be taking place on June 4th. In 2013, the opening match on the main Aberdeen Anarchy show was Bingo Ballance versus Stevie Xavier. It is widely considered the greatest match, not only in Aberdeen Anarchy, but in WrestleZone history. A match that got myself and others hooked on WrestleZone. Now we get to see not only the growth in both performers but it’s placed on an event where any match could steal the show.

Also added for those who have purchased VIP tickets, Blue Thunder will be hoping to get Lord Mr Malice off his back once and for all. ‘The Greatest Of All The Malices’ has been a pain in Thunders backside recently with Lord Mr Malice challenging ‘Bruce Thunder’ to a duel at Aberdeen Anarchy.

All that plus, STV Weatherman, Sean Batty is due to make an appearance and be on hand to introduce a match in aid of STV’s Children’s Appeal. Amazingly, there are still tickets on sale. This event has sold out the last three years and it doesn’t look like that streak is going to end. A strong line up with plenty of twists and turns on the horizon, we’re in for a wild night in The Granite City!

Former WWE Superstars Carlito, Hurricane, Bull Dempsey and Tatanka are coming to WrestleZone on June 4th for WrestleZoneโ€™s Aberdeen Anarchy!

General admission tickets are available for ยฃ17 plus a booking fee.

Tickets are available by calling 01224 641122 or visiting the Box Offices at either His Majestyโ€™s Theatre on Rosemount Viaduct or the Lemon Tree on W N Street.

You can also purchase tickets at the link below:

Match Card:
-VIP Ticket Holders Exclusive Match-
Blue Thunder vs Lord Mr Malice w/Jeeves Winchester
Bingo Ballance vs Stevie Xavier
Tatanka vs Damian O’Connor
-Ladder Match-
If Sterling Oil Win – All Three Receive Title Shots At Battle of the Nations. If P, Garrick and Lions Win – Richard R Russell Will Face All Three In A Handicap Match At Battle of the Nations.
Sterling Oil (Damien, William Sterling and Alan Sterling) vs Mr P, Kaden Garrick and Johnny Lions
Aspen Faith and Sammii Jayne vs Lewis Girvan and Viper
The Rejected (Chris Archer and Mikkey Vago) and Lou King Sharp vs Carlito, Bull Dempsey and The Hurricane
Shawn Johnson vs Bryan Tucker
-WrestleZone Undisputed Championship-
Scotty Swift ยฉ vs Crusher Craib

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