Preview: Reckless Intent ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’

Murieston Scout Hall, West Lothian

Reckless Intent have been on a roll lately with larger crowds, more shows and an ever expanding roster it’s only fitting that their next show is called ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’. There are so many companies around the country and Reckless Intent are really making a splash and getting their brand of wrestling out to the masses.

Reckless Intent provide a great mix of homegrown talent with some of the best Scotland has to offer. Often providing a platform for future stars.

The New Age Kliq return to RI after an absence, since February Chris Renfrew has been suspended from the company. Upon his return he has a score to settle with The Supreme Leader Handsome Jam O’Malley, who is now Head of Operations at Reckless Intent. A lot has changed since Renfrew was suspended with The O’Malley Empire taking over the West Lothian promotion. At Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Chris Renfrew will have to defeat his former New Age Kliq comrade Darkside in order to face O’Malley and get to choose the stipulation for their match.

His New Age Kliq brother BT Gunn was challenged by the Battle of West Lothian winner Sean Mercer. Mercer has been on a mission to prove himself as a monster, punishing all his opponents since his change in attitude. Now Mercer goes up against one of the best wrestlers in Europe and a man with a dangerous vicious streak when it’s tapped into. It will be a fantastic match.

Mercer’s former tag team partner, Delsin Dayre, faces a veteran who has travelled back in time to come to the Murieston Scout Hall in ‘Futureshock’ Tom Fulton.

At the Battle of West Lothian, Jackie Grady took it upon himself to attack Rob Mills during his Quarter Final match with Michael Chase. Mills may’ve went through due to disqualification but certainly not the victory he hoped for. On June 4th they square off with Mills hoping to rid himself of ‘Wacky’ Jackie Grady once and for all.

Another of Reckless Intent’s young wrestlers and current Sunday Slam Wrestling Champion, Theo Doros, faces the returning ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry. This marks the first time Joe Hendry has appeared at Reckless Intent since losing the RI Championship at Reckless Intent 4. At the time Hendry had fulfilled his contractual obligations and wasn’t planning to return, perhaps the lure of the RI Championship has become too much for the ‘Local Hero’.

The RI Champion himself will be in action as Michael Chase takes on ‘The Lowland Superstar’ Glen Dunbar in a first time meeting. The match will be a non-title bout as Chase prepares to defend his title in August against ‘The Beast of Belfast’ Damian O’Connor. Dunbar finds himself in a position to play spoiler as a victory over the current champion will give him leverage to demand a future RI Championship match.

After announcing his recent takeover of Reckless Intent at the Battle of West Lothian, The Supreme Leader Handsome Jam O’Malley will address his people on June 4th.

A wild night of wrestling is on the cards with plenty to look forward to, tickets are £10 for adults, £5 for kids or a family ticket (2 adults + 2 kids) is £25. Available at www.reckless or on the door on the night.

Matches Announced:
Rob Mills vs Jackie Grady
Delsin Dayre vs Tom Fulton
Theo Doros vs Joe Hendry
BT Gunn vs Sean Mercer
Chris Renfrew vs Darkside
Michael Chase vs Glen Dunbar

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